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Denver Mattress Disposal & Purchase Guide

The best time to buy a new mattress is over a long holiday weekend. Typically, this would mean weekends like Presidents’ Day, Memorial Day, Labor Day or Fourth of July. Truth be told, most mattress dealers would love to have you buying mattresses from them throughout the year. Buying a mattress in many ways is like buying a car. It’s an investment that you’ll be hanging onto for years to come. In fact, you might actually hold onto your mattress longer then your car! Actually the recommended lifespan of a mattress is 5 to 8 years. Beyond that time you’re not getting the full benefit from what was once a firm mattress. If you follow those parameters and go shopping for a mattress this weekend then perhaps you haven’t been mattress shopping in eight years. If so there’s a lot for you to consider.

Picking the right mattress comes down to a matter of personal preference: if it feels good then it can work for you. There are two types of mattress to pick from: an innerspring or a foam mattress. The innerspring mattress is the most popular selling of the mattresses. The support is provided by metal coils that are wrapped in fabric and then encased in cushioning. What might surprise you is that it’s not the number of coils in a mattress which make a difference but the gauge of wire that the coils are made from. The thicker the wire the more firm the mattress will become. Conversely the lighter the gauge the more your mattress will have spring. When you compare mattresses compare gauge wire size with how it feels for each type.

A foam mattress is a solid mattress made up of fibers or synthetic material. Today many foam mattresses are referred to as memory foam. This means it contours to your body shape the same way every time you lay down on the mattress. Foam mattresses are genuinely more expensive then an innerspring mattress but that could provide you with more comfort throughout the years. Don’t look at the price of a mattress as a single investment but what you would be paying for good night sleep over the course of the next five years.

There are some mattresses that are designed to be no-flip mattresses. This means it’s an innerspring with extra padding on the top. While it sounds like it’s a good deal it’s actually not recommended. Most mattress manufacturers suggest that you flip your mattress every couple of months to prolong the life of the mattress. If you have a no-flip mattress then you’re going to be stuck with a one-size-fits-all approach.

As soon as you’ve settled on your perfect mattress you’ll make plans to have it delivered. At the same time you should also make plans to have the old mattress taken away. While it is true that some Denver mattress stores might offer free removal what they cannot offer is getting rid of some other junk at the same time. Professional junk haulers like Junk King Denver can take care of your old mattress and also get rid of any other items you might have taking up space in your home. Buying a new mattress could just be all the inspiration you need to clear out your junk!