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Dayton Shed Removal and Breakdown

How dangerous is your backyard? Aside from the occasional visit from a garden snake or other vermin, you could have something out there that is slowing falling apart. With each passing day it can become more dangerous. Consider the backyard shed? At one time, this was a brand new structure that served a practical purpose. You could keep a lawnmower in there along with gardening tools and other items for backyard use. Now however, it has become dilapidated thanks to constant exposure to elements. Rusty nails could be exposed. The walls could be crumbling. There are a lot of safety concerns with something like this. Before your summer gets into high gear, why not take care of that old shed removal with a call to Junk King.


Junk King is the professional junk hauling service that has helped many Dayton homeowners clean out the clutter from their properties. The typical junk removal session involves removing objects like old furniture, appliances, clothes and other household goods. However, Junk King understands that not every piece of junk is easy to lift and load. When it comes to something like shed removal, the Junk King crew will be able to dismantle that object carefully and make sure all the pieces are then loaded onto the truck. Nobody will get hurt! They’ll also go through the area where the shed once stood for a final sweep up.

You might have many other items that need to be taken apart before they can be hauled away. Things like swing sets, above ground pools, hot tubs, planters and grills would all fall into that category. None of that will be a problem for Junk King.

Although dismantling big objects might take a bit longer, you won’t be stuck paying any additional labor costs. That’s because the flat fee you pay will cover everything and that fee is based strictly on volume. It all comes down to how much space your stuff will take up on the back of the Junk King truck. You’ll know that fee before the work begins and it’s not going to change once the job is complete.

Junk King will also strive to recycle the bulk of what they collect from your property. Anytime you can keep something out of a landfill, the environment will benefit. Whether you need shed removal or simple junk hauling, Junk King is the company for you!

Does Your Dayton Home Need Rubbish Removal?

Imagine if you could wave a magic wand and have all the rubbish removal in your home taken care of. What would be left? You’d still have all your furniture, kitchenwares, keepsakes and clothes. As for everything else, if it is broke or never going to be used again, why are you holding onto it? You might not be able to use magic to get a junk free home but you can certainly hire Junk King and achieve the exact same results.


When you hire Junk King for your junk removal, you’re actually hiring two very capable movers. This will be the crew that is going to do the hard work for you. You can literally sit back in a recliner and just point to all the stuff you want removed and the Junk King crew will be happy to take them away. This includes anything that might be in storage down in your basement or up in your attic. The Junk King team isn’t afraid of climbing stairs!

Taking care of rubbish removal with Junk King means you’ll be opening up a lot more valuable storage space in your home. There have been many happy Junk King customers who have taken back entire rooms from all the collected clutter. This has enabled them to set up a home office or guest bedroom. Do you have something in mind for your spare room? First, let Junk King clear it out.

When the crew has taken out all the unwanted things from inside your home, they can move on to rubbish removal around your yards. Once again, you just have to point to what you want removed. That can include anything from weed overgrowth to a tree fort. Junk King will be happy to take apart anything that needs to be loaded.

The bulk of what Junk King collects won’t be going to a landfill. Instead, they’ll make every effort to recycle or donate as much as they can. So far, they’ve managed to maintain a respectable 60% diversion rate. That means tons of junk is kept from a landfill every day. You can get the ball rolling by calling Junk King or setting up your appointment online. Rubbish removal is easy when you’ve got Junk King on your side.