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What May and May Not Go in a Denver Dumpster

Denver DumpsterRenting a roll off dumpster might sound like an excellent idea for those of you who live in the Denver area and foresee needing to dispose of considerable material. For example, those of you who are involved in extensive home improvement projects or those of you involved with planning large events have no doubt considered dumpster rental as a reliable way to keep the events clean and sanitary. After all, rented dumpsters allow you to dispose of materials you can’t generally put out for collection. Before you make the executive decision to rent a Denver dumpster though, you should ensure that you have all the information you’ll need. There are certain things you cannot legally dispose of even in rental Denver dumpsters, so it’s always best to make sure a dumpster will be appropriate for your purposes before renting one.

You might think that just because you’ve rented a dumpster, you are not limited regarding the material with which you can fill it. Unfortunately, this is an incorrect assumption that can cause fines or other consequences for renters who don’t do their research. Think of a dumpster rental in much the same way you might think of your regular garbage disposal at home. There are rules in place to protect the environment that governs what materials you can throw away for standard garbage collection, and it is much the same for dumpster rentals.

Junk King is a company that offers various dumpster rental options to customers throughout Denver and other major metropolitan areas. As part of our commitment to strong customer service and responsible environmental practices, we provide helpful and accurate information on materials that you cannot put in a Denver area dumpster. Our goal is to help customers stay within the requirements of the law, and continue to uphold green disposal practices that create a more sustainable future for themselves and their communities.

What Materials Are Dumpster Safe?

There are some things you can normally dispose of in a Denver dumpster with confidence. Understanding what these materials are is an excellent first step in assessing whether a dumpster rental in the Denver area will be right for you. For instance, those of you who work in construction will often find dumpster rental an excellent way to deal with excess materials and keep your sites clean. Here’s why dumpster rental is a safe bet for construction work:

Building materials: Yes!

Much of the materials used in construction is relatively easy to process, which makes it simpler to dispose of too. Many standard construction materials (including concrete, drywall and siding) are entirely appropriate for use in dumpsters. Rooftop shingles are also acceptable in almost every case, as are brick and stone. These items are solid and considered non-toxic, which means that they will not pose a danger to the environment near the dumpster.

Old Furniture, Paper Products and Yard Debris: Yes!

Those of you who are landscaping may wonder whether a dumpster rental can help you. Since grass clippings, leaves, sticks and branches are all easy to dispose of, you can always include them in the contents of your rented dumpster. The same goes for paper products (although you can recycle small quantities more efficiently). Old furniture is another thing you can put in your Denver dumpsters since it’s mostly made up of cotton and wood. Even scrap metal is allowed in dumpsters throughout Denver, meaning you can dispose of modern furniture this way.

You Can Dispose of Many Items in Rented Dumpsters Safely

As it turns out, a broad spectrum of materials can be safely disposed of in a Denver dumpster without fear of breaking the law. If you’re renting a dumpster for a construction project or property renovation, you’ll have no problem finding things to put in it. It’s usually a good idea to talk with the professionals at Junk King to make sure you’re renting an appropriately sized dumpster so that you can rid yourself of all the material you don’t want. However, if you’re working with materials not mentioned above, you’ll want to check them against the following list to make sure they aren’t prohibited.

Things You Can’t Put in Dumpsters

The items you’re not allowed to put in Denver dumpsters normally fall into one of several categories: they’re either toxic, flammable, harmful for the environment, or all the above. If you’re working with dangerous substances, think twice before consigning them to a rented dumpster. Here are some examples of no-nos for your rented Denver dumpster:

Fluids Used in Automobiles: No!

Motor oil is a perfect example of something you should never put in a rented dumpster. It catches fire easily, it’s deadly to any animals that might ingest it, and it makes a huge mess when it leaks. It’s not just a liability for you and the neighborhood; it’s also an inconvenience for the rental company and a potential pain for the next person who rents your dumpster. Most fluids used in cars are prohibited for the same reasons.

Anything that Explodes: Absolutely Not!

Explosives should be a no-brainer, but it’s worth pointing out for safety’s sake. If you want to rid yourself of explosives responsibly, you probably shouldn’t put them in an unsecured outdoor receptacle. No fireworks, firecrackers, gunpowder, aerosol cans or propane cylinders. If it can go “boom”, it’s not for a dumpster. Need we say more?

Freon and Asbestos: No!

Like oil, gasoline or paint (yes, paint!), refrigerant and asbestos are two substances that should be nowhere near a rental dumpster. Asbestos is a breathing hazard, meaning you should never leave it in an outdoor container. Freon can cause a variety of problems with those who encounter it, subjecting it to the same controls.

Batteries and Tires: No!

