Junk King Handles All Kinds Of Big Garbage Removal

Have you ever seen a car get crushed? A big ride can be smashed down to the size of a large air conditioner unit. A kitchen garbage disposal works on the same kind of crushing principle. It would be nice if all the big garbage items that you want to get rid of in your home could be crushed like that. Until the day when every home has a pneumatic press, you can count on Junk King Denver to make them disappear.


What is around your house that you would consider to be big garbage? Would it be a couch or futon that has seen better days? Maybe there is some sporting or workout equipment that isn’t being used or is broken. What about the big stuff that has been outgrown by the kids like a ping-pong table or swing set? Adding up all of those items and it is clear there is a lot that can be taken from your home that would transform the space. Even clearing out one corner to make room for a desk or reading chair would be worth a session with Junk King.

That session will be staffed by two very friendly and capable movers. Junk King screens their crews to insure they not only can handle all kinds of lifting requests but also that they’ll always have a positive attitude. The vast majority of Junk King customers compliment the Junk King crews on how friendly they are. That’s always a good thing for workers that you’re bringing into your house.

Although you’ve designated the things you’re getting rid of with Junk King as big garbage, those items still might be able to be repurposed. The team from Junk King has a lot of experience with recycling. They don’t do the actual recycling but they can make sure what you’re getting rid of can get to the right facilities. This is part of Junk King’s operating philosophy and it’s one of the reasons why they’ve become the Denver area’s leading professional junk hauler.

All the big garbage items around your home can be gone with a call to Junk King Denver. Are you ready to make that call?

Smart Tip For House Hunting

Is the place you’re living in too small? Do you have kids that need their own room? It might be time to go house hunting. If this is your first-time as a homebuyer, then you’re about to embark on a exciting and at times frustrating journey. Here are some smart tips to make your house hunting go smoothly:


Consider Style and Neighborhood

As many neighborhoods as there are to consider in Denver, there are just as many different home styles to pick from. You might have a vision of your “dream home” but perhaps you could be persuaded by considering another style or community. It’s like picking a college. You always have first choice but you also need a back-up. Often the backup turns out to be the best move.

Accept Imperfection

The only way to guarantee that you’ll get everything on your wish list is to build a home based on your designs. Beyond that, you probably won’t find the “perfect” home. It might have a great kitchen but not enough closet space. Or maybe it’s an amazing backyard but not enough bathrooms. A lot of issues you might have with a home can be fixed with remodeling and renovations. You should be moving in for a long time and that means plenty of time to fix things up.

Consider Up and Coming Areas

Everyone wishes they had bought IBM stock back when the company went public. If held onto, that stock would be worth quite a lot today. You have the chance to “get in on the ground floor” of an up and coming neighborhood. This might require some research. If there is an area with a new school being built or a new shopping complex, then it’s a safe bet the homes in the surrounding areas are going to be worth a lot more down the road. An experience realtor will know where the hot spots are and they might be in areas you’re not even thinking about. Give them a look.

Ignore Junk

If you’ve got a home that is a good price, in a decent neighborhood but has some junk on the property, then ignore the junk. As long as the place is structurally sound, then the junk can be easily removed with one call to Junk King Denver. Clearing away rubbish from an old house or a new home is a Junk King Denver specialty. Put them to the task today.

Getting Ready For Back-To-School

The time has come for kids to go back-to-school. We can all take a moment to celebrate the news. The question now becomes, “Are you ready?” Aside from getting all the school supplies, there are some proactive steps you can take to get the whole family ready for back-to-school. Here’s what you can do:


Practice Waking Up

Was this a summer of sleeping in for your kids? Good for them and not it’s time to wake up. The week before school starts, you’ll want to set those alarm clocks to school time. That also means going to bed the night before on “school time.” And it can’t just be the alarms going off an snoozing. These are wake up drills to get those bodies ready for the real thing. They won’t like it but it will help prevent troubles on the real school days.

Pick Out What To Wear

The choice of what to wear to school can be a contributing factor for running late. That is why outfits should be picked out the night before. If that means trying some things on to make sure everything looks good, then let that be part of the routine. For parents with kids who wear school uniforms, the night before should be for any washing. The answer for “Where’s my school uniform?” should always be, “In the dryer!”

