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A Junk King Session Can Be A Very Special Valentine’s Day Gift

Valentine’s Day is all about making someone you care about feel special. Some folks might occasionally forget an anniversary but it’s hard to miss Valentine’s Day. February 14 is ingrained in our culture and much like Halloween, Christmas, Thanksgiving and New Year’s it’s hard to “escape” this particular holiday. This year, you might be trying to come up with a thoughtful gift that isn’t just going to be roses or chocolates. A session with junk King Dallas could be that very special kind of Valentine’s Day gift. This could accomplish the one thing that your partner has been wanting to get done for a long time. That would be to get rid of all the unnecessary rubbish and clutter that has accumulated around your home. One session with Junk King can get all of that stuff cleared away for good. Wouldn’t that generate a lot of smiles around the house?

What Is On The List?

Every homeowner has a list of things that they would like to get rid of from their home. It is ironic to consider that every one of those items would be something that they brought into the house in the first place. But over time things break down. Other things aren’t used as frequently as they once were. There is also plenty of things that are replaced just for the sake of redecorating. All those big things like sofas, recliners, tables, chairs, appliances and other household goods can swiftly be loaded onto the back of the Junk King truck by the two-man moving crew. This is the team that is going to do all the work for you so won’t ever put your back at risk of a strain.

You shouldn’t hesitate asking the team from Junk King to remove even the heaviest objects from your home. They had perfected moving techniques that will get those objects out of the house without causing any damage to floors and walls. The weight of an object won’t be a factor with your final price either. That will always be determined by how the crew packs up the truck. The less space that they use for all your unwanted items, the less you will be paid. It’s a very simple and fair approach for this kind of helpful service.

Make this Valentine’s Day a special one by getting rid of all the rubbish in the house. One call to Junk King Dallas gets it done.

Kickoff 2020 Without Any Rubbish In The House

What goals are you setting for yourself in 2020? The new year is typically the time when everyone starts a new diet. That is understandable considering all the special tasty treats that everyone has enjoyed in the past few weeks! But they can be other goals besides joining a spin class that can go a long way towards improving your quality-of-life. What could you do around the house that can have a major impact on your living environment? Perhaps it is time to finally remove all those bulky rubbish items that have been accumulating around the house. The way to accomplish that goal is to set up a session with Junk King Dallas today.

A Major Clearing

The best way to approach a Junk King appointment is to embrace it as a “major clearing.” That means everything that you have ever wanted to get rid of can find the hauled away with Junk King’s help. There is never any limitation with regard to weight or size. Even if you think an object is too heavy to bring down from upstairs remember that Junk King is going to be sending over two movers. That is the exact kind of crew that brought that item up to its current spot in the first place. If it might appear to the Junk King team that bringing that piece down could damage railings or the floor, then they will dismantle it down to a few manageable pieces. All of that service is included when you hire Junk King.

What also is included is Junk King’s responsible disposal policy. This is been an operating philosophy for Junk King ever since they began collecting rubbish over 15 years ago. They are dedicated to supporting eco-friendly policies that begin with keeping as much collecting rubbish out of landfills as possible. That is why Junk King will make every effort to drop off your collected stuff at charities or recycling centers. It is extra work for Junk King but work they are proud to take on.

The best way to kick off 2020 is without any rubbish in the house in Junk King Dallas can help make that happen. Set up your session ASAP!

Begin The Fall Season With The Junk Free Home

Between now and Halloween, how many pumpkin flavored items do you think you will sample? You can’t walk down a grocery store aisle without being inundated with pumpkin spice taking over all kinds of baked goods, cereals, drinks and even Spam! You may start up your pantry shelves with your favorite items to hold you over until Christmas. Being focused on pumpkin flavors isn’t the only thing that fall is all about. This is also a great time of year to clear out the junk from your home. You want to take care of this can a task before the holidays start to fill up your schedules. Getting rid of the junk in your closets, garage and basement will go a long way towards making a home a much nicer place to be around. To make that goal happen you just need to set up a session with Junk King Dallas.


