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Happy Customers Post Reviews For Junk King Denver

At the end of any business day, a company should be able to determine how many satisfied customers they created that day. Sales figures can certainly help make that determination but so can online reviews. When it comes to junk hauling, it is clear from the reviews that Junk King Denver is making a lot of happy customers:

“Junk King Denver helped us out when we were in a bind, pressed for time and needed to have a king size mattress removed ASAP from our property that we were selling. Not only did they charge a fair price, they were available when we needed them AND they were even EARLY! This was a godsend for us! The guys who came to pick up the mattress were courteous and professional. I would highly recommend Junk King Denver to anyone in the Denver and surrounding areas needing items removed.” – Amy T.

Junk King prides itself on how fast they can complete a task. There always seems to be room in the schedule for a same day pickup. Some customers need to wait until the weekend to sort through all the things that they’re getting rid of. Others need a fast pickup. Junk King will strive to accommodate your schedule every time.

“I wanted to fully re-do my lawns and so rented a sod cutter to slice out the top couple inches. Then I realized, crud, what am I going to do with all this? The Junk King guys came out the next day (Saturday) gave me a quote and showed up the next Monday to do the job. This was about 10 cubic yards of dirt that was still laying on my lawns where I’d cut it, and the guys worked hard to get it loaded and hauled. Great communication too, quick turnaround, good experience.” – Nat. B

Yes, Junk King can haul dirt, too! Whatever is left over from your next renovation, give it to Junk King.

“Junk King was able to send a truck out right away. Staff on the phone and in the truck were friendly and helpful. Prices are right in line with what I expected. I definitely will call on them again.” – Edith W.

Loyal customers are a benefit for any company. It will only take one junk hauling session with Junk King Denver to make you a loyal customer. Are you ready to make that happen?

Hire Junk King To Help Dad Get Rid Of The Junk

It would be hard to add up all the things that your dad has helped with over the years.  Everything from teaching you how to ride a bike to showing you how to drive would be on the list. Plus, they would be all kinds of valuable life lessons as well. Then there is all that amazing amount of work that went into clothing, food and shelter. It really is limitless! That is why it is always nice when you can do a little “payback” for your dad. This Father’s Day, that payback can come in the form of a junk removal session with Junk King Denver. What this can provide is a thorough clearing of all the unwanted rubbish at your dad’s home and that would be one less thing that he has to do. That makes it a terrific guest!

Decide What Can Go

You might initially surprise your dad with the gift of Junk King but you shouldn’t surprise him with the truck rolling up to the driveway. That is because you want to give him time to decide what can go. The only thing you really have to consider is the fact that you will be benefiting from the use of a pair of strong movers and a huge truck. In fact, that truck can hold the equivalent of six pickup trucks full of rubbish. That means your dad to get rid of a lot of junk from out of the garage or down the basement. Best of all, he won’t be put out by having to lift anything. All that work is could be done by the Junk King.

Always Eco-Friendly

Your dad will also appreciate that Junk King has always been eco-friendly when it comes to their disposal policies. They strive to make sure everything they collect has a chance to either be recycled or donated. It doesn’t matter what kind of condition those items are in. The Junk King crews know exactly what facilities can take what type of objects. All you need to know is that the bulk of what you’re getting rid of won’t have to be dumped into a landfill. That’s good news for Denver!

Hiring Junk King Denver to clear out the rubbish from your dad’s house will certainly put a smile on his face. That’s the greatest gift of all!

Make A Good Impression On Home Buyers With Rubbish Removal

If you are selling your home, then you want to make a good impression on any prospective buyer. The moment your home goes on the market it becomes “open” to impressions. Those will begin with the pictures that are posted online. It’s also not unusual for prospective buyers to drive by a property that they are interested in even if there isn’t an open house. This is how they check out the neighborhood. That means your home needs to be market ready the moment you announce it is for sale. One of the proactive tasks that you can do to make a good impression is to get rid of all the junk and clutter that is on the property. The best company for your rubbish removal task is Junk King Denver.

