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What May and May Not Go in a Denver Dumpster

Denver DumpsterRenting a roll off dumpster might sound like an excellent idea for those of you who live in the Denver area and foresee needing to dispose of considerable material. For example, those of you who are involved in extensive home improvement projects or those of you involved with planning large events have no doubt considered dumpster rental as a reliable way to keep the events clean and sanitary. After all, rented dumpsters allow you to dispose of materials you can’t generally put out for collection. Before you make the executive decision to rent a Denver dumpster though, you should ensure that you have all the information you’ll need. There are certain things you cannot legally dispose of even in rental Denver dumpsters, so it’s always best to make sure a dumpster will be appropriate for your purposes before renting one.

You might think that just because you’ve rented a dumpster, you are not limited regarding the material with which you can fill it. Unfortunately, this is an incorrect assumption that can cause fines or other consequences for renters who don’t do their research. Think of a dumpster rental in much the same way you might think of your regular garbage disposal at home. There are rules in place to protect the environment that governs what materials you can throw away for standard garbage collection, and it is much the same for dumpster rentals.

Junk King is a company that offers various dumpster rental options to customers throughout Denver and other major metropolitan areas. As part of our commitment to strong customer service and responsible environmental practices, we provide helpful and accurate information on materials that you cannot put in a Denver area dumpster. Our goal is to help customers stay within the requirements of the law, and continue to uphold green disposal practices that create a more sustainable future for themselves and their communities.

What Materials Are Dumpster Safe?

There are some things you can normally dispose of in a Denver dumpster with confidence. Understanding what these materials are is an excellent first step in assessing whether a dumpster rental in the Denver area will be right for you. For instance, those of you who work in construction will often find dumpster rental an excellent way to deal with excess materials and keep your sites clean. Here’s why dumpster rental is a safe bet for construction work:

Building materials: Yes!

Much of the materials used in construction is relatively easy to process, which makes it simpler to dispose of too. Many standard construction materials (including concrete, drywall and siding) are entirely appropriate for use in dumpsters. Rooftop shingles are also acceptable in almost every case, as are brick and stone. These items are solid and considered non-toxic, which means that they will not pose a danger to the environment near the dumpster.

Old Furniture, Paper Products and Yard Debris: Yes!

Those of you who are landscaping may wonder whether a dumpster rental can help you. Since grass clippings, leaves, sticks and branches are all easy to dispose of, you can always include them in the contents of your rented dumpster. The same goes for paper products (although you can recycle small quantities more efficiently). Old furniture is another thing you can put in your Denver dumpsters since it’s mostly made up of cotton and wood. Even scrap metal is allowed in dumpsters throughout Denver, meaning you can dispose of modern furniture this way.

You Can Dispose of Many Items in Rented Dumpsters Safely

As it turns out, a broad spectrum of materials can be safely disposed of in a Denver dumpster without fear of breaking the law. If you’re renting a dumpster for a construction project or property renovation, you’ll have no problem finding things to put in it. It’s usually a good idea to talk with the professionals at Junk King to make sure you’re renting an appropriately sized dumpster so that you can rid yourself of all the material you don’t want. However, if you’re working with materials not mentioned above, you’ll want to check them against the following list to make sure they aren’t prohibited.

Things You Can’t Put in Dumpsters

The items you’re not allowed to put in Denver dumpsters normally fall into one of several categories: they’re either toxic, flammable, harmful for the environment, or all the above. If you’re working with dangerous substances, think twice before consigning them to a rented dumpster. Here are some examples of no-nos for your rented Denver dumpster:

Fluids Used in Automobiles: No!

Motor oil is a perfect example of something you should never put in a rented dumpster. It catches fire easily, it’s deadly to any animals that might ingest it, and it makes a huge mess when it leaks. It’s not just a liability for you and the neighborhood; it’s also an inconvenience for the rental company and a potential pain for the next person who rents your dumpster. Most fluids used in cars are prohibited for the same reasons.

Anything that Explodes: Absolutely Not!

