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Top 7 FAQs about Renting Dumpsters in Denver

Dumpsters in DenverMost people know that if you’re spring cleaning the house from top to bottom, clearing out the garage or basement, giving the home a large-scale revamp, or carrying out a major landscaping renovation, you’ll probably need to rent dumpsters in Denver. However, deciding which dumpster to rent or how to do it takes a little thought. Nevertheless, if you either have or are expecting to have a large volume of waste to get rid of, dumpster rental is one of your only options.

This article sets out to give full answers to the seven most frequently asked questions to help you understand dumpster rental in a little more detail. From deciding which sized Denver dumpsters you need to knowing what permits you require and which laws you must adhere to, we’re about to put your mind at ease so that you can order a dumpster with confidence.

How Do I Decide Which Sized Dumpster to Rent in Denver?

Like many large cities, Denver and its environs lack space. When renting a dumpster in Denver, remember that Junk King’s MINI dumpster rentals are the most convenient and affordable solutions for areas where a smaller footprint is needed. Our MINI dumpsters stay on site for three days during which time it is available for you to place whatever debris you have, outside of hazardous waste, of course!

Do I Need to Purchase a Permit to Hire a Dumpster in Denver?

In Denver, you don’t need a permit to situate a dumpster on your property. However, you do need a permit if your dumpster will be placed on the street or interfere with people’s right of way, and the charges vary based on length of time, location, and size of the container. The state government assesses the total cost of the permit when you apply, and you should apply at least five days before you intend to hire the Denver roll off dumpster to allow for processing time. You can find more information as well as the application form here.

Are There Any Other Laws Surrounding Dumpsters?

You need to comply with some strict rules and regulations that surround your dumpster rental in Denver. Unfortunately, you could receive a penalty if you fail to do so, but the rental company should be more than familiar with these rules and be happy to offer advice. Moreover, most services will ensure they follow the correct placement laws. Some of the rules include:

  • Dumpsters must fit within a parking lane and be at least 20 feet from street corners, entrances, and alleys.

  • Receptacles can never occupy a sidewalk, travel lane, tree lawn, temporary loading zone, ally, or no parking area.

  • There can be no more than two dumpsters per application.

  • If you need to occupy a metered space, you need to apply for two parking meters on the application form.

  • You can’t leave a dumpster in a right-of-way place for more than 180 days a year.

In addition to the placement laws, you can’t overfill a dumpster attempting to save cash because the rental company won’t be allowed to retrieve it. They’ll either leave the container with you or level it out before taking it away, leaving you with excess waste. Also, check with the rental company whether any weight limits apply.

Is Renting a Dumpster Environmentally Friendly?

Landfills are a big problem in the US, so it makes sense that this is a frequently asked question. According to the EPA, we recycle less than half of all waste, but fortunately, most dumpster rental companies make an effort to separate the waste they collect and dispose of it responsibly.

If you want to be sure the company you choose is environmentally friendly, ask them questions such as: Do you separate waste? How much junk do you usually recycle? Are you licensed to take my trash to a landfill?

How Do I Use a Dumpster Safely?

All it takes is a little common sense to remain safe while using a dumpster. Don’t place it near low-hanging power lines, keep children out of the area, don’t climb inside unless necessary, and avoid just throwing waste inside aimlessly. You’re very unlikely to sustain an injury filling a dumpster with waste as long as you’re vigilant and keep your wits about you. Always make sure you follow the rules listed under the “Are There Any Other Laws Surrounding Dumpsters?” section, and you’ll also do your part to keep others out of harm’s way.

Are There Any Items I Can’t Put into a Dumpster?

While you have relative freedom regarding what you can throw into the dumpster without thinking twice, there are some rules in place for environmental reasons. For starters, you can’t put hazardous household waste (HHW) into a dumpster, which includes motor oil, fireworks, tires, batteries, oils, paints, and varnishes.

Sometimes, it’s not easy to identify what is and what isn’t HHW, but again, a decent company for dumpsters in Denver should be able to offer advice and guidance. If you choose a service that has years of experience, you can feel confident that they know the best advice to give.

Are There Any Alternatives to Dumpster Rental?

If you don’t have a permit to access a waste management facility or a car large enough to accommodate a huge volume of waste, then dumpster hire is one of your only options. However, many people often overlook the services offered by junk removal companies. They can clear up to 15 cubic yards of space within a day and do all the heavy lifting for you, and most companies salvage as much as possible to help you do your part for the environment.

However, if you have more than 15 cubic yards of waste to dispose of, dumpsters in Denver are likely the most cost-effective way to do it. You will have to do some heavy lifting and potentially apply for a permit, but you’ll have the flexibility to fill it as you go because you can have it for any length of time you require, and you can let Junk King retrieve the dumpster and get rid of the junk for you. Contact us  to rent a dumpster in Denver.

Boulder Colorado Furniture Disposal

There’s a new showroom headed to downtown Denver’s Furniture Row and it’s all about helping you get a good night’s sleep. The Denver Mattress Company recently opened their first-ever tri-level showroom. This would make the ninth Denver Mattress story in the area and the ninety-fifth in the country. District manager Ray Marshman shared he details of the new space: “We’ve added some 7000 square feet to our showroom, which means we can help even more people get a better night’s rest!”