Clear It All Out

Making a positive first impression will begin with your curb appeal. Mowing the lawn, planting fresh flowers and touching up any exterior trim will go a long way towards boosting that curb appeal. Once you set up an open house you are inviting prospective buyers to literally go room by room. That also means they will be opening closets and inspecting storage spaces like the basement, garage and attic. If you have rubbish items stored in those areas, then it is going to look like the property needs more up keeping then it really does. Removing those rubbish items will not only open up the storage spaces but it will give the impression that your home is “as good as new.” That is always very attractive to a prospective buyer.

The Donating Option

When you hire Junk King to take care of your rubbish removal, you’re also hiring a company that is dedicated to environmentally friendly disposal policies. Recycling is always a top choice for Junk King. But recycling can also mean donating certain items to charities. Junk King is set up partnerships with many local charitable organizations and know exactly what types of furnishings, appliances and other household goods they are willing to accept. You don’t have to worry about the condition of these items. The Junk King crews have all been trained to sort through the stuff that they collect to pull out those donations. That should make you feel good about getting rid of a lot of stuff.

Your home will be closer to being market ready when Junk King Denver is finished with all the rubbish removal. Put them on that job today.

Kick Off A Backyard Makeover With Help From Junk King

The best approach to any home makeover project is to start with a “clean slate.” If you’re repainting your home’s exterior, then you’ll need to strip off all the old paint first. If you’re remodeling a kitchen, then the old kitchen has to be demolished. Out in the backyard, you might be thinking about a landscaping makeover. To get your clean slate out there, you’ll want to remove all the debris, structures and other items that might be standing in the way. That should mean bringing in the team from Junk King Denver. They’ll help clear your yard in no time at all.

Take It Down

The easy stuff for Junk King to remove from the backyard would be things like rusty patio furniture, a broken lawnmower or a grill that has seen better days. The Junk King crew will quickly lift and load all of those items onto the back of their truck. What might take a bit more effort are all the things that have to be taken apart before it can be loaded up. You might have a swing set, trampoline, tool shed or gazebo that you’d like to clear out. The Junk King crew will be happy to take those things apart. They’ve already done this for other customers. In fact, they’ve even removed hot tubs, above ground pools and the remains of decks and torn up concrete patios. There isn’t a clearing task you can throw at them that would give them pause.

Fair Pricing

The Junk King pricing policy is something that customers really appreciate. Junk King doesn’t charge by the pound. When clearing out a backyard that can make a huge difference. Instead, Junk King will apply a flat fee that will be based on how your things get packed up on the truck. That fee covers all the labor whether the crew is loading up just a few things or spending that extra time taking things apart. It will also cover the disposal of the items which can include trips to a recycling facility. A lot from the backyard can be recycled including concrete and dirt!

Before you can start on your backyard makeover, bring in the team from Junk King Denver for some extensive yard debris clearing. They’re ready to help today.

Junking Helps With Warehouse Rubbish Overflow

If a warehouse ever has more inventory than it can store, then there was an obvious problem with supply chain logistics.  This could mean that items aren’t selling or they’re not being shipped fast enough. When there is excess inventory sometimes it will stay on the truck trailer. It could also be offloaded to a satellite inventory station. That just complicates things as it has to now be moved back and forth.

There can also be the occasional problem with rubbish overflow. This is what happens when dumpsters can’t handle all the trash that is thrown out on a daily basis and begins accumulating in the warehouse floor. That can impede the operation. Thankfully, there is a quick solution: Junk King Denver.

Outside Help

Junk King can provide the outside help to keep your warehouse clear of an abundant amount of cardboard and other debris. They can also help clear out the damaged and unsold inventory. There’s really no reason to hold onto those items that can be sold. Junk King will dispatch a pair of movers and a big truck. This is all you will need to provide clearance of all that rubbish. Although you might want to have some of your crew pitch in to make the job go quicker it isn’t needed. Keep them working at your operations and let the Junk King team work their magic. You’ll find that they can clear out a space very quickly and efficiently without disrupting the work that is going on around them.