Explosives should be a no-brainer, but it’s worth pointing out for safety’s sake. If you want to rid yourself of explosives responsibly, you probably shouldn’t put them in an unsecured outdoor receptacle. No fireworks, firecrackers, gunpowder, aerosol cans or propane cylinders. If it can go “boom”, it’s not for a dumpster. Need we say more?

Freon and Asbestos: No!

Like oil, gasoline or paint (yes, paint!), refrigerant and asbestos are two substances that should be nowhere near a rental dumpster. Asbestos is a breathing hazard, meaning you should never leave it in an outdoor container. Freon can cause a variety of problems with those who encounter it, subjecting it to the same controls.

Batteries and Tires: No!

Those of you doing automotive work may want to use your rented dumpsters judiciously. You already know you can’t put gasoline, oil or paint in a dumpster, but what about other materials? Tires are out, since rubber can be dangerous for the environment and is subject to strict disposal protocols. Batteries contain acid and can be hazardous when put into proximity with metal and other conductors if they still hold a charge.

Use Common Sense

Many less common items shouldn’t go in dumpsters in the Denver area, but instead of reading about every last one of them you should probably just ask a few questions about any item you’re considering. Could it poison an animal that eats it by accident? Could it start a fire, explode, or release an airborne toxin? Will it burn on contact with skin? Will it damage the dumpster? Any items that cause these problems shouldn’t be put into a dumpster you’ve rented. It’s mostly a matter of common sense.

Make the Most of Your Rented Dumpsters

Remember: dumpster rentals can be handy if you fill your containers with appropriate materials. Consult the list above, think carefully about any items you don’t see covered, and contact professionals for more information if need be. For more information on the prices Junk King offers and the rules we enforce for dumpster rentals, click here. Choose the right partners and be cautious when filling your dumpsters, and you’ll find that they make viable solutions for many large-scale projects.

Denver Grill Disposal and Recycling

Denver has a very healthy recycling program that can best be summed up by the slogan, “Go Purple!”  That would be the color designation of the recycling bin that every resident has access to. Into those bins can go the type of items you would expect to be easily recycled like cartons, plastics, aluminum, cardboard, glass, office paper, junk mail, newspapers, magazine, catalogs, paper bags, paperboard, phone books, empty aerosol cans and wrapping paper. Besides falling under the category of recyclables do you notice another commonality? All of those items can fit into the purple bin. They can be stomped on and crush to fit neatly in that bin. But what about all that stuff you can’t stuff into the purple bin? Do you have to hang onto it? Can it ever be recycled? The short answers are “no” and “yes.”  You can get rid of bulky items and they can be recycled when you contract with the professional junk removal services offered by Junk King Denver. Case in point: Your old backyard grill.

A grill is a lot like a car; you buy one to last for a couple of years but when it’s time is up it’s got to go. But this is not something you can put out with the rest of your trash. It’s also kind of hard to load a greasy grill onto the back of your SUV and then find a place where you can properly dispose of it. This is the perfect example of why you need Junk King. They’ll be able to toss that old grill onto the back of their truck with very little effort. Then they’ll find the right place to recycle the grill. Probably this will mean a facility that handles scrap metal. Do you think one of those is close to your home? Chances are its way out of town but that’s not a problem for Junk King. In fact, those sites are part of their daily drop off routines.

Along with the old grill, Junk King Denver can also remove and recycle big items like sofas, tables, mattresses and kitchen appliances. These are all prime targets for recycling, repurposing and reusing. Best of all, the Junk King crew will be doing all the heavy lifting. You’re certainly welcome to help but why should you when the pros can handle the job. You also won’t have to bother with pulling stuff down to the driveway or out onto your porch. They’ll pick it up wherever it’s been placed. After Junk King Denver loads up their truck their job is done and yours is just beginning. That job would be figuring out what to do with all the open space you suddenly have!

Signs That Its Time To Call a Denver Junk Removal Specialist

Are you a recyclables hoarder?  Yes, that is a thing. It starts out as you having the best intentions. You want to do your part for the environment so you begin separating all of your refuse. The kitchen stuff is easy. That would be all the newspapers, cartons, magazines, soda cans, glass bottles and just about anything else that can fit into you recycling bin for a weekly pickup. The problem is when you start hanging onto stuff in the hope of recycling it… someday. It’s just that “someday” keeps getting put off.

