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Add Rubbish Removal To Your Fall Season To Do List

Do you have a “to do” list for every weekend off from work? Perhaps some weekends that list is longer than others. There might also be some “carry over” of tasks that didn’t get completed in previous weekends off. There is always a great sense of accomplishment when the list is clear and you have nothing but free time on your hands. This fall season you should add rubbish removal to your to do list. That might seem like one of those jobs you might have to carry over from weekend to weekend. In truth, you can hire Junk King Dayton to take care of that task in a single, fast session.

Decide What Goes

Whether the list of items that you want removed from your home is long or short, they can all be efficiently loaded onto the back of the Junk King truck by the two-man moving crew who will be assigned to your appointment. You may have wanted to items that have been “stuck” in your home for quite some time. Usually these are things like large pieces of furniture down in the basement or up on the second floor that definitely require a moving crew to get out. It could also be a piece of furniture or structure that needs to be taking apart before it can be hauled away. That would apply to things like entertainment centers and swing sets. Not only can the Junk King team provide you with expert lifting and loading skills but they also have the talent to take apart any kind of structure. Junk King teams have dismantled hot tubs and even large backyard sheds. They will make quick work of whatever you want to get rid.

Set Up Your Session

You can set up your session with Junk King online or over the phone. Just have the date and two-hour window on that date that works best for your calendar. Junk King might offer some suggestions to get your stuff removed even quicker like on the same day pickup. There’s no pressure but you could be just hours away from having all your rubbish.

Adding a junk removal session with Junk King Dayton to your fall season to do list is a great way to get your home ready for the upcoming holidays. Book your session today.

Hire Junk King Dayton For Your Storage Unit Cleanup

The main reason to rent a storage unit is to open up space in your home. Sometimes it is easier to put a lot of the unused furniture, appliances and other household goods into storage rather than trying to navigate around them in the garage or basement. Storage units are often rented out when someone makes the transition from one home to the next. As long as you pay rent on the storage unit you can keep your things safely secured in definitely. However, there might come a time when you decide you want to clear out that storage. That means tackling a cleanup project. This might not be as intense as cleaning out your entire garage. For that you will still need the kind of junk hauling service provided by Junk King Dayton to make everything go smoothly.

Saving Money

Taking care of your storage unit cleanup is going to save you money when you no longer have to pay rent for that unit. Depending on the deal you made, it could end up being a decent amount of cash staying in your account. That would mean cleaning out the unit as you would your apartment when moving out. First, you will need to start by sorting through all the items that you want removed. This probably won’t take you long. In fact, you might want to schedule your pickup appointment with Junk King for lunch time but start your sorting in the morning. By the time the crew shows up you will have everything designated that you want taken away. It might end up being every item in the storage unit. That won’t be a problem for Junk King. If they can clear out an entire home worth of furnishings, then they won’t have any problem with your storage unit!

Same Flat Fee

Junk King will be offering you the same flat fee for your storage unit cleanup has they would for their regular junk hauling services. That flat fee will always be based on how the truck is filled up with all the stuff that you’re getting rid of. Thanks to the packing skills of the Junk King crew you will be able to benefit from the low end of the price scale when they packing everything tight. It really is the best deal in Dayton for this kind of work.

Set up your storage unit cleanup with Junk King Dayton today and that unit can be cleared out by tomorrow.


Put Junk King To Work Clearing Out Your Rental Properties

What has been the most effective online method you have discovered for finding renters for your properties? Depending on the neighborhood, it might only take a sign on the front lawn to activate a lot of potential renters. Many property managers utilize Craigslist as a way to get the word out that a rental property is unoccupied. Of course, before you have that property ready for viewing you want to make sure it is clear of rubbish. That way you’ll be able to attract the most desirable type of renter. In order to clear out your rental properties you will want to put Junk King Dayton on that task the moment your previous tenant vacates the premises.

Abandoned Property

The moment a tenant turns over the keys to a rental unit anything that is inside that unit is considered abandoned. And if it has been abandoned by the occupant, then chances are it isn’t going to be much use to the new renter. Of course, you won’t know what the condition of the rental unit is unless you do a walk-through with that tenant. If they don’t make themselves available, then you can anticipate there’s a reason for that and that is usually tied to all the rubbish they leave behind.