Coordinate Schedules

If everyone in the family is connected to the same Cloud calendar accounts, then it will be easy to enter in all the pick-ups, drop offs and activities schedules. It might also help to have a printed copy of the calendar that is on the family bulletin board a.k.a. the fridge.

Establish Homework Boundaries

The older the student, the more homework will be assigned. This is why it is important to establish homework boundaries early on. If you’ve skipped over this, then its not to late to put forth some new rules. The most important boundary is time. There should be a dedicated time for the homework. There should also be no cell phones or TV in the background.

Getting ready for back-to-school can also mean getting rid of the clutter around the house. This is very important for the closets and dressers. Any outfits that aren’t going to be worn or sports equipment that has been outgrown should be collected by Junk King Denver. In that same session, they can also clear away old furniture or electronics that are taking up valuable storage space. Having Junk King Denver help you create a clutter free home is a terrific way to start your back-to-school season.


You and your Denver mattress go back a long way. You may have been sleeping on it for years. It might have stuck things out with you through different apartments, job changes, and relationships — but all good things must come to an end, and your mattress is no exception. Mattresses aren’t designed to last forever, and eventually, you’ll need to find a suitable solution in Denver for mattress disposal. When you do, it’s critical that you find a method for ridding yourself of the old mattress that meets the following criteria:

  1. Your solution for mattress disposal should be cost-effective

  2. Your solution for mattress disposal should be convenient

  3. Your solution for mattress disposal should be environmentally responsible

Denver MattressSatisfying all the criteria listed above might not seem like a challenge at first, but when you start to examine different strategies for mattress removal, you may find that there are fewer viable strategies than you had initially assumed. Don’t believe us? Let’s look at some of the ways you might try to dispose of a mattress in Denver, and examine their pros and cons.

Method Number One: Throwing Your Denver Mattress in the Trash

Some people might assume that they can pitch their old mattresses into the garbage and have their local trash collectors pick them up. These people have obviously never tried to dispose of a mattress in this way before (and they’ll be unlikely to do so again).

The fact is, your local trash collectors won’t accept mattresses, except during very specific windows. The city of Denver’s Office of Solid Waste Management collects extra garbage bags and certain large items (including mattresses) once every four weeks, which vary depending on what part of the city you inhabit. Any items prepared for collection this way must be set out at least two feet from the rest of your trash and placed before 7AM on the day of pickup. That’s not very convenient, but it also isn’t very good for the environment. Here’s why:
the do you really need it checklist

The job of a trash collector is to pick up garbage. You may not be interested in sleeping on your mattress anymore, but that doesn’t mean it belongs in a landfill somewhere, where it will simply take up space and rot. It’s much more responsible to find a solution for mattress disposal that will sort the materials in your mattress and make sure that they are each processed in the most sustainable way possible. For these reasons, using the city’s collection services is not always the best way to rid yourself of an old mattress.

Method Number Two: Taking Your Mattress to the Dump in Your Own Vehicle

If you’ve spent much time reading our blog before, you may already know that we’re not big fans of using your own vehicle to carry refuse to the local landfill. For one thing, it can be incredibly inconvenient. For another, it won’t solve the problem of how to make sure your mattress is disposed of in an eco-friendly way.

We can’t stress that first point enough: taking large items to the landfill in your own car or truck is way harder than most people assume it’s going to be. Loading bulky material into your back seat runs the risk of damaging your vehicle’s interior, especially if you have a box spring mattress with a wooden frame or metal springs. Those of you with pickup trucks might have an easier time moving the mattress into your vehicle, but then you’ll still have to drive it all the way to the landfill — where, as we’ve said above, it’s just going to become garbage that sits in more garbage for time immemorial. Plus, you may not have considered the dumping fees that most landfills charge, especially where larger items are concerned. Make no mistake about it: using your vehicle to take a mattress to the nearest landfill probably isn’t your best option by any of the metrics listed above. It won’t be as cheap as you think, it will take a lot of work on your part, and the planet won’t thank you for it.