How many things do you have in your house that you would like to get rid of that you have been holding onto for a long time? Usually, we hold onto those things because we simply don’t have the means to get rid of them. These would be the big objects like an entertainment center or bedroom set. Even an old recliner is something that is not easy to get rid of. Things like that usually end up getting pushed into another room that isn’t being used. Before you know it, that room is filled with all kinds of unwanted junk. That is certainly not a good use of that kind of space. The team from Junk King can swoop in and quickly remove all of those unwanted items. You don’t have to feel guilty if something is exceptionally heavy. The Junk King crews have the experience and the know-how to handle those type of removal assignments. It’s something they’d take care of every day without any complaints!

Setting up your session with Junk King can happen online or over the phone. If you book online you will start with a $20 discount. All you need to do is make sure you have a two-hour window clear on a day that works best for your calendar. Junk King won’t take up the full two hours to get rid of your unwanted rubbish but they just might need that time to get someone Dallas home to the next.

The best way to begin the fall season is to clear out the junk from your home. Junk King Dallas is standing by to make that happen.

Get The Backyard Clean With Help From Junk King Dallas

If you were to fly a drone over your neighborhood, then you would probably see a lot of backyards with piles of “stuff.” Some of that stuff is out in the open while other items are covered by a tarp. Most often, that stuff is really just rubbish that has been put out in the yard because there’s no other place to put it and it’s hard to get rid of. That would apply to just about anything that can fit into the trash can. Some yards of full of old appliances, spare tires, fenders, bicycles and even the occasional boat. If your yard has a rubbish stockpile that you want to finally get rid of, then it is time to bring in Junk King Dallas.

Break Out the Saw

All of those oversize items in your backyard that will be loaded onto the back of the Junk King truck could fall into two categories: those things that fit and those things that have to be broken up. The first category the Junk King crew will quickly toss on all those things regardless of how grimy or rusty they might be. In the second category, there might be a need for some power tool action.

It is not uncommon for the teams from Junk King to have a power saw with them on the truck. This is an effective tool to use when it comes to cutting up all kinds of things from an old hot tub to a swing set. You don’t have to make a suggestion of how something should be taken apart. Just leave it to the Junk King crew to decide the best method. All that matters to them is that you want something on. Regardless of how big or heavy that object might be, the Junk King squad will get it loaded onto their truck.

Load In

How everything loaded into the Junk King truck will determine the price that you pay. This is an estimate to be worked out before the crew starts clearing your backyard of all your unwanted rubbish. It’s a price that is extremely affordable when you consider all the work that is involved. That flat fee covers the labor whether the crew stays in your site for a few minutes or a few hours.

The best approach to keep your backyard clean remains hiring Junk King Dallas from the start.

A Junk King Session Makes A Terrific Father’s Day Gift

Is your father type of dad who likes to fix things? That usually means that the garage becomes a kind of “repair shop.” That’s where all the broken appliances, electronics and car parts and up waiting to get fixed. Sometimes they are fixed right away and put back into “action.” Other times the repair becomes a bit complicated. That can result in an item being taken apart but unable to be put back together. The result is a garage that over the years has become full of clutter and rubbish. Perhaps this Father’s Day you can give your dad a terrific gift: a decluttering session from Junk King Dallas.

True Transformation

The reason for hiring professional junk haulers like Junk King is to swiftly clear out a space of all the unwanted clutter that has accumulated there over the years. This can certainly become an amazing transformation for that space. It might be that your dad is no longer able to park his car in the garage because of all the clutter. That can change with the help of junk. It won’t take long for the two-man crew to load up all the things that could get rid of. All you need to do is dedicate time to sorting through the stuff in deciding what can be turned over the Junk King. You don’t have to stop in the garage. Go through all of the rooms in your dad’s house. Are there bigger appliances and furniture that he would like to get moved out? Those can all go in the same session. Now that amazing transformation can spread throughout the entire home!


A lot of what you may be getting rid of could be considered recyclables. When junk King is in charge of the disposal those recyclables will be sorted and dropped off at a proper facility. This is how Junk King likes to handle the disposal of the things it collects. It’s good for the environment and it’s good for the final fee because you won’t be charge any of those exorbitant dumping fees that landfills charge.

If you’re looking for in unique and helpful gift for your dad, then hire Junk King Dallas for Father’s Day. It’s the gift that can change the home!