With Junk King on the job that abandoned property won’t be there for long. Two-man crew who will be assigned to this task quickly sweep in and load up all the things that left behind regardless of how heavy or bulky those items might be. Navigating furniture downstairs won’t be a problem for the Junk King team. Neither will taking apart those items that have to be dismantled before they can set out the door. This is all part of the complete junk hauling packets that you are hiring Junk King for.

Competitive Price

The price offered by junk King is a competitive one and is based on how the truck will be packed up with all the stuff that is be removed from your rental properties. The junking team knows how to get a lot into as little space as possible. That will benefit you paying the low-end of the price scale. Junk King wants to keep you as a loyal customer and that can only happen with a fair deal.

When you put Junk King Dayton to work clearing out the rubbish from your rental properties it will happen fast.

Renovation Cleanup Is Easy With Help From Junk King Dayton

The goal of any renovation project is to increase your home’s value. It is also nice to finally get the kind of kitchen or bathroom that you’ve always dreamed of since moving into that property. Before any of that can happen, there needs to be a lot of planning. That begins with hiring the right contractor. That will be the person who’s in charge of hiring the crew, executing the design plans and purchasing all the materials. That is a lot of work to take on. You can support their efforts and help the entire job run smoother when you take care of the cleanup. This doesn’t mean that you will be doing the actual work but instead you should consider turning that job over to Junk King Dayton. These are the professional junk haulers that have some terrific options when it comes to keeping a renovation project clean.

Pickup or Dumpster

Junk King Dayton offers to clean up methods that you can utilize for your renovation project. The first involves setting up a regular garbage removal session. Just as you would hire Junk King to get rid of old furniture and other household goods you can also put them to work clearing away demolition debris that will most likely be created on the first day of your renovation project. They can also come out at the end of the project and do a final cleanup of any leftover materials and rubbish.

The other option is to have Junk King drop off a dumpster. That way, the work crews can simply fill up the dumpster as they create trash throughout the day. This is a good choice if you have space on the driveway and it’s not a far trip from the actual renovation site. When the dumpster gets full, you can call in Junk King to swap it out for an empty dumpster. That will ensure that your trash is always collected. The added benefit of having a dumpster during a renovation project is that you could also utilize it for some of the other clutter that you want to toss out.

Whether you pick a dumpster rental or a pickup crew, Junk King Dayton will take care of your renovation cleanup from start to finish.

Junk King Makes The Perfect Recycling Partner

The majority of Americans of gotten into the recycling habit. It is very easy for folks to toss out their plastic water bottles and soda cans without giving it a second thought. It’s even easier when there are recycle bins at homes and offices. As important as those efforts are there is a lot more that you can recycle and some things you might not even be aware of. What about your old mattress? Yes, that can be recycled to and Junk King Dayton shows you how it gets done in this quick video. You can see that when it comes to recycling your old junk, Junk King makes the perfect recycling partner.

They Decide

Suppose you have some things that you want to get rid of and you would like them to be recycled to aren’t sure if they can be? The team from Junk King will make that determination for you. The crews have all been trained to spot those items that can be dropped off at a recycling facility. That might mean a drop off a metal and one for foam. There also recycling centers for wood, concrete and even dirt. But recycling isn’t just limited to grinding up materials. It can also mean donating to charities. That is where the Junk King also can be a big help.

Many local charities hire folks to reupholster furniture and repair appliances. That means the things that you are getting rid of can be donated regardless of what condition there. Of course, these charities are always on the lookout for clothing items and household goods. This type of disposal might mean extra work for Junk King but that is worked there happy to do especially when it helps promote a cleaner environment for Dayton.

Fast Work

When you hire Junk King you can count on them operating fast. They will usually complete an assignment within 24 hours of first contact. That means the call you make today can result in all your unwanted rubbish be gone from your home by tomorrow. Just think of what a difference that will make around the house!

Getting junk cleared should also mean getting junk recycled. That is exactly what Junk King Dayton is all about. Put them to work today.