Those of you doing automotive work may want to use your rented dumpsters judiciously. You already know you can’t put gasoline, oil or paint in a dumpster, but what about other materials? Tires are out, since rubber can be dangerous for the environment and is subject to strict disposal protocols. Batteries contain acid and can be hazardous when put into proximity with metal and other conductors if they still hold a charge.

Use Common Sense

Many less common items shouldn’t go in dumpsters in the Denver area, but instead of reading about every last one of them you should probably just ask a few questions about any item you’re considering. Could it poison an animal that eats it by accident? Could it start a fire, explode, or release an airborne toxin? Will it burn on contact with skin? Will it damage the dumpster? Any items that cause these problems shouldn’t be put into a dumpster you’ve rented. It’s mostly a matter of common sense.

Make the Most of Your Rented Dumpsters

Remember: dumpster rentals can be handy if you fill your containers with appropriate materials. Consult the list above, think carefully about any items you don’t see covered, and contact professionals for more information if need be. For more information on the prices Junk King offers and the rules we enforce for dumpster rentals, click here. Choose the right partners and be cautious when filling your dumpsters, and you’ll find that they make viable solutions for many large-scale projects.

Junk Removal for Denver Realtors

There was a time when looking for a prospective home to buy meant either circling through the classifieds or circling through neighborhoods in search of “for sale” signs. Now the real estate market has gone high tech and Denver realtors are staying ahead of the curve. Most prospective buyers will begin their search for a new home online. That means making sure those resources are kept up to date. A savvy realtor will also be plugged into the active social media network to keep his clients apprised of new listings.

Over at the Re/Max Denver office they’ve just re-launched their website portal which can now be accessed across many different platforms such as tablets and Smartphones. The site also has better research capabilities that allow a customer to specific the exact details of the kind of home they are looking for which will help narrow the search.

Naturally, there is still the good old fashion “hustle” that a realtor has to go through to secure a listing and make it ready for viewing to clients. Although there are signs that the real estate market is starting to build a comeback in terms of pricing and new home construction, there are still plenty of foreclosed homes on that market that need to be positioned to sell. The perfect real estate partner for this endeavor would be Junk King Denver. These are the Denver based junk removal specialists who will have no trouble clearing out a property from the inside out.

Too often the previous occupants of a foreclosed property has lost all respect for that property and don’t care how they leave it or what they leave behind. At first glance these abandoned properties could look uninhabitable. But in many respects you’re really just looking at cosmetic fixes like clearing out garbage, furniture and appliances. That’s where Junk King comes into play. The typical Junk King Denver crew consists of at least two capable movers and a truck big enough to haul away whatever will be collected. For bigger jobs additional crew members might be dispatched for the cleanup. Best of all there won’t be any additional labor costs. All you’ll be paying for is the volume of junk on the back of the truck. That assessment is made in coordination with a Junk King supervisor. Once you agree on that rate, it’s locked in and won’t change with any surprise fees.

Because Junk King works fast, you could zero in on a property on a Monday morning, have it cleaned out on Tuesday and ready to show by the weekend. Let Junk King Denver be your foreclosure and real estate cleanup partner.

Signs That Its Time To Call a Denver Junk Removal Specialist

Are you a recyclables hoarder?  Yes, that is a thing. It starts out as you having the best intentions. You want to do your part for the environment so you begin separating all of your refuse. The kitchen stuff is easy. That would be all the newspapers, cartons, magazines, soda cans, glass bottles and just about anything else that can fit into you recycling bin for a weekly pickup. The problem is when you start hanging onto stuff in the hope of recycling it… someday. It’s just that “someday” keeps getting put off.

Maybe the trunk of your car starts filling up with newspapers and cardboard boxes that you collect from work but now they’ve taken up so much space you can’t even see the bottom of your trunk. These same piles of papers could be gathering dust in your garage. That’s when it gets a bit dicey because those papers could represent a fire hazard.

What about all the Styrofoam you’ve managed to hang on? This could come from packing from big items like TVs or appliances. You’re right that they can’t be put in with the regular recyclables so you hang onto them. As the piles grow bigger you start feeling even guiltier. You keep collecting. Now your house is overrun with the stuff that needs to be properly disposed of but it’s clearly out of your control. Does any of this sound familiar? If it does then it might just be a sign that it’s time to call in a junk removal specialist like Junk King Denver.

Junk King is made up of professional junk haulers who are licensed, bonded and insured. They’re also part of a national franchise of Junk King businesses. One of the primary goals of Junk King Denver is to divert as much trash away from area landfills as possible. It’s no different here in Denver where there are dozens of recycling centers and they’re all on the daily route of the Junk King fleet of trucks.