Regular Appointments

If you have this kind of rubbish overflow happening on a consistent basis, then it’s clear your warehouse is being kept busy. That’s a good thing. It also means you should set up regular appointments with Junk King to facilitate the removal of that overflow. Junk King charges a flat rate for every session. That rate is determined by how much space the things are getting rid of will fill up on the truck. If it is the same load every week, then Junk King will be happy to work out an equitable price for the regular appointments.

Don’t let your warehouse be overrun by rubbish. Hire Junk King Denver to clear it out today.

Clear Out The Office With Help From Junk King

If your company needs to move into new office space because you are expanding your business, then that is cause for celebration. It also means that there will be a lot of packing up ahead. Just as if you were moving into a new home, moving into a new office space will provide you with an opportunity to reorganize everything. It will also provide you with a chance to get rid of a lot of unwanted items. You might discover that there are desks, chairs, cubicle walls, tables and all kinds of outdated office that doesn’t need to come to your new space. To take care of all of that removal you need to bring in Junk King Denver.

Quality Junk Removal

Junk King is a professional junk hauling service that has been in this type of business since 2005. They have set up franchise operations in every major metropolitan city across United States and into Canada. Clearly, this is a company that is providing quality junk removal. They are also terrific at finding amazing movers to provide this service. Junk King hires workers who have a lot of experience with moving but also can be licensed and insured. These are the kinds of professional vendors you want working with your business.

Flexible Scheduling

Junk King understands that time is a precious commodity business. This is why they can’t offer flexible scheduling for your office cleaning. They can come before the staff shows up or on the weekend when there’s nobody around. Of course, Junk King also operates with efficiency meaning that they can take care of the clearing of all your unwanted items without causing any disruption to the workflow. If you are moving out of your office, then perhaps everything you leave behind will be the items that Junk King will pick up. All that is required then is someone to open up the space one last time.

When you are ready to schedule your appointment book online or over the phone. Booking online will save you $20 right off the bat. That’s a great way to start any job! You focus on the business and let Junk King Denver take care of clearing out the office of your unwanted rubbish. One call gets it done.

How To Handle E-Waste Disposal The Right Way

When was the last time a bag of trash broke open on you? Sometimes this happens when you overstuff a bag or this a sharp object that pokes through the plastic. It only takes one small rip to spill the entire contents of the bag. Of course, once that bag is tossed into a landfill it’s a safe bet that it will be torn open and the content spilled out. What happens then is that the landfill reaches a certain level and it is covered up by dirt and clay. But that might not always be a guarantee that the trash or tossing out won’t become an environmental hazard. That is especially true with e-waste. Electronic gear is a safe to having your home but are not safe in a landfill. That is why they need to be disposed of in the right way. The best way to handle that task is to turn it over to Junk King Denver.

What e-waste items do you have in your home that you’re not using? You might have replaced a Blu-ray player, television, laptop, printer or monitors. Instead of putting those items in the trash, they often end up in the garage or tucked away in the closet. That just means they’re in the way. You should be commended for keeping them out of the trash but now thanks to Junk King you can finally get rid of them.

An old TV and a computer monitor loaded onto the back to the junk King truck look very lonely. Why not take advantage of the crew and get a few more items on the truck that you been eager to get rid of. You can get carted away old furniture, appliances, clothing and other household goods. Maybe this is sporting equipment that is no longer being used by the family. Maybe you want to replace the old lawnmower. Even a backyard swing set can be brought down by the Junk King crew.

When you hire Junk King Denver to get rid of your e-waste you can also get rid of the rest of your unwanted rubbish. That’s a powerful cleaning session.

It Is Time To Break Up With Your Junk

You wouldn’t think twice about holding onto food scraps after cooking dinner. That kind of trash is easy to let go of. It is some of the bigger items that you have in your house that you might have reservations about getting rid of. There’s always a sense that something can be fixed or somebody else will use it. The harsh reality is that everything you tuck away down the basement or out of the garage for future use often ends up never getting used again. That would officially make those items junk items. It is time to break up with your junk. And the best company to help with that is Junk King Denver.