Set Up Seasonal Rubbish Removal Appointments With Junk King

Every season creates a set of “to do” tasks for every homeowner. At the start of summer, you want to get the backyard ready to spend more time out there. This is also when you will be opening up a swimming pool if you have. In the fall, you are getting ready for the holidays first by bringing down the hollowing decorations and then all the Christmas decorations. In the winter, you want to make sure the home is safe from things like freezing pipes and faulty furnaces. In the spring, it’s all about “waking up” the lawn and getting the garden ready for planting. Yes, you can tell what season it is by the list of things you have to do around the house! It might help to add seasonal rubbish removal to that to do list. Thankfully, this is a job that can be taken care of with help from Junk King Dayton.

The Rubbish Grows

The amount of rubbish you have in your home is directly related to how long you have been living in that house. Over the years, storage areas like closets and the garage tend to fill up fast with a lot of stuff that you probably stop using for quite some time. A little time devoted to sorting will feel that there are plenty of things that you could get rid of from those areas. However, you don’t have to do it all at once.

Many Junk King customers set up regular appointments with Junk King. That allows them to take care of all the sorting through boxes, bins and shelves at their leisure. All you have to do when you sort is to set aside the things that you want junking to remove. At the end of the sorting you might discover that everything can go. Neither scenario will be an issue for junk.

Truck Space

The other reason to consider regular junk removal sessions with Junk King has to do with truck space. Your fee with Junk King will be based on how the truck gets backed up with all your stuff. One session might only take up half the truck while another might fill the entire truck bed. You know what that prices before the work begins and it will be a price that is extremely reasonable when you consider the amount of work involved in the cleanup project.

Try adding seasonal rubbish removal appointments with Junk King Dayton to make sure your house is never overrun by clutter.

Need More Room In Your Apartment? Junk King Can Help

For many folks, the first place they live after moving out of their parents’ house is an apartment. This is the “transitional” living space between the home where they grew up and their own home. Living in an apartment is often more affordable than paying mortgage which means that apartment renters can save towards their down payment on the house. One of the first things that an apartment renter discovers is that they run out of storage space very quickly. Ironically, that will also happen when those renters buy a house! While living in an apartment it helps to keep excess clutter at a minimum. This requires getting rid of things that are no longer necessary. There’s nothing wrong with minimizing possessions. When you need to make more room in your apartment, you need to put Junk King Dayton to work.

First the Sorting

Before you bring in the crew from Junk King you need to do some significant sorting. That should probably begin in your closets. This is where most apartments feel very “cramped.” Can you say with certainty that everything in your closet is something that use again? Apply that question to every single piece of clothing, pair shoes, sweater, jacket and anything else you have hanging in there. This might also be the repository for things like old computers and gaming consoles. If those have been replaced but you didn’t throw them out, then they can be turned over to junk along with everything else.

You can also do the same kind of sorting through all your kitchen cabinets and any other storage area you might have at your apartment including a storage unit in the garage. Anytime we move is a tendency to bring along stuff that we are no longer using. That junk goes right into storage never to be called out again until the next! You can break the cycle by giving it to Junk King.

Nothing Goes To Waste

Just because you are getting rid of things doesn’t mean they have to go to waste. All those clothing items and other household goods that can still be used can be dropped off at a charity with help from Junk King. It’s all part of their junk removal package.

When you hire Junk King Dayton to clear out the clutter in your apartment, you’re going to be making a lot more room. That’s a good plan to put into action today.


Junk King Dayton Makes Fence Removal Easy

Roofs and fences have a lot in common. They both provide security for property in different ways. They also exposed to all the elements. That means they need to be constructed with materials that will last a long time. The right roofing can keep your home safe for anywhere between 30 to 50 years. Fences can be just as durable but that doesn’t mean the one that is currently in your yard isn’t ready for replacement. If it is showing signs of wear and tear, then you should consider replacing it before the next big storm knocks it over. When that fence is ready to come down, junk King Dayton will be ready to help clean it up.

The Cleanup Crew

Junk King never sends out one of the trucks unless there are at least two capable movers riding in the front seat. This will be your offense cleanup crew for your fence removal. You don’t have to worry about how grimy that fence might be or if there are some potential hazards like nails poking out. The Junk King crew has a lot of experience with this type of cleanup and they will take all precautions to make sure everything is loaded safely onto their truck.

This the same clean up crew that you can utilize throughout your entire property. Once they are done loading up all the fence debris, you can get them to remove any piece of furniture or broken appliance that you’d like to clear out of your home. This can make a big difference especially if you have put any of those objects on a porch or deck. Wouldn’t it be nice to take that space back again? That can happen with help from Junk King.

