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Hot Tub Removal Boulder Colorado

hot tub removalWhat did you bring with you into your new home? Probably a lot of your old furniture, your clothes and belongings. Did you have to bring in kitchen appliances? Did you end up buying new furniture? It has been estimated that new homeowners spend around $10,000 in the first year of ownership to get their home in the condition they want. There could also be a lot of items that were left over from the previous owner that you “inherited.” This might include some random junk items in the garage or attic. It could also mean a hot tub relic sitting in the backyard.

Your first response when seeing a hot tub would have been, “Awesome.” Then when you moved in you soon discovered that “awesome” tub wasn’t performing like it should. If it was neglected the motor could have gone up leaving it less than hot. Maybe it is so old that the fiberglass shell has cracked and now leaks. Suddenly what you thought was a decent amenity is just an eyesore. Sadly, an old hot tub is not something you can simply toss out in the garbage. To get rid of that beast you’re going to need to bring in the pros. We’re talking about Junk King, the number one junk removal experts in Boulder, Colorado.

Junk King won’t have a problem getting rid of your old hot tub. They’ll provide you with a two man crew who are trained to take apart just about anything. In no time they’ll have that hot tub dismantled. All those pieces will then be loaded up on the back of the Junk King truck. Now you’re seeing why you have to hire Junk King, right?

Along with your broken up hot tub, you can take advantage of hiring Junk King to clear out a whole bunch of other stuff that is cluttering up your home. Is it time to clear out your garage? Make room in your basement for a new sofa? Maybe you want to convert you attic into a playroom for the kids. All of that can be accomplished with the help of Junk King.

Also take note that when you hire Junk King you’re doing your part to keep Boulder “green.” That’s because Junk King makes it a point to keep as much of the junk they collect out of area landfills. They would rather take the extra time to drop that stuff off at a recycling center then see it pile up at a dump. When you’re ready to get rid of your hot tub or anything else, Junk King will be ready for you.

Denver Hot Tub Purchase & Disposal Tips

During the winter, Denver is a popular town. You’ve probably already experienced how eager friends and family are to show up to take advantage of the great skiing and other winter outdoor fun. Entertaining guests is always a lot of fun and that fun can be enhanced when you invite those folks into a hot tub. It might seem strange to your visitors to ask them to trudge across the snow to get into a hot tub but once inside those inviting waters there won’t be any complaints. If you don’t have a hot tub in your backyard you’re missing out on a lot of pleasure. Perhaps there’s an old hot tub left over from the previous owner that hasn’t been used for years. Instead of it becoming a huge birdbath why not consider getting rid of that hot tub and replacing it with the new model?

Shopping for a hot tub is not unlike shopping for a new bed: comfort is key. As you visit hot tub showrooms you’ll have the opportunity to actually crawl into a hot tub albeit one without water. While you might feel ridiculous sitting in an empty hot tub fully clothed it’s really the best way to assess how comfortable you’ll be once this town is installed in your own backyard. Forget feeling silly! You want to make sure you’ve got room to float in.

Another important factor in shopping for a new hot tub is the level of hydrotherapy performance you might be getting from your new tub. This will come in the form of jet placement. Once again you just can’t beat getting into the hot tub to see where these soothing jets of bubbles will be massaging your body from. You should also check out how easy it is to make adjustments with these jets. Many new hot tubs are remote control which is perfect for Denver winter. You can literally turn on the hot tub, heat up the water and get those jets going all from the inside of your home. The moment you see steam rising off the hot tub you know it’s ready!

Your new hot tub should also be easy to take care of. It could be that the old hot tub sitting in your backyard was too cumbersome to keep up which is why it was left to ruin. A new premium hot tub will have a circulation pump that will continuously filter the water and provide the necessary flow for the heater to set the desired temperature.

Of course, before that new hot tub can be installed you need to break down and get rid of the old one. This task can be easily taken care of when you hire a crew of professional junk haulers like Junk King Denver. The hot tub will need to be broken down into several components and then loaded onto a truck. This is definitely a multiple-man operation that will require heavy lifting. You don’t have to feel guilty about using professionals for this job. All you need to be thinking about is how great it’s going to be when you can start using your new hot tub!