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The Easy Approach For Junk Hauling Is Junk King

What has been the most challenging repair that you had to make around your house? The older the home, the more likely it is that at some point you will need to replace the roof or plumbing. Hopefully, that won’t happen for a long time. If it has, then you can appreciate what it takes to handle that type of repair. It can also be the standard for what you consider to be easy or difficult when it comes to household maintenance. Changing a lightbulb is easy. Cleaning out the rain gutters is more difficult.  Of course, there are some jobs that can be made easy by bringing in the right kind of help. That is certainly true when it comes to junk hauling. This is the kind of work that the crew from Junk King Dayton always makes easy for you.

First You Decide

Before setting up your appointment with Junk King, you will want to decide exactly what you want to get rid of. There might be some obvious objects that have been taking up way too much space in your home. There doesn’t have to be any restrictions on the locations of those objects. If you need something brought up from down in the basement, then the crew from Junk King will accommodate that. The size, weight and location of any object in your house won’t be an obstacle for the team from Junk King. They have experience removing items from all kinds of environments. Nothing you asked them to do will be a surprise!

Junk King makes junk hauling easy when it comes to the disposal of your items as well. Obviously, you won’t be any part of that. Once the Junk King truck is loaded and pulls away from your home the work is done as far as you are concerned. For Junk King, there might need to be drop-offs at a charity or recycling center. This is part of their complete service and happens automatically with every removal session.

When you need junk hauled away from your home, let Junk King Dayton make it easy for you. Book your session today.

Old Stove Disposal Is Easy With Junk King

An old stove is one of those things that once it is replaced you have no other use for it. It’s not like an old sofa or recliner that you can put into another room. There is no room for a stove other than the kitchen. And unless you are a professional chef with a home baking business you probably don’t need to stoves! That is why it is important to take care of your old stove disposal as quickly as possible. That is something that is easily taken care of with one call to Junk King Dayton.

Swift Removal

Once you have made the determination that you want to get rid of old stove you will probably want to schedule that for as close to the delivery of the new stove as possible. You can wait a day or two without a stove but you certainly don’t want to stoves crammed into the kitchen! You can set up your session with Junk King on a specific day and two-hour window within that day works best for your calendar. Just know that when you call into Junk King to set up that appointment you might also be offered the same day pickup. You don’t have to take advantage of the but it is nice to know that Junk King works hard to get rid of your unwanted items as swiftly as possible.

The Junk King crew who will be removing your old stove will find a place for it on the back of the truck. It is a safe bet there will be plenty of room left over the truck for a lot more stuff. This is your opportunity to get rid of all the unwanted items from your home in a single session. That includes anything that you might have down the basement that you want brought up and out of the house. All you have to do is point to what you want removed and the Junk King crew will pick it all up right on the spot.

Old stove removal doesn’t have to be complicated. It is easy when you give the job to Junk King Dayton.

Furniture Disposal Can Mean Furniture Recycling

furniture removal

If you live anywhere in the greater Dayton area, like in Covington, Fairborn, Bellbrook, Farmersville, or Alpha, you’ve most likely had the privilege of buying new furniture.

And, along with new furniture comes the privilege of having to get rid of the old pieces.

But maybe you didn’t see it that way. In fact, if you were having to dispose of large pieces like a recliner or a sofa, you know how much of a pain that could be. 

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Furniture Disposal in Dayton and Beyond – There’s a Better Way

Furniture removal and disposal can be difficult and even a bit risky at times.

Depending on the type and size of the piece of furniture, you may have to break it down and carry those pieces out of the house or apartment. And it’s even more challenging if you have to do that while making your way downstairs. 

Then, once you do get your old furniture outside, you must figure out what to do with them.

If you live in Dayton, for example, you need to call prior to leaving any furniture on your curb. You can also schedule a pickup using the city’s Dayton Delivers app. However, bulk furniture pickup is only provided one Friday a month on a pre-established schedule. The city does offer the same service twice a month May to August.

This may work for you if you only have a few pieces of old furniture and you can wait for that special day to have it picked up. But you still have to do most of the heavy lifting and hauling.

Many towns and cities don’t allow certain furniture items to be placed on the curb and, as with the city of Dayton, if you want your municipal waste management service provider to pick up that old couch or credenza, you have to wait on their schedule.

And did we mention that you need to do all the heavy lifting?

Certain pieces of old furniture can be especially hard to get rid of for a different reason: they are far too large, heavy, and bulky. Not only does this make it an injury-prone task, it may not even be something you can do yourself. We’re not all like Dwayne Johnson and able to heft a La-Z-Boy recliner in one arm while holding the front door open with the other!

