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Monthly Archives:

Denver Bike Disposal & Recycling – Get Rid of Your Bicycle the Green Way

You can certainly make your way around Denver by riding a bike. However, there are over 850 miles of paved, off-road trails designed specifically for bike use. You can opt for a pleasant ride through some of the many city parks or a more aggressive dirt trail mountain bike adventure. Bottom line: Denver is very friendly to bike riders. Are you ready to hit the trails this summer? If you have an old bike that has been in storage in your garage, it might take a lot of work to get it ready for riding again. Maybe one of the reasons you stopped riding is because the bike was uncomfortable. That simple means it wasn’t a good fit for your body type. That can easily be fixed with a new bike built just for you. Before you bring that two-wheeler home, you’ll want to take care of your old bike disposal. That is a job for Junk King.


Junk King Denver is part of a national chain of professional junk haulers who specialize in removing those objects that take up too much space in your home. These would be all the things that you’re done with. Maybe it’s a piece of furniture that has worn out and is no longer comfortable. Maybe it is a pile of clothes that you don’t fit into. Or maybe it’s that old bike that you don’t want to ride. Whatever the item, you can depend on Junk King to have it removed safely and efficiently.

Junk King will dispatch a two-man moving crew for your junk removal appointment. This will be the team that does the actual lifting and loading of all you unwanted items. Clearly, loading up a bike won’t take two movers but they’ll be there for your use. Knowing you’ve got that kind of muscle power could certainly impact what you can have taken away. Keep in mind that the Junk King crew can also do some dismantling. That means something like a backyard swing set or office furniture can be disassembled and loaded up. If it is going to end up on the back of the truck, then the Junk King crew will be happy to take care of it. Taking care of your bike disposal could mean clearing your home of all its junk thanks to Junk King.

Avoid Yard Sale Frustration – Clear Your Clutter with The Pros

Hopping from one yard sale to the next can be a fun way to spend the day. There is no telling what cool bargains you can pick up. Of course, for the people who are throwing the yard sale, fun is the last thing it is. To pull off a successful yard sale, you need to not only devote an entire day off to the process but also several hours of prep work. There are signs to be made and hung and junk to be sorted through. If you’re doing this by yourself, then it could be a lot of heavy lifting. At the end of the day, you might be forced to drag all the unsold items right back into your garage or basement. Remember how this started out as the perfect way to clear your clutter? Now, you still have the clutter. Where is the fun in that? Instead, consider hiring Junk King from the start. That is a surefire method of getting rid of your junk in no time at all.


The duration of your Junk King junk removal appointment will be as long as it takes to load up whatever you’re throwing out. You could certainly make things move quicker by bringing out everything to your driveway. But why exert yourself and possible strain your back? Instead, leave everything right where it is. When the Junk King crew shows up you just point to what you want gone and watch how fast it flies out the door.

There might be the need for extra time if you require the Junk King crew to dismantle something like a pool table, desk or backyard swing set. They’ll have the right tools to handle any type of dismantling project. Best of all, you won’t be charged any extra for that additional labor time. You’ll only be charged a flat rate based on how much space your junk will take up on the back of the truck. This can be for one quarter, one-half or the whole truck. You’ll know that cost before the work begins and it’s not going to change. That is the Junk King promise.

When you’re ready to clear your clutter the fast and efficient way, then Junk King is the only call to make.

Improve Your Denver Neighborhood Curb Appeal

The most obvious way you can improve your home’s curb appeal is to do some planting. Beyond the flowers that you can purchase that are already blooming, you might consider planting a tree. Obviously, this will become a long-term growth project but the tree you plant this spring can become an amazing addition to the front yard in several years. You have an opportunity to plant a tree that will not only provide future shade but can actually increase your home’s value. Before you start digging, you might have to clear the way. That is where Junk King will be a huge help.


Junk King is a professional junk hauling service that has been helping Denver homeowners and businesses remove tons of junk from their property. This is a company who has been a great asset to many real estate agents. They know they can count on Junk King to provide fast clean out service at a foreclosed property or estate that is changing owners. As for your project, Junk King will provide the right amount of manpower to help you make way for your planting. This could involve pulling up a fence, removing stones or even taking away busted concrete from a pathway. Whatever you need to be hauled away is what Junk King can help with.

In addition to that yard clearing, you can take advantage of Junk King’s clearing power around the rest of your home. It won’t take long for the Junk King crew to remove all the unwanted items from your garage, basement or attic. This is definitely the team you’ll want helping for your big spring cleaning project.

Along with clearing out your home of clutter, Junk King will also be helping reduce your personal carbon footprint. That’s because the bulk of what they collect is recycled or donated. That is a credit you can embrace.

What will all this hard work cost you? Surprisingly, not a lot. Junk King only charges a flat rate based on how much space your stuff will occupy on the back of the Junk King truck. It’s a flat fee that covers all the costs. It’s also a fee that is going to be locked down. There are never any extra charges with Junk King. Give your curb appeal a big boost with help from Junk King.

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