What A Junk King Dayton Customers Saying?

Junk King Dayton likes to ask each of its customers a simple question: how are we doing? That’s the kind of question every business should be asking of their customer base. It’s the only way they can truly make improvements and to be sure that their living up to the promises they made to provide excellent service. When Junk King asks that question, they get plenty of positive answers. Here’s what a few of their customers posted in the last couple of days:


“The agent I talked to was friendly and made my experience scheduling a pick up easy. The truck showed up at our house exactly at the time they said they would and removed all of my furniture quickly and were very nice too.” – P.S., Tipp City

That really is Junk King’s goal: to make the process of removing your junk as hassle-free as possible and that starts with scheduling. You pick your day and two-hour window and let junk into the rest.

“I was impressed how fast everything was. They emptied my basement very quickly. Scheduling was also fast and easy. They were very professional. They did a great job.” – Greg H., Miamisburg

Junk King appreciates everyone’s busy schedule. That’s why they do want to take up any more time than is necessary. When you have the right training moving items up from a basement or down from upstairs is not complicated. The Junk King crews have plenty of experience to get those kinds of tasks done there is swiftly.

“Guys showed up promptly within the chosen window of time and were done quickly! Very professional and courteous service.” – B.E., Dayton

“They removed everything in a prompt manner when they were done, they swept out the garage. The guys on the truck were very polite. I would definitely recommend this company.” – D.R., Vandalia

“The guys that came very efficient and kind. They asked my step mom how she was doing several times during the process. I wish I could remember their names please look it up and thank them for us.” – D.M., Xenia

Junk King crews don’t like leaving until they know the customer is totally satisfied. Are you ready to put Junk King Dayton to the task of removing the junk around your home? You’ll be adding your rave review, too!