Start Your Staycation Without Any Junk In The Home

The new start over at the Dallas is to is a baby hippo. As any parent will tell you, “babies” don’t stay little for long. That baby hippo will soon be as big as, well, a hippo! That’s why you want to make a point to get over to the zoo and say hi. When was the last time you went to the Dallas? For that matter, when was the last time you visited all the other great attractions around Dallas? When you add up all the things that you have been always wanting to do around town you could find that it would fill up an entire week’s worth of adventures. That sounds like the makings of a perfect staycation.

A staycation is when you stay at home but still apply the rules of a vacation. That means no call some work and a lot more sleeping in! If this will be the summer of your staycation, then you should start the home without any junk. It will just make it a much more pleasurable environment to be around in. To help achieve that goal you’ll want to hire the pros from Junk King Dallas.

Friendly Service

Every Junk King appointment is staffed by two strong movers. This is a team that has been licensed sure.  They have a lot of experience with lifting and loading heavy objects of all size and shapes. Most importantly, this is a team that is very friendly to work with. Junk King prides itself on the comments it gets from its customers and most of those comments make note of how courteous the workers are and how respectful they are of property. This is the best way to create a loyal customer and it is something that Junk King makes a priority of.

Packing the Truck

That friendly moving crew from Junk King is going to pack up all the things that you want to get rid of on the truck. They are not just going to toss things on the back of the truck but instead carefully placed the things in such a manner so that they take up as little room as possible. They do this so that you can pay the low end of the price scale. Quality junk removal should be affordable and efficient. That’s what you get from Junk King Dallas with every session.


Make Your Backyard Deck Ready For Entertaining

A backyard deck has become a big selling feature for many homes. It can become a kind of second dining room and kitchen. Most decks are big enough to had an outdoor dining set and nice BBQ. This is a great spot for entertaining. However, you won’t feel like inviting company over if your deck is also being used as extra storage. It is tempting to put other furniture and appliances out on the deck just to get them out of the house. The hope is that you’ll be able to get rid of them someday. That day can be today if you give that job to Junk King Dallas.


What has kept you from removing that rubbish from the deck? Manpower and a truck. You might be able to find some help with moving those things off the porch but without that big truck, something like a sofa or old washing machine aren’t going anywhere. Junk King Dallas is going to send over the movers and the truck to get this job done. How fast that can happen is really up to you?

Junk King Dallas asks their customers to set aside a two-hour window for their appointment. This gives the crews time to get from one home to the next. Because the crews work fast, often they’ll be arriving early. But they could also have enough left over time to squeeze in a same-day pickup. It all depends on when you call. Most appointments are completed by the next day. Bottom line: You won’t have to wait long to clear your deck when Junk King is on the job.

The same can be said for the rest of the unwanted rubbish from around your house. The team from Junk King can make short work of loading all of that stuff onto the truck. They won’t have any trouble climbing stairs or carrying something heavy. This is what they’re trained for.

After the truck is loaded with your stuff, the crew will take off and you can enjoy all those clean spaces! The best way to make your backyard deck ready for entertaining is to get it cleared by Junk King Dallas today.

Take Care Of Shed Clutter Removal Today

There isn’t anything we can do about the weather aside from adjust our appliances. When it is too hot, the AC can be cranked up. When it is too cold, you turn up the heat. Those two simple acts make life comfortable around the house with that out of control weather. There are some other things you can control around your home with a little outside help. Specifically, you can finally clear the clutter from your backyard shed. To get that done, you only need to bring in Junk King Dallas.


Junk King Dallas is part of a national chain of professional junk hauling franchises. These crews are dedicated to improving your living environment one truckload of junk at a time. Think about all the things you have in your shed that you’ve been eager to get rid of. There could be an old lawnmower that is no longer work. Maybe there is a crusty grill that has been replaced. You could even have all kinds of busted pottery planters. All of those items are perfect for a Junk King pickup.

As with any other junk item you want removed, all you have to do with the shed rubbish is point to it. The team from Junk King will take their cues and remove it on the spot. You don’t need to haul anything around to the front of the house. Leave all the heavy lifting for Junk King.

Beyond the shed clutter, you might also have some other items in your yard that Junk King can clear away. They will be able to clear away piles of lumber or construction waste, auto parts, spare tires and even an unused swing set. The goal is to fit everything onto the truck. Sometimes that requires taking apart the object first. That won’t be a problem for the Junk King crew even with rusty screws!