Maybe the trunk of your car starts filling up with newspapers and cardboard boxes that you collect from work but now they’ve taken up so much space you can’t even see the bottom of your trunk. These same piles of papers could be gathering dust in your garage. That’s when it gets a bit dicey because those papers could represent a fire hazard.

What about all the Styrofoam you’ve managed to hang on? This could come from packing from big items like TVs or appliances. You’re right that they can’t be put in with the regular recyclables so you hang onto them. As the piles grow bigger you start feeling even guiltier. You keep collecting. Now your house is overrun with the stuff that needs to be properly disposed of but it’s clearly out of your control. Does any of this sound familiar? If it does then it might just be a sign that it’s time to call in a junk removal specialist like Junk King Denver.

Junk King is made up of professional junk haulers who are licensed, bonded and insured. They’re also part of a national franchise of Junk King businesses. One of the primary goals of Junk King Denver is to divert as much trash away from area landfills as possible. It’s no different here in Denver where there are dozens of recycling centers and they’re all on the daily route of the Junk King fleet of trucks.

While it is true that Junk King can help you clear out all your recyclable materials they can do so much more. Bulky items like sofas, love seats, tables, bedroom sets and appliances could also end up at a Denver recycling center being dropped off by Junk King. This will really have a positive impact on reducing your carbon footprint. It will also help you take back even more space in your home that you can put to better use. Get rid of the hoarding guilt and let Junk King Denver help you clean up today.

Denver Appliance Disposal – Make the Best of Earth Day

What are your plans for Earth Day? Living in Denver means you’ll have a lot of options. For instance, the City and County of Denver is planning to host “Earth Day Denver 2012: Savings for You and Your Planet.” This event is going to be held in the City and County Building Plaza. According to the official statement: “This year’s Earth Day Fair will highlight actions and investments that residents and businesses can make to save money and reduce their impact on the environment by reducing their consumption of energy, fuel, and water. Several city agencies will be represented, and will showcase recent efforts to improve the environment and our bottom line. Those looking to test their sustainability knowledge could win prizes, including the grand prize of two free tickets to see Denver’s own, The Fray performing at Red Rocks Amphitheatre on Sat., May 12.”

The Earth Day celebrations don’t stop there. There’s also the annual Earth Day Yard Tree Sale sponsored by the Park People and Denver Digs Trees. Their spokesman Kim Yuan-Farrell is getting geared up for the event. “We are excited to offer three shade and ornamental trees and three fruiting trees for Denverites to plant this year,” she said. This year residents can pick from a variety of trees to plant including Aristocrat Pear, Norwegian Sunset Maple, Robinson Crabapple, Golden Delicious Apple, Toka Plum, and Montmorency Cherry.

There will also be an opportunity to recycle electronic waste and appliances at the Eco-Rally Electronics Recycling Collection event. This is a one day program that will allow you to drop off your items at the Auraria campus. While this is a very noble offer it might not be practical especially since it’s limited to just one day. If you want to get rid of your bulky appliances in honor of Earth Day then you would be well served to hire a professional and eco-friendly junk hauling team to work around your schedule for this type of removal project – Junk King Denver.

The main reason for hiring professional junk haulers to handle this job is because they have the right amount of manpower and the truck space to accomplish the task. You might be holding onto an old refrigerator or stove simply because you have no other means of getting rid of it. It’s not like you can toss out a washing machine with the weekly garbage. That’s why you’ve got to bring in the pros!

When you hire Junk King Denver to take away an old appliance you can rest assure they will be doing their best effort to make sure those items end up at the proper recycling facility. These professional junk haulers are experienced at knowing all the recycling center locations around Denver. That’s because they’re all part of their daily drop off routes. While you’re getting rid of your kitchen appliances you can also take advantage of this crew to get rid of anything else you have lying around the house that is just taking up space. It’s the perfect way to honor Earth Day by clearing out all of your clutter!

For the best in eco-friendly junk and appliance disposal in Denver, simply call 1-888-888-JUNK or book a free on site estimate online today.