How can Junk King help you break up with your junk? The going to provide a two-man moving crew and a big truck. That is the kind of motivation that can have you saying goodbye to and unwanted couch or futon. They can help take out a water heater that’s been replaced from down the basement or baby furniture being stored in the attic. There are also all the clothing items you have crammed into your closets and dressers that are never going to be worn again. Yes, you have to break up with all of that, too!

The goal with the Junk King crew is to get everything swiftly loaded onto the truck. Before they begin that work, they will provide you with an estimate for the cost of the job. That estimate will be based on how they look. They going to squeeze everything into a tight space. That way they can fit the junk from other pick up appointments. It will also help with the bottom line for costs. The less room they fill with your stuff, the less you will be paid. You can get an estimated range of this fee by using the pricing calculator on the Junk King website. But the final number can be lockdown until the crew has sized up everything in purse. This is a very fair and affordable approach for this type of work.

Breaking up with your junk is the best thing you can do this year. Let Junk King Denver help make it happen with one phone call.

Vital Help For Denver Property Managers

Property managers need to offer a rapid response for many situations. They are in effect acting as a landlord for the rental property. Whether that is an apartment, condominium, townhome, vacation house or commercial office space is the property managers who have to deal with any issues from the renters. If there’s a problem with plumbing or heating then the property manager is going to get first call. When those renters vacate the premises, it becomes the property managers responsibility to find the next renter. Before that can happen, there might need to be some cleanup action going on. For that task, Junk King Denver can provide a rapid response also. This is a vital service professional that all property managers should utilize.

Every tenant knows that they are supposed to leave the rental property in the same condition it was when they moved in. Most often, that means an empty space. Following that edict, the renters could clear out the space but end up putting a lot of junk in alleyways or down by the curb. They might think they’re doing property managers a favor but in reality, that is something that still has to be picked up. Junk King can certainly help with that. And if there is a security deposit in play, then it will most definitely cover the costs.

How Junk King works is simple. They will dispatch a team of movers and a big truck to any location in the Denver area. When the team shows up, you’ll point out all the things that have to be removed. They’ll then provide you with an estimate. This price is not going to be based upon how heavy these things are but by how they are going to fit on the truck. It all comes down to a matter packing. And when it comes to packing, the team from Junk King can squeeze a lot into a little space!

Junk King also moves fast and that is vital for your property clean up. Most appointments are completed within 24 hours with the possibility of a same day appointment being available as well. Property managers know they can get quick pick up of all left behind rubbish with one call to Junk King Denver. Put them to work today.

Junk King Takes The Hassle Out Of An Estate Cleanup

One of the first things to do when you are put in charge of an estate is to assess the value of the property and possessions contained within that estate. Once the value has been established, the focus will shift to selling off some of those possessions. This can happen either through a professional company or with a private estate sale. In either one of those scenarios, there is sure to be a lot of unsold items. What happens next? You want to hire Junk King Denver for the estate cleanup. This is the hassle-free way of taking care of that final task.

There will no doubt be plenty of sentimental value attached to several items from an estate. But the things you’re turning over to Junk King Denver are more along the lines of “rubbish.” These are the things that are either broken, worn out or simply not wanted. However, that doesn’t mean they all have to go to waste. Junk King has set up partnerships with many charitable organizations throughout the Denver area. At any given time, these groups are looking for all kinds of furniture, appliances, clothing and other household goods. They would greatly appreciate your donation and Junk King can make sure it gets to the regardless of how big a pile of stuff this might be.

Another part of the estate cleanup that Junk King can handle is with the exterior property. If there is any rubbish, yard debris or construction waste piled up on the property, then just pointed out to the Junk King crews and watch how quickly it all gets loaded onto the truck.

Sometimes an estate cleanup might require the help of additional work crews. Junk King will happily provide that no additional cost. You’ll only be paying the flat fee for how much space your stuff will take up on the back truck. The goal is to get everything handled in single session even if it takes a few hours.

Don’t let an estate clean up overwhelmed you. Give that job to Junk King Denver and it will be done quickly and efficiently.