Your Schedule

Junk King works on your schedule when it comes to setting up these appointments. You might need to coordinate the fence removal on the same day that the fence installer is going to be working. The Junk King team can come in first thing in the morning to clear out the old fence and provide an open workspace for the installing crew. All you need to do is lockdown that date and you can count on Junk King to showing up promptly. That date can also be on the weekend. Whatever works for you will work for Junk King!

Hiring Junk King Dayton solves the problem of what to do with an old fence. They can clear it out along with the rest of your junk in a single session.

Two Thumbs Up For Junk King Dayton

Junk King Dayton is a professional junk hauling service that has been helping homeowners, apartment renters, real estate agents and business clear out all kinds of rubbish. Since beginning their operations, they have quickly ascended to the top of the list for this type of service. How did they manage that achievement? The reviews from their customers tell the tale:

“I have used Junk King’s services here in Dayton multiple times, and the staff are friendly courteous and caring.  The first time I used them was during cleaning out a house of a deceased friend.  As this was a sad time, the guys were respectful but worked very quickly to help us clean out the house.  They made short work of the task and the price was very reasonable.  I have used them a few times since then and they showed up exactly when anticipated, given an accurate estimate and work well.  At least once the actual cost of the job was LOWER than the original estimate once they got into the job. THANKS JUNK KING, I will recommend you to anyone!” – Drew H.

Junk King’s pricing policy comes down to how they are going to pack up the truck with all your stuff. The less room, the less you pay. As Drew discovered, Junk King is always fair and always wants to make a good deal.

“A crew of two came to our home today and cleared out our basement. A large projection tv and an oversized treadmill were lugged up from the basement after previous attempts to do so by us ended with no results. They were committed to getting the job done even though it was a physical challenge. They took pains to protect our walls from damage and left the house unscathed. They were courteous and accommodating throughout. We highly recommend this particular franchise.” – Mary C.

Moving heavy objects up from a basement is the atypical job for Junk King. You shouldn’t put your back or walls at risk!

“I would highly recommend Junk King! They came 30 min before scheduled time (they called beforehand) and had all the junk removed within 10 min. Very professional and reasonable pricing! We will definitely be using them again.” – Lisa W.

The ultimate proof of Junk King’s success is how many repeat customers they have. The answer would be “a lot!” One junk removal session with Junk King Dayton is all it will take for you to give them a “two thumbs up” review. Are you ready to get rid of your junk?

Junk King Helps Make It A Rubbish Free Staycation

A recent survey found that the majority of people actually lie about their vacation. They don’t tell fibs about where they go but they often stretch the truth when it comes to saying that they had a good time. Even though a lot of money and planning goes into a vacation there are so many unknown factors that can easily ruin a trip. That doesn’t mean you should avoid taking vacations. However, it might help every once in a while, to add in a staycation. This means you are going to stay home and take time off from work to enjoy all the things around Dayton that you’ve always wanted to do. Even if you just shut off the phone for a week and relax in your backyard there are a lot of benefits that you’ll get from having a staycation.

To begin your staycation, you want to catch up with all the tasks and chores you’ve been putting off. Get them out of the way and you will find relaxation comes much easier. Of course, not all of these chores have to be done by your own hands. When it comes to getting rid of the big rubbish items house you can give that job to Junk King Dayton. That’s always a smart move!

Total Clearing

What kind of shape is your garage and with regard to clutter? How about your basement? Maybe you have an entire spare room devoted to storage. All those areas can be totally cleared out with help from Junk King. All you will need to do is decide exactly what you want removed. When the two-man Junk King moving crew shows up for your appointment you can stand at the door and literally point to all the objects you want taken out. In no time at all those things will be out of your front door and onto the back of the Junk King truck. You’ll be left wondering what took you so long to hire Junk King!

Great Pricing

Junk King’s pricing policy is based on how the crew is going to pack up the truck. They will know how everything will fit on the truck by a quick glance. This is what they have experience and training for. Before they start loading the present you with a written estimate. That price will include all the labor and the drop-offs of your unwanted items. It’s fair and affordable.

Your staycation should start in a home that’s free of rubbish. Hire Junk King Dayton to help with that chore today.