As a result, getting most pieces of furniture out of the house is a major task. Not only are they hard to move, doing so can be potentially dangerous to both you and your walls and doorways.

And that’s the easy part!

How NOT to Do Furniture Disposal

You still have to dispose of your old furniture items somehow once you do manage to get them outside.

This is why many people are tempted to leave their old sofa, recliner, or rocker out on their curb with a sign on it and the word, “FREE” scrawled on it. And that’s the nice people. 

There are always those unscrupulous types that load their old furniture items on their truck and then go off in the night just to dump them off in an empty lot or field somewhere and just leaving them there. But abandoning your old, unwanted furniture is not the proper way to get rid of it.

Not to mention that dumping anything that way is illegal and a potential safety hazard.

According to the JB Greenteam website:

“Under Ohio law, litter is any trash thrown, discarded or dropped by a person onto public property, private property not owned by the individual, or into Ohio’s waterways. The Ohio Revised Code prohibits littering, regardless of whether or not it was intentional. Numerous laws prohibit littering and illegal dumping.  Littering is a serious offense, punishable by fines of up to $500 and 60 days in jail.”

And, in case you’re wondering, the Ohio Revised Code states that “Litter” means garbage, trash, waste, rubbish, ashes, cans, bottles, wire, paper, cartons, boxes, automobile parts, furniture, glass, auxiliary containers, or anything else of an unsightly or unsanitary nature.

Fortunately, you do have a good option for how to properly dispose of your old furniture.

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Furniture Recycling? The Proper Furniture Disposal Option

Okay, so maybe it’s really “Who to call to properly dispose” instead of “How to.” Either way, there is a professional option that is not only affordable, convenient and safe, it’s also easy and environmentally friendly.

Here’s another thing that we do NOT recommend: letting some guy in a truck come by, load your old furniture, and simply haul it all off to the local landfill.

Not only is taking your old furniture costly, it adds to an already overfilled waste disposal situation with potentially reusable materials.

Reusable because, when it comes to old furniture, you can still “Recycle, Reuse, Reduce.” This can mean that some of your old furniture pieces can be refurbished to make “new” items that can be used again. And recycling can definitely be a great option for when you need to dump furniture.

In fact, most of the components of your old furniture can be recycled most of the time. And there are some great benefits to recycling your furniture:

  • It conserves limited natural resources
  • It conserves up to 95 percent of the water used to process many materials
  • It helps preserve the forests, which helps to reduce CO2 emissions
  • And it reduces fossil fuel use, which reduces CO2 emissions

The bottom line is that furniture recycling is important for the environment and a good furniture removal company will have established recycling and donation relationships with local organizations.

Like Junk King Dayton!

By using green technology we not only recycle, but we have processes to ensure that furniture items are donated, repurposed, and reused where and when possible. In other words, when you call on Junk King Dayton to pick up your old furniture, furniture disposal becomes furniture recycling.

junk removal service recycling

Junk King Dayton – Your Furniture Disposal and Recycling Resource

Junk King provides an efficient, safe and eco-friendly furniture removal service so you don’t need to worry about the pick up or disposal of those old items. Not only that, but we make sure that your old furniture items end up in the right place: whether that’s a charity for those pieces of furniture still in good shape for a donation, or a recycling facility to ensure your furniture is disposed of in an eco-friendly way.

We remove almost all types of furniture, such as:

  • Couches
  • Sofas and Sofa Beds
  • Chairs
  • Tables
  • Bookcases
  • Desks
  • File Cabinets
  • And more!

At Junk King Dayton, being “green” is part of our company mission. We accomplish that by recycling, donating, or repurposing everything we possibly can. When it comes to furniture removal, we take the eco-friendly route by making sure the metal, plastics, and other materials involved get broken down and recycled properly.

If the item can be reused, we will transfer it to a local donation center where it can find a new home.

Either way, green junk removal for furniture and appliances makes great sense because there’s simply no easy way to get rid of them yourself. Recycling services from Junk King provides you with these benefits:

  • We do the heavy lifting and hauling.
  • No risk of damage to your own vehicle from loading items in the trunk or back seat.
  • We know where to take your furniture, so all materials can be recycled or disposed of responsibly.

Junk King provides efficient, safe, and eco-friendly furniture removal service so you don’t need to worry about the pick up or disposal of those old items. Not only that, but we make sure that your old furniture items end up in the right place: whether it be a charity if the pieces of furniture are still in good shape for donating, or a recycling facility to ensure your furniture is disposed of in an eco-friendly way.

Simply call 1-888-888-JUNK [5865] or book online to schedule a free on-site estimate.

Junk King Dayton is your best local resource for old furniture disposal and we will always make sure that your old furniture ends up where it can be reused responsibly.

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