While it is true that Junk King can help you clear out all your recyclable materials they can do so much more. Bulky items like sofas, love seats, tables, bedroom sets and appliances could also end up at a Denver recycling center being dropped off by Junk King. This will really have a positive impact on reducing your carbon footprint. It will also help you take back even more space in your home that you can put to better use. Get rid of the hoarding guilt and let Junk King Denver help you clean up today.

Denver Yard Waste Removal

When was the last time you visited the Denver Botanic Gardens? If it’s been a while then it’s time to head back and if you’ve never been then you don’t know what you’re missing. Here is their official mission statement: “The Denver Botanic Gardens strives to entertain and delight while spreading the collective wisdom of the Gardens through outreach, collaboration and education. Our conservation programs play a major role in saving species and protecting natural habitats for future generations.” Throughout the year, the Denver Botanic Gardens offers a wide variety of programs for all ages. As the warm weather approaches, they’ll gear up for their annual summer concert series. And don’t think that these exquisite gardens are “off-limits” to amateur green thumbs like yourself. Everyone is encouraged to participate in learning seminars and help with sprucing up the many exhibits. This is a perfect place to go if you enjoy being surrounded by nature and get your hands dirty.

As it might happen, your own backyard could be providing you the opportunity to “get dirty” as well. A trip to the Denver Botanic Gardens might be all the inspiration you’ll need to renew your landscape. How far will you go this season? Many local gardeners like to reinvent their back and front yards every growing season. This is easy to accomplish thanks to the many nurseries located around the Denver area. Here you’ll find willing partners to help you pick out your next batch of flowering shrubs, plants or fruit trees. Before starting your project, you’ll first want to wipe the slate clean, so to speak, by clearing away your backyard of all manner of yard waste.

This past winter was one of the driest on record. As a result, many Denver homeowners are looking at backyards chock full of dried out bushes and yellow lawns. Replanting is the order of the day once all that dead growth is removed. If this seems like a daunting task, fear not: There are some local based professional junk haulers who are standing by ready, willing and able to pitch in and help you clean up your backyard – Junk King Denver.

Just because a company specializes in junk removal doesn’t mean they are limited to household items like old furniture or appliances. Junk is junk whether it is manmade or made by Mother Nature. These junk haulers are the perfect team to call on when you want to replace dried out sod with new grass. They won’t do the planting but they can certainly load up all your piles of dirt into the back of their empty truck. They can also gather up and fallen tree limbs or other types of yard waste into one removal session. Beyond the organic items, Junk King Denver could take way old patio furniture that has rusted or chunks of concrete from a patio. And yes, they can even take away any junk you have in your home or garage you want to get rid of. How does your garden grow? It all starts with a good cleaning!

Denver Hot Tub Purchase & Disposal Tips

During the winter, Denver is a popular town. You’ve probably already experienced how eager friends and family are to show up to take advantage of the great skiing and other winter outdoor fun. Entertaining guests is always a lot of fun and that fun can be enhanced when you invite those folks into a hot tub. It might seem strange to your visitors to ask them to trudge across the snow to get into a hot tub but once inside those inviting waters there won’t be any complaints. If you don’t have a hot tub in your backyard you’re missing out on a lot of pleasure. Perhaps there’s an old hot tub left over from the previous owner that hasn’t been used for years. Instead of it becoming a huge birdbath why not consider getting rid of that hot tub and replacing it with the new model?

Shopping for a hot tub is not unlike shopping for a new bed: comfort is key. As you visit hot tub showrooms you’ll have the opportunity to actually crawl into a hot tub albeit one without water. While you might feel ridiculous sitting in an empty hot tub fully clothed it’s really the best way to assess how comfortable you’ll be once this town is installed in your own backyard. Forget feeling silly! You want to make sure you’ve got room to float in.

Another important factor in shopping for a new hot tub is the level of hydrotherapy performance you might be getting from your new tub. This will come in the form of jet placement. Once again you just can’t beat getting into the hot tub to see where these soothing jets of bubbles will be massaging your body from. You should also check out how easy it is to make adjustments with these jets. Many new hot tubs are remote control which is perfect for Denver winter. You can literally turn on the hot tub, heat up the water and get those jets going all from the inside of your home. The moment you see steam rising off the hot tub you know it’s ready!

Your new hot tub should also be easy to take care of. It could be that the old hot tub sitting in your backyard was too cumbersome to keep up which is why it was left to ruin. A new premium hot tub will have a circulation pump that will continuously filter the water and provide the necessary flow for the heater to set the desired temperature.

Of course, before that new hot tub can be installed you need to break down and get rid of the old one. This task can be easily taken care of when you hire a crew of professional junk haulers like Junk King Denver. The hot tub will need to be broken down into several components and then loaded onto a truck. This is definitely a multiple-man operation that will require heavy lifting. You don’t have to feel guilty about using professionals for this job. All you need to be thinking about is how great it’s going to be when you can start using your new hot tub!

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