Get Help For Your Hoarding Cleanup From Junk King Today

The worst situation for any firefighter is to respond to a call at a hoarding home. That recently happened in Dayton in the basement of a building that housed four apartments. Even though it appears this building was currently vacant, the situation in the basement was clearly the remnants of some level of hoarding. It made for a very chaotic situation that put the firefighters at risk.  This is one of the reasons why a home that has been designated as a hazard needs to be cleaned up even when the homeowner protests. There’s too much at risk to let a hoarding situation get out of control. Thankfully, Junk King Dayton is able to provide hoarding cleanup solutions that can make a positive transformation of any property.

Everyone Has Rubbish

Everyone has rubbish in their home. It might be confined to a few boxes in the attic or an entire garage full of clutter. That doesn’t necessarily mean that those homeowners are clinical hoarders. What it could mean is that they just haven’t dedicated the time to hire Junk King to help clean up all that rubbish. What about your home? How many things do you think you could get rid of if you had a pair of movers and a big truck at your disposal? That is exactly what Junk King can provide you for your cleanup session. It’s the kind of help that can make a big difference towards creating a rubbish free home.

Keep in mind, that the Junk King crews have seen a lot of rubbish over the years. You don’t have to be embarrassed by the amount of things you want to get rid of. You will always be treated with respect. Junk King prides itself on having friendly movers who provide a “no problem” attitude with every job.

Book Today

You can schedule your appointment with Junk King today over the phone or online. If you book online, then you can save $20 right from the start. With either booking you can be sure of a prompt response. Usually, the Junk King team can complete the appointment by the next day. If works better to wait for the weekend, then junk King can make that happen as well. It is all about your schedule.

Hoarding cleanup no longer has to be a challenge when Junk King Dayton is brought onto the job from the start. Schedule that session today.