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Get Old Appliances Removed Today

How long have the appliances in your kitchen actually been in your kitchen? Is your fridge older than your stove or did you get them at the same time. Even if all your appliances were bought at the same time, they might not all stay in operating condition for the same time. The fridge might go up long before the stove does and a dishwasher always seems to break down right after the warranty ends! Replacing those broken appliances ASAP is crucial. That means getting rid of the old appliances has to happen fast, too. That can be taken care of with one call to Junk King Dallas.


Appliances and furniture are the two most popular items that Junk King removes from homes. And age and usefulness are the two main reasons. An appliance could still be functioning but it might be outdated. There are all kinds of “smart” kitchen appliances on the market today that improve efficiency in the kitchen and are just “cool” to have.

When Junk King removes old appliances, they’ll want to know if it is still working or broken beyond repair. That will help them determine where that item will end up. If it is broken, then Junk King could drop the piece off at recycling center. Those appliances that are still functioning can be donated to a charity. Nothing has to go to waste when you’ve got Junk King collecting the stuff.

After loading a single appliance like a washer or a stove onto the Junk King truck, there will certainly be room for more stuff. What do you want to get rid of from around your home? Before you answer that, consider that you will have those two Junk King movers helping out. Knowing that you will have two movers who will be working on your removal appointment can have a huge impact on your final removal list. If you’re not doing the lifting, then you can finally clear out every heavy piece in your home. That will be awesome! When you put Junk King Dallas on the job, getting rid of old appliances and junk will be easy.

Dallas Braces for Post Hurricane Harvey Evacuees

Four days after hurricane Harvey made landfall on the Texas coast, Dallas shelters were hosting around 1000 hurricane Harvey evacuees. The four shelters around the city were prepared to take in up to 6000 people. But in the coming days, when more flooding is expected, those numbers will certainly grow. Already people are being bused in from Galveston and Beaumont.


The biggest shelter in Dallas is the Kay Bailey Hutchinson convention center. There are enough cots to sleep up the 5,000. City officials are prepared to take in as many people from Southeast Texas and for however long as they need to be there.

“We may have hundreds more. We may have thousands more,” said Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings told a local newspaper.

Mayor Rawlings has been in constant communication with Houston Mayor Turner letting him know that Dallas is standing by to help with the overflow. Down in Houston, the George R Brown convention Center was filled with 10,000 people, which is twice the capacity. It may come down to a matter of means and transportation to get those evacuees out of Houston. With that many people crammed into one space it’s understandable that tensions may run high and supplies run out.

According to city officials, it cost about $100,000 a day to operate the toilets, showers and hand washing stations at the convention center in Dallas. So far, the city Council has already approved spending $8 million on relief efforts. No one expects that number to stay that low. Once buses can safely get out of Houston, there could be an influx of between 20 to 30,000 evacuees.

By comparison, 26,000 refugees came to North Texas after Hurricane Katrina over 12 years ago. Many of those folks stated shelters for months and others simply moved to Dallas altogether. It could be when all is settled that the damage and displacement from hurricane Harvey will exceed that of Katrina.

Thankfully, the lessons learned from that storm has Dallas prepared to take on the refugees. There’s also no timeline for closing the shelters. They’re going to stay open as long as they have to.

Many businesses are already pitching in to do what they can. Junk King Dallas crews are working diligently to clear storm debris from around the area and are ready to go down to Houston once the floodwaters receded. If you have storm debris in your yard, then don’t wait for the city to clean it up. You can always count on Junk King Dallas for fast storm debris removal.


Get Your New Year Started In A Junk Free Home

Did you host a holiday party this year? Was everything planned out or was there a mad dash to get things ready at the last minute? Did you take care of cleaning the house by tossing all the clutter into a spare room? There is actually nothing wrong with that. But now as you start the New Year it’s a perfect opportunity to get rid of that clutter once and for all. That can happen very fast and efficiently with one call to Junk King Dallas.


Just how many things in your home do you think you could get rid of with the help of Junk King Dallas? Is it Time to toss out the old sofa down in the basement? Do you have a broken stove or refrigerator on the back porch that you want to get rid of? What about all those clothes in the closet that you know you’re never going to wear again? All of that stuff can be turned over to the Junk King Dallas crew. Just think of how your home will look after that junk is gone. Imagine how easy it is to find something in your closet when you don’t have to wade through all that clutter. This is what can happen you turn that all over to Junk King Dallas.

The junk cleanup that Junk King Dallas provides can also extend beyond the basement and garage. You could have some items around your yard that need to be removed. Junk King Dallas will happily take away spare tires, engine parts, lawnmowers, and even an old tool shed that is falling down. There is no job too big or too small for Junk King Dallas to handle when it comes to junk removal.

As for the cost, you’ll find that hiring Junk King Dallas is much more affordable than if you were to price this out on your own. You have to rent a truck, higher your own day laborers and then sacrifice in an entire afternoon to get the job done. Plus, you might not even know where to drop off all the stuff once it was loaded onto the truck. Just leave all that hassle to Junk King Dallas. Let 2017 be the year of no junk in your home. Junk King Dallas can make it happen.

Best Way To Get Ready For Guests

When it comes to guests that you invite into the house there are two types. There are those you cleanup for and those that you don’t. The ones you don’t cleanup for usually are family members or close friends that don’t really care what state your house as in. As for the guests that you might have over for a special dinner or party then you definitely want your home to look as nice as possible. Too often cleaning up the house doesn’t become as much of a priority as shopping for food and cooking. That is often why at the last minute clutter is just shoved out of sight. That works with clothing, toys and shoes but it doesn’t work with things like a worn out sofa or a pile of old computer equipment. That’s the kind of clutter that can only be taken away by a professional junk hauling service like Junk King Dallas.