Method Number Three: Calling a Removal Company to Take the Mattress Away

If you’re not sold on the idea of waiting four weeks and hoping you don’t miss the city’s special large-item trash pickup, and you aren’t foolhardy enough to try taking the mattress to the dump by yourself, then you might consider using a full-service junk removal company instead. Full-service junk removal companies will visit your property, take the items you point out to their staff members, and deal with them on your behalf. Some of them even go out of their way to offer environmentally conscious solutions (although you must keep an eye out for them).

The main problems with full-service junk removal companies are the costs involved and their relative lack of convenience. Yes, you heard that right: having professionals come over to your house and take your unwanted items away for you can actually be much less convenient than it sounds. No, you won’t have to do any heavy lifting on your own — you’ll just have to make sure you’re around to let the removal team onto your property when they arrive. That might require you to take time off work, or away from important personal errands. You’ll also have to stick around and make sure the team only takes away the items you want to be removed (and of course, that they don’t miss anything and need to come back for a second trip).

Method Number Four: Self Service Dumpster Rental

Self-service dumpster rental offers homeowners a more flexible way to rid themselves of large items and other materials not suitable for disposal through other means. When you rent a dumpster, the waste removal company will drop off the container on your property and give you a set amount of time to fill it with the materials you no longer want. When the rental period is over, the company will send its representatives back to your property to collect the filled container and process its contents back at their facility.

Dumpster rental is an excellent way to deal with mattresses for several reasons:

  • It’s cost-effective: some of the best dumpster rental companies only charge you for the amount of space you actually use in their containers. They’ll drop the dumpster off on your property for a predetermined period (usually a few days) and then calculate your fees based on the number of square feet you’ve filled. If you’re only looking for a way to rid yourself of one specific item, this can be one of the most economical methods for doing so.

    the complete summer cleaning guide

  • It’s convenient: you’re able to make your own schedule when you rent a dumpster. You don’t have to worry about letting strangers onto your property or visiting a faraway location during specific hours. You can simply choose to put your items in the dumpster whenever you have spare time during the rental period — allowing you to keep going to work, fulfilling social engagements, and running errands.

  • It’s potentially better for the environment: some of the best dumpster rental options in Denver commit to sorting and processing each of the materials in the items you throw away, so that your environmental impact will be minimized.

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Ditch Your Denver Mattress in a Debris Box Today

When it comes time to part with your mattress, make sure you know what disposal strategy will serve you best. Contact Junk King today for more information, so that you and your old mattress can part ways painlessly.


Add Big Rubbish Removal To Your Midsummer Cleaning

Have you ever thrown away a pot because it was just too far gone to clean? Those things happen and as long as it’s not a favorite pot, it’s easy to replace. It would be great if everything we wanted to get out of the house could just be tossed into the trashcan but that’s not possible with things like furniture and appliances. If getting rid of those kinds of rubbish items are part of your midsummer cleaning, then you’re going to want to bring Junk King Denver into the equation.


Why a midsummer cleaning? It makes sense to get the house in order before school starts. That is sure to add an element of clutter and chaos. If kids aren’t in the scenario, then perhaps you’ve been holding onto those big elements simply because you didn’t have a way of getting rid of them. Now that Junk King is working in the Denver area, getting rid of big items is a breeze.

Junk King is going to send over two movers to make this all happen. This is going to be a great team to work with. On the day of your appointment, they’ll stay in touch by phone call or text to let you know how far out they are. You will have picked a two-hour window for your session and Junk King prides itself in landing within that window on a consistent basis. In fact, more customers are pleased when Junk King can show up even earlier.

Once on the scene, the Junk King squad is going to look over all the things you want to get rid of. They’ll be sizing these objects up for the best approach for carrying them down stairs (if need be) or around sharp corners. They’ll also be able to make an estimate on how much space all those things are going to take up on the truck. That is how Junk King sets its prices. All of this means don’t hesitate giving Junk King the heaviest things in your home; you’re not going to b charged by the pound!

Your midsummer cleaning can go to the next level with a rubbish removal session from Junk King Denver. Set that up today.

