Dayton Junk Hauling

Collecting trash can be a messy business. That’s what one local “entrepreneur” discovered when his recycling scheme went bust. A West Carrollton man is facing felony charges after he was caught operating an illegal collection facility without permit. He claimed to be collecting garbage for recycling but instead, he just let it pile up. Then he abandoned the property leaving the mess behind for the city to clean up and the taxpayers to fund. Poetic justice would be to sentence this man to the cleanup project even if it takes years.


This highlights the importance of working with professionals when it comes to junk hauling. How can you tell if a company is professional? Consider Junk King. Right out of the gate, you know Junk King is professional because it is part of a national chain of junk hauling specialists. In order to use that Junk King brand, the Junk King Dayton branch has to follow the company guidelines. That starts with exceptional customer service. Junk King isn’t going to keep you waiting all day to take care of some junk hauling chore. They will show up on time and usually within a two-hour window. It takes them but a few moments to load up everything you want to get rid of and then they’re off.

Professional also means a “no problem” attitude. You’ll find that with every crew working for Junk King. Need to bring a sofa up from the basement? No problem. Need to carry boxes down from the attic? No problem. Need to haul rocks from the backyard? No problem. You can see how hiring Junk King is going to cover any type of junk hauling task.

Junk King is also professional in the manner that it disposes of those items it collects. Their number one priority is to recycle as much junk as possible. This could mean a drop off at a recycling center or a charity. Either way, your junk is going to be kept out of a landfill. There will be no taxpayer cleanup when Junk King is on the job!

Finally, Junk King stays professional with its affordable pricing policies. You’re only going to be charged a flat fee based on how much space your junk takes up on the back of the Junk King truck. Once you agree to that fee, the work can get done. You’re not going to be surprised with extra charges at the end of the job. It’s clear that hiring a professional junk hauling company like Junk King is the only get to get your property clear of clutter!