One call to Junk King Dallas puts your junk removal plan into the works. The first choice you have to make is picking the best time for your junk removal session. This can be any day you prefer as long as you can set aside a two-hour window. The team from Junk King Dallas will only use a fraction of that two-hour time but they use that as a buffer to get from one appointment to the next.

The next thing you have to do to get prepared for your junk removal session is to decide exactly what you want taken away. Some choices might be obvious. Those can be all the things that are out in the open down your basement, out the garage or up in the attic. But since you are going to have a moving crew and big truck at your disposal, you should take full advantage of them. That means sorting through all the stuff in your closets and all those boxes you have stacked up throughout the house. This is a great opportunity to finally get rid of all that clutter and really open up a lot more space in your home.

One call to Junk King Dallas helps makes sure your home will be ready for entertaining.

Get Rid Of Your Junk Fast

Halloween is the time of year when folks get a bit mischievous. A lot of people like to scare friends by sneaking up on them and yelling “Boo!” You might have several homes in your neighborhood that go all out with the hollowing decorations. Usually, you can chart the growth of those haunted houses over the years because the displays keep getting bigger. Your house might be considered to be decorated for Halloween even though you didn’t do anything. That might be embarrassing and an indication that it’s time to bring in Junk King Dallas.


If you were to break down the type of jobs that Junk King Dallas is involved in it would probably be 70% interior junk removal and 30% exterior junk removal. But clearing up that 30% can make a huge difference around the house. The two-man moving crew assigned to your task won’t hesitate when it comes to picking up “undesirable” objects. This could be wood that has rotted away in a pile or tools and patio furniture that have rusted over the years. Those same crews can be great problem solvers when it comes to taking down sheds or removing hot tubs. You might have given up on those types of jobs but it’s not something that Junk King Dallas whatever shies away from. If you want it gone, then give it to Junk King Dallas!

The other benefit that happens when you hire Junk King Dallas for junk removal actually occurs long after the crew has left your property. That is when they’ll spend time sorting through all the things they’ve collected to decide what items could be recycled or donated. Junk King Dallas is dedicated to helping this town become a zero waste city. That means any type of rubbish that is tossed out needs to be repurposed. Junk King Dallas won’t actually do that recycling work but they can certainly make sure your stuff gets to the places that accomplish those goals.

The sooner you get rid of all your junk the sooner you can transform your home. Removing clutter from yards allows you to give a makeover to your landscaping. Taking on the clutter from your garage and closets will help you get organized and stay that way. You’ll feel a whole lot better once Junk King Dallas takes away all your unwanted stuff. Let that happen today!

How To Get To Zero Waste

The current diversion rate in the city of Dallas is 21 percent. The goal is to have a diversion rate of 40 percent by 2020. The diversion rate is how much waste is being recycled. The ultimate goal is to get Dallas to zero waste. The city offers recycling pickup once a week for residential homes. However, 20% of those homes still don’t have a recycling bin. As for apartment complexes, they need to set up a separate recycling service. That can only happen when all the renters are on the same page. Commercial businesses are also falling behind the plan and need to be reminded of the importance of achieving zero waste. One company that’s on the front line of eco-friendly disposal policies is Junk King Dallas. They are all about zero waste.


Since they began collecting junk over 10 years ago, Junk King has dedicated itself to a “green” way of doing things. Every city that starts a new franchise sets up relationships with recycling centers and charities. Those are the two main drop offs for the bulk of what Junk King crews collect. Here in Dallas, the Junk King team prides itself on making those recycling drop offs. They accomplish that by training the crews to look for those items that can be repurposed. This is not something you need to think about with regard to the condition of what you’re getting rid of. The Junk King Dallas teams know exactly where an old sofa could go or what to do with rusty auto-parts. There is a good “home” for those items that is in a landfill!

The price for this recycling drop off service is also zero. When Junk King avoids the landfill, they also avoid the hefty dumping fees and they’re happy to pass that savings on to you. You’ll never be charged by the pound with Junk King Dallas. Your flat rate will be based upon how much space the crew will need to pack up all your stuff on the truck. Since they want to get as much onto the truck as possible you can count on scoring the low end of the price scale for your job. You can get your home to zero waste by turning your junk over to Junk King Dallas.

Have Fun This Summer But First Get Rid Of Junk

There is plenty to keep you busy this summer here in Dallas. Start with taking in a great game of baseball with the Texas Rangers. There is also plenty of fun to be had at Six Flags Over Texas. And if you feel like the heat is starting to make you melt, then there are some great water parks in the area that are sure to keep you cool. All that Texas-size fun can be yours as long as your schedule is clear. The only thing standing in your way could be some of those chores you been putting off around the house. Thankfully, Junk King Dallas is standing by to lend a hand or two with your junk removal task. These are the only junk removal pros you should be hiring for this type of work!


Take a few moments to walk through your home and look at all the things you could possibly get rid of. That includes. In the closets and spending a few moments out in the garage. You’re sure to come up with a long list of things that can be tossed out. What might help you finalize that list is knowing that you won’t have to lift a single box or stick of furniture. All that work will be taken care of by the two-man moving crew supplied by Junk King Dallas.

It might be that some of the things you want to get rid of are electronics that you been holding onto since they been replaced. These things can be tossed into a landfill. That is why you’ve been keeping them out of the trash. When you turn them over to Junk King Dallas can rest assured that they will find their way to a certified recycling facility that specializes in e-waste disposal.

As for the rest of your things like household goods, clothing, books, toys and furniture those things might have a little life left in them. If so, then Junk King will happily drop them off at a charity can put them to good use. Nothing has to go to waste when Junk King Dallas is on the job. Get your summer off to a positive start by clearing all the junk out of your home thanks to Junk King Dallas.