If this puts you in the mood to head down to Furniture Row then you’re sure to find plenty of bargains to be had. Summer is actually a good time to buy furniture as dealers are eager to clear out the showrooms in anticipation of the fall arrivals. There are also special sales come up on holiday weekends which can really add up to significant savings. What are you in the market for? A new sofa? A bedroom set? Before heading out to Furniture Row make sure you measure where the new pieces are going and whether or not they will fit in the door. Ask any furniture dealer and they are sure to tell you horror stories about sofas not getting through the front door.

Then there will be the issue of getting rid of your old furniture to contend with. That will actually be the easiest part of replacing furniture especially when you hire Junk King Denver to handle the task. These are the professional junk haulers serving the Denver and Boulder area. By “serving” we mean sending over a capable crew to lift and load whatever you’re tossing out. All of that junk will end up on the back of their truck to be taken away and properly disposed of. What are customers saying about Junk King Denver?

“Friendly, professional, on time, did great job removing all our stuff and leaving the area very clean.”

“Prompt and efficient. Arrived at given time slot. Very professional and great customer service. Were very careful when removing furniture as to not damage walls.”

“Excellent service and communication. Very impressed with Junk King.”

“Was able to make an appointment for same day service. Pricing was reasonable. Guys who came were friendly.”

“They did the job quickly, were very polite and got all my junk out of the house.”

If Junk King Denver was a Broadway show it would run for a long time with reviews like that! How can Junk King help you? Give them a call today to talk about taking away your furniture. Before you know it your home will be junk free and you’ll be adding a rave review!

Pamper Yourself With Junk Removal Services in Denver

The idea of pampering yourself seems very indulgent to many people. The truth is that unless you provide yourself with the opportunity to “recharge your batteries” you’re not going to be any good to anybody. How can you keep up being Wonder Mom or Super Dad if you’re exhausted and quick to snap? That’s why it is so important to schedule a little pampering time for yourself. “Time” is the key issue here. Most of us don’t think we have enough hours in the day to get everything done. But what would it look like if you could schedule at least 60 minutes, once a week just for you? That’s not really a lot of time. What could you do in an hour that would be considered pampering?

For many Denver residents, a hike among the idyllic trails that line the city is a good way to spend an hour. Then there is shutting the door to your bedroom and enjoying a few moments of quiet time with a good book or your favorite album. If you happen to doze off for a quick power nap all the better. The ultimate pampering experience can happen with a soothing soak in a warm tub. To pull off any of those ideas you’re going to have to be proactive. This means informing your family or anyone you’re sharing your home with that for the next hour you’re going “off the grid.” And yes, that means no cell phones, no Facebook, no Twitter, no email. Just quiet time to yourself.

Hopefully you can schedule your pampering time without any stress. Sometimes that might mean getting through your “to do” list of household chores but this is an area where you don’t have to do it alone. In 2013, consider hiring Junk King Denver as the perfect pampering excuse to help you get rid of all your oversized junk items.

In this new year, if you had to make a list of all the oversized things you want to throw out what would you include? That ratty sofa down in the basement? The broken washer out in the garage? Those boxes of papers crammed into the closet? Your list can be as long as you want it to be because Junk King won’t have any problem getting rid of it all. That’s because they’ll be sending out a two-man crew to do all the lifting and carrying. They’ll also have a big truck which will absorb every bit of your discarded junk. Once that truck is loaded up, say good-bye to your junk and hello to more free time. What are you waiting for? Let the pampering begin in 2013 with Junk King Denver.

Do You Really Know What Junk Is In Your Denver Home?

The Denver Union Station is getting a makeover. Developers are going to maintain the historic charm of the building but there’s going to be some new neighbors rolling in. Plans are for 22,000 square feet of the ground-floor area to be split up into 10 retail stores and restaurants. There’s also going to be a remodeled 12,000 square foot lobby area and 40,000 square feet outdoor plaza. On the upper levels will be office for Amtrak and a 110 room hotel. Quite the overhaul. The good news is that the developers intend to keep the station open for business while all this work is going on.

What would you do to give your home a makeover? The “extreme” version would be tearing it all down and rebuilding from the ground up. But that’s not practical. The most common types of remodeling jobs in the Denver area are the addition of a bathroom or expansion of the kitchen. Both are crucial areas which can not only improve the quality of life but also bump up the resale value of the home. Often, you don’t really have to engage in a major remodeling project to spruce up your home. You could accomplish that task with two simple ideas: A new paint job and getting rid of all your junk.

Painting the rooms in your home is an opportunity to reflect your personality. You can stick with the basic white walls if that is your preference but why not think outside of the color box? A trip to your local paint store could open up the world of possibilities. Depending on the circumstances, it wouldn’t be hard to paint a room with furniture in it. Just push everything into the center of the room and cover it with a plastic tarp then tackle the walls. Focus on a room a day and you could have the entire place done in a week.

Naturally, before taking on a project like that you should really take care of the junk issue. If you’ve got too much junk cluttering up your home that no amount of fresh paint or remodeling will excuse that. A piece of junk is clearly defined as an item which you have no intention of ever using because it’s broken or simply no practical. Getting rid of that junk is the kind of project you should be working with Junk King Denver on.

These are the junk removal experts in Denver. With one scheduled appointment, you can clear you home of all those oversized items or piece of e-waste that you’ve been holding onto for no good reason. When you’re ready to talk about your junk, Junk King is the only call to make!