Once the team has completed clearing out the shed, they can also load up anything from inside your home or garage that you want removed. Think about what kind of difference that can make around the house. Shed clutter and junk removal is a chore you can turn over to Junk King Dallas today. Get it done fast.

Positive Reviews Posted For Junk King Dallas

Junk King Dallas is part of a national chain a professional junk haulers. This is a company that has been in business since 2005. Since then, they have literally removed several tons of furniture, appliances, debris and other household goods from thousands of homes and businesses. Every one of those customers has the opportunity to share their opinion about their Junk King experience. Here’s where a few of your neighbors and Dallas had to say:


“You come out to the country and your guys are great to deal with.” – C.S., Seagoville

“Available when I needed them. Workers were efficient.” – E.B., Dallas

“Amazing employees and service was great. They were in and out within 20 min and called before they came. Price was very reasonable.” – Victoria W., Dallas

Junk King Dallas likes to move fast. Each junk removal session is staffed by two strong movers. They’ll be rolling up in a truck big enough to hold whatever it is you want to toss out. With that kind of help, it doesn’t take long to remove sofas, futons or even of old refrigerator.

“These guys were awesome, professional and treated my property as if it was theirs. The cleanup was efficient, fast and they left the area as if there was never any junk piled there at all. I will definitely recommend these guys to anyone and I will have them back for round two in the garage! Fantastic, easy to work with, completed before I blinked is what the experience was like.” – Jean P., Dallas

It is amazing how quickly home can fill up with stuff. Junk King is happy to accommodate your schedule but it might mean you need to do some pre-sorting. There’s nothing wrong with setting up several appointments with Junk King if that’s what it’ll take to clear out all of your stuff. Clearly, this is a very popular option!

“It was super easy to book the appointment and the staff was friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. On the day of the appointment, the guys showed up on time and were very polite and efficient. They took great care not to damage walls or doorways while they removed the two very large and very heavy pieces of furniture out of my condo. The price was VERY REASONABLE compared to another company I called. I will definitely keep your info in my phone and refer you to friends and neighbors.” – Rhonda M., Dallas

Add it all up and it’s clear to see that for quality and of affordable junk removal, Junk King Dallas is the only company to hire.

Organize Your Storage Unit with These Helpful Tips

Renting a storage unit is a smart option to free up space in your home. But instead of just throwing things randomly into your rental unit, you should focus on organizing. That way you’ll be able to remember what you put in there and access it when you need it. The following steps should help you keep your storage unit organized:


Pick the Right Size

When renting a storage unit it’s always good to go the next size up. Even if you are going to fit everything into a small unit that doesn’t mean won’t need more space in the future. Talk with the property manager and let them know what you intend on putting into storage. They can recommend the best option for your items.

Create a Floor Plan

This may seem to be overly detailed but it actually helps you organize your storage unit much more efficiently. This is especially important when you are keeping things in storage that you know you want to pull out on a regular basis such as holiday decorations or sporting gear. Bigger items like furniture or appliances should going to the back of the unit because you probably will need to grab them in a moment’s notice. If you are storing the sofa or loveseat, then they can be up ended to free up more storage space. You don’t want to stack things on top of a sofa because you could flatten out the cushions over time.

Label Your Boxes Carefully

You want to label your boxes with his much detail as possible so you know exactly what’s inside. The worst thing you can do is come back months later and spend hours looking for one thing. It might help to number the boxes and then make a master list of your inventory with the corresponding numbers.

Pack Smart

Although the journey from your home to the storage unit might not be far you still want to pack smart. That means wrapping valuables in bubble wrap or packing paper. You don’t want to make your boxes too heavy. If you can pick them up, then you probably over packed them.

The most important thing you can do when it comes to organizing your storage unit is not pack any unwanted clutter. As you sort through all the items you want to put into storage you’ll probably find a lot that you can toss out. That’s where Junk King Dallas comes in the play. These junk removal pros won’t have any problem loading up all the things you want to get rid of on the back of their truck for fast disposal. Hiring Junk King Dallas to take away your rubbish is a smart way to keep your storage unit organized.