Dependable Denver Junk Haulers

People forget things every day. Usually, these are little things like what they were meant to pick up from the grocery store or to set the DVR to record a favorite show. Usually, it takes some visual cue to remind us of what we forget. We might actually see the thing on the grocery shelf and remember this was what we’re supposed to buy. There might also be a billboard advertising the movie or TV show we want to record. While driving around Denver, you might have noticed the big red Junk King trucks making their rounds. These can be a reminder, too. One look at those trucks will have you thinking, “I need to hire junk haulers.” Luckily for you, Junk King Denver is always standing by to help with that task.


Junk King Denver has proven itself to be a dependable service. The majority of customers who leave comments praise Junk King for their promptness. When you set up a junk removal session, Junk King asks for a two-hour window. That gives the crews time to complete a specific task and make it from one appointment to the next. It’s a Junk King policy to call a customer on the day of the appointment to keep them informed of the crew’s progress. Often, that call might provide the option for an early pickup. No one ever has a complaint about that!

Junk King also proves themselves dependable when the crew shows up for the appointment. They’ll be ready to spring into action and that begins with a review of all the things you want to get rid of. Those items can be in the same place where they’ve always been. In other words, you don’t have to move them downstairs or out of the house. That is what the Junk King crew will do.

After they’ve looked over your items, they’re going to present you with an estimate that will be based on volume and not weight. It’s this fair approach to pricing that has made Junk King Denver the leading junk hauler in the area. When the price is agreed to, the crew will get busy loading up all of your things. In a matter of minutes, you’re going to have a junk free home. When you want to get rid of unwanted clutter from your home, you should always remember where to find dependable junk haulers. It’s Junk King Denver.

Junk King Makes Junk Removal Easy

This year’s high school graduates were all born in the year 2000. That means they grew up in a world where every home had a television and a computer. Within the last few years, the computing power on their Smartphones was lightyears ahead of all the computers it took to send a ship to the moon. For all their challenges, this generation of kids has it very easy when it comes to accessing information and getting help from computer programs. You would be showing your age if you admit to knowing how to do long division on paper!


All of this technology is meant to make our lives easier. But there are always those chores around the house that are going to burdensome no matter how many computers you have. At least, that is how it was before Junk King Denver rolled into town and started collecting junk from homes and businesses. That service alone lifts a huge burden off your shoulders when it comes to clearing out rubbish from your property. Now Junk King Denver has taken a leap forward by adding the pricing estimator to their website. This combines the help of a computer program with the help of movers. That’s the ultimate match up!

The pricing estimator lets you create a list of all the items you want taken from your home. They break down the items into categories like furniture, electronics and appliances. Once you’ve clicked on all the things you want to get rid of, you’ll see the estimate of your fee. Keep in mind that this fee covers all the labor. That includes as much time as it takes to get your stuff removed from your home. The fee also includes the transportation and drop off expenses. When you compare that to what it would cost if you did this work on your own you’ll see it’s a very fair price.

When you’re done making your list, you can set up your appointment on the same page and even engage in a live chat with a Junk King rep if you have more questions. Thanks to how easy Junk King Denver makes getting rid of your junk, you can get your home clear of rubbish today without lifting a finger!

Declutter Your Porch With Help From Junk King

Which porch on your home do you spend more time on, the back or the front? A front yard porch is perfect for comfy chairs to sit in and relax after a long day. It’s a perfect spot after dinner on a cool evening. Out back, the porch often becomes an extension of the house where you cook, eat and play. All this wonderful porch time works when you’ve created a comfortable space and that means getting rid of rubbish and clutter. If you need to declutter your porch, then you need to bring in Junk King Denver.


Just as a porch can become an extension of your living space, it can also become an extension of your storage space. It’s not a stretch to imagine an old appliance gets shoved onto the porch to make room for a new one. There are plenty of porches with old washers and dishwashers tucked in the corner. There could also be a lot of items underneath a porch that are being kept stored like lumber or pipes. The problem with this type of storage is that these things are exposed to the elements. If only takes one rainstorm to render them useless. It makes a lot more sense to get those things off and out from under your porch. That’s where Junk King comes into play.

