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Junk King Pros Making The Hot Tub Removal Process Stress-Free

Has your hot tub fallen to disuse? If you’re looking to get rid of your old hot tub, be prepared for a labor-intensive process. With the average hot tub weighing in at about 500 pounds when empty, hot tub removal can be a dangerous and challenging process. Even if you have a strong back and an equally strong group of friends, the task is nothing short of exasperating.


Why not save yourself a whole lot of time, effort, and back pain by bringing in the pros? At Junk King, we make hot tub and spa disposal quick and easy.

What Is Hot Tub Removal?

Unfortunately, hot tubs don’t last forever. Yet, hot tub removal isn’t your average junk removal process. By design, hot tubs are large, bulky, extremely heavy, and often oddly shaped. Hot tub removal isn’t something you can wake up and decide to DIY. It’s an intensive process that requires dismantling, quite a bit of heavy lifting, and specialized equipment in some cases.

It’s best to find trusted professionals to help lighten the load. Never attempt to move a home spa on your own without a comprehensive plan. Hot tubs are simply far too big and heavy to just pick up and drop off at the nearest dumpsite. And you can’t leave them at the curbside. Municipal garbage collectors typically don’t pick up large, heavy appliances.

So, how do you get rid of a hot tub? One option is to sell it online. But unlike other household appliances, such as freezers and old TVs, there isn’t much demand for a used hot tub. Also, hot tubs aren’t items that can be easily donated.

The other option is to recycle your hot tub. Many states and cities in the U.S have zero waste and landfill diversion ordinances. For this reason, some recycling facilities are willing to take that old tub off your hands. But, wait! There’s a catch: you have to take it to them, which does very little to diminish the complexity of the hot tub removal process.

Your best option is to bring in the professionals. And Junk King is the best in the business. If you’re looking for the greenest, most efficient hot tub removal service, we’re your best bet. Our service offering is unmatched, and so is our customer service.

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Easy, Stress-Free Hot Tub Removal with Junk King

Junk King will responsibly dispose of your old hot tub, home spa, Jacuzzi, or above-ground pool, so you don’t have to do any heavy lifting. Wondering what makes Junk King the best in the business? Let’s explain.

1. We are the best hot tub removal and disposal service near you

With Junk King, there’s no such thing as heavy lifting on your end. Our hot tub removal specialists are trained and fully equipped. It doesn’t matter if you have a monster of a tub; we can handle the removal process with ease. Junk King will take care of all the dismantling, heavy lifting, loading, and hauling for you.

For convenience, choose Junk King. We make the process quick and easy. And we get rid of hot tub accessories too, including tub covers and acrylic & plastic shells—partner with Junk King for seamless customer service.

2. Healthy and safety first

Don’t compromise your health and safety by dismantling and lugging a heavy appliance such as a hot tub. Nicks and cuts are the least of your worries. With such heavy items, you risk major injuries such as broken bones and lacerations. Leave the dangerous work to the professionals.

Junk King has taken all safety precaution measures to ensure that both you and our hot tub removal pros are well protected. The Junk King team is well trained and skilled in everything junk removal, from dismantling to navigating narrow corridors and spiral staircases while carrying heavy items.

And as always, we’ve gone the extra mile to be sure you’re protected from any liabilities. You can rest easy with a fully insured and bonded hot tub removal firm at your side.

3. Eco-friendly hot tub removal

Hot tubs are made from highly recyclable materials such as steel, fiberglass, and plastic. Once we dismantle the unit, we’ll take components to an industrial recycling plant for safe, clean processing. With Junk King, you don’t have to worry about your old tub ending up in a junkyard or landfill.

Let’s keep metal, plastic, and fiberglass out of landfills together and contribute to a healthier planet.

Professional Hot Tub Removal That Works With Your Busy Schedule

You want easy, convenient junk removal. We understand the drill. That’s why we work within your schedule. Next time you need a hot tub removed, save yourself the hassle. Junk King has got you covered.

Choose Junk King today! We’re reliable, on-time, and the most earth-friendly junk removal company in the business.

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