When you work with Junk King, you’ll be partnered with a pair of movers who know how to lift and load heavy objects. You might have managed to push that bulky item out to your porch but that doesn’t mean you can carrying down the steps and put it into a truck. Leave that for the Junk King crew.

Once Junk King declutters your porch they can target other storage areas in your home. Where do you have the most rubbish: the garage, basement or closet? Maybe all three of those areas could stand with some decluttering action from Junk King. One thing is for sure: After you hire Junk King Denver to declutter your porch and home you’ll wonder why you waited so long! Make that call to Junk King today.

How To Handle Old Bike Disposal And Junk Hauling

Denver is one of those cities that is perfect for people who like to get outdoors. There are miles of hiking, walking and biking trails traversing all through the city. And the number of bike stands scattered throughout the downtown area make it easy to get around town. The more you enjoy biking, the greater the chances that you have an old bike or two hanging around. As your needs change, you could switch from a mountain terrain bike to one that works better on the streets. The question then becomes do you need an old bike that you know you’re never going to ride again? If the answer is, “no,” then it’s time to call in the junk hauling pros from Junk King Denver.


Every junk removal session set up by Junk King Denver is staffed by two capable movers. They’ll be rolling up in a truck big enough to whole a ton of stuff. That might seem like overkill just to get rid of an old bike. That’s why you want to put the Junk King crew to work clearing away the rest of your unwanted stuff. In that same session where they’re loading up your old bike, they can take away a lot more stuff. This is your change to finally get rid of that musty futon down in the basement or that clunky dresser up in the attic. Remember, the Junk King squad can be thought of as professional movers. Anything that needs to be brought down stairs or is too heavy for one person can easily be hauled away by Junk King.

How much will this service cost? That question is answered after the crew has looked over all the things you want taken away. One glance and they’ll be able to estimate how much space all that stuff is going to fill on the back of their truck. That is the estimate you’ll be presented with. Once it is agreed to, it’s not going to change. Because they crews need to pack up the trucks tight, you can be assured you’ll be getting a great deal with every pickup. Are you ready to clear out the rubbish and old bike from your house with a Junk King Denver session? It can happen today.

Steps For Getting A Good Night’s Sleep

How would you rate your sleep? Are you the type of person who can drop off and get eight hours without tossing and turning or is sleep a struggle? For most folks, sleep can be a battle. We all have those occasional nights when we can’t dose off but if there are more of those nights than restful ones, it is time to change things up. Here are some steps you can take to help get a good night’s sleep.


Watch Light Exposure

Everyone has their own internal time clock that is based on something called the circadian rhythm. Essentially this means we’re wired to sleep at night and be awake during the day. To that end, it helps getting sleep if you get plenty of exposure to light during the day. That can include sunlight and/or bright lights in your home. As the sun winds down, so too should the lights. Some of the worse lights you can expose yourself to at night at blue lights. That would be all the lights from your phone, computers and pads. If you are using those electronics, then adapt your settings for nighttime display. They all have those functions to soften the light.

Cut Off Caffeine

A jolt of caffeine can get your revved up in the morning and help keep you going throughout the day. However, the affects of caffeine can stick around in your system for several hours. That makes sleeping a challenge. The recommendation is to cut off all caffeine around 4:00 p.m.

Eliminate Long Naps

Short power naps of 20 to 30 minutes have proven to be very effective way to “reboot” in the middle of the day. However, when you start napping longer then that you could be setting yourself up for sleep failure. It is much better to push through during the day as opposed to taking a several hour nap. Of course, if you have to stay up late, then that long nap can help but just don’t make a habit of it.

Set A Schedule

Your body embraces consistency with regard to sleep. That is why it is important to go to bed and get up at the same time every day. That includes your days off. You want to establish a strong sleep pattern.

Get the Right Mattress

Where you sleep is as important as when you sleep. Your mattress needs to be comfortable. The level of firmness depends on the owner but over time, all mattresses will lose their firmness. If you’re swapping out your old mattress, then call on Junk King Denver for fast removal. Not only can they haul away the mattress but they can also clear away a lot of unwanted clutter in the same trip. Let Junk King Denver help you get a good night’s sleep by clearing up the old mattress and junk from your home today.