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This Is How We Fill Up A Rented Dumpster In Denver

Getting ready to use a rented dumpster? We’ve got some tips for safely and efficiently filling a dumpster so you can get more bang for your buck and have an easygoing experience. Junk King Denver has you covered with affordable prices, flexible scheduling, and award-winning customer service.

Rented DumpsterHere in Denver, we see lots of folks using their rented dumpster for home cleaning and renovation. Some people get inspired by tiny house living and want to ditch all the clutter. Other people use a rented dumpster for business purposes like emptying a rental property or small office.

Whatever reason you have for needing a dumpster rental here in the Mile High City, you can get it done with a Junk King MINI dumpster and these best practices:

1. Pick a Convenient Location for Loading

Think about where the debris will be coming from and how heavy the stuff is. The closer you can put the rented dumpster to your work zone, the faster and easier the project will be.

Denver does not require permits to have a rented dumpster on your own property. If a permit is required to place your dumpster on the street or sidewalk, Junk King takes care of the permit process.

2. Avoid Pockets of Empty Space

Make efficient use of the space to save money and prevent overflow. What you don’t want is dead space around furniture or bulky items where you don’t have small debris filling in the space. Consider dismantling some larger items. If some debris can get crushed easily, place it on the bottom and let heavier stuff sit on top of it.

3. Start Loading at the Back of the Dumpster

Rather than filling your rented dumpster from the bottom up, it can actually work better to start loading at the back of the dumpster (away from the loading door). This lets you stack debris more carefully and efficiently.

Don’t just toss everything in and let it fall wherever it lands. That’s very inefficient and may even be dangerous.

4. Try to Spread Around the Weight

Ideally, the weight should be consistent from side to side, front to back. When we haul away your rented dumpster, it can be very difficult to drive the truck if a ton of weight is sitting in one area. If you’ve ever driven an unevenly loaded moving truck, you know what we mean.

It’s also safer for you while loading the rented dumpster if the weight gets loaded evenly. You don’t want a crushed foot from something falling over while you are walking in and out of the container.

5. Know the Weight Limits for Construction Debris

With the helpful advice from Junk King’s experts, it can be easy to stay under the weight limit and avoid overage charges. The main concern is that dense materials—dirt and construction debris—weigh more than household junk, per the same volume. Random trash from cleaning out an attic is less likely to reach the 2,000 pound limit than a dumpster full of roofing tiles.

That’s why we advise you to fill the MINI no more than 1/3 full of construction debris or dirt. If you’re unsure or have a mix of items, just ask what we recommend!

6. Don’t Leave Objects Sticking Out Above the Top

Regardless of weight, you can’t leave things jutting out of the container. To transport a rented dumpster to trash and recycling facilities, it needs to have everything below the fill line. Carefully break down long objects and place larger items toward the bottom. If you leave smaller debris to go on top, you can jostle it around so everything rests inside the rented dumpster neatly.

7. Use Your Rented Dumpster for Recycling

Junk King Denver recycles tons of stuff as part of our commitment to Going Green. Besides metal, glass, and plastics, our team sorts other recyclables like dirt, lumber, cardboard, electronics, and stuff you wouldn’t think of like bicycles and toilets. Note that some special recycling fees may be passed on to the consumer if the recycling center charges their own fees.

Ready to Fill a Rented Dumpster?

Scheduling your dumpster service is as easy as picking a date and time. Junk King Denver will show up on-time, with a courtesy phone call 15–30 minutes ahead to confirm.

You can call Junk King at (720) 458-1398, or you can save $30 when you book online now!

Do You Really Know What Junk Is In Your Denver Home?

The Denver Union Station is getting a makeover. Developers are going to maintain the historic charm of the building but there’s going to be some new neighbors rolling in. Plans are for 22,000 square feet of the ground-floor area to be split up into 10 retail stores and restaurants. There’s also going to be a remodeled 12,000 square foot lobby area and 40,000 square feet outdoor plaza. On the upper levels will be office for Amtrak and a 110 room hotel. Quite the overhaul. The good news is that the developers intend to keep the station open for business while all this work is going on.

What would you do to give your home a makeover? The “extreme” version would be tearing it all down and rebuilding from the ground up. But that’s not practical. The most common types of remodeling jobs in the Denver area are the addition of a bathroom or expansion of the kitchen. Both are crucial areas which can not only improve the quality of life but also bump up the resale value of the home. Often, you don’t really have to engage in a major remodeling project to spruce up your home. You could accomplish that task with two simple ideas: A new paint job and getting rid of all your junk.

Painting the rooms in your home is an opportunity to reflect your personality. You can stick with the basic white walls if that is your preference but why not think outside of the color box? A trip to your local paint store could open up the world of possibilities. Depending on the circumstances, it wouldn’t be hard to paint a room with furniture in it. Just push everything into the center of the room and cover it with a plastic tarp then tackle the walls. Focus on a room a day and you could have the entire place done in a week.

Naturally, before taking on a project like that you should really take care of the junk issue. If you’ve got too much junk cluttering up your home that no amount of fresh paint or remodeling will excuse that. A piece of junk is clearly defined as an item which you have no intention of ever using because it’s broken or simply no practical. Getting rid of that junk is the kind of project you should be working with Junk King Denver on.

These are the junk removal experts in Denver. With one scheduled appointment, you can clear you home of all those oversized items or piece of e-waste that you’ve been holding onto for no good reason. When you’re ready to talk about your junk, Junk King is the only call to make!

Denver Debris Removal

In our homes, we are constantly reminded to keep our plumbing pipes clear. Actually, we’re reminded of that fact whenever those pipes become clogged! Typically, most homeowners don’t do a lot of maintenance on their plumbing until it is too late. Then it’s an emergency call to the plumber and a huge bill. A little preventive upkeep can go a long way towards avoiding those nasty backups. That’s why the city of Denver has been sending cameras down into the sewers. They are attempting to inspect every inch of the massive sewer system and the best way to do that is with a snaking robot camera. As it turns out, this was a good call because recently those cameras stumbled upon two exceptionally large blockages that were on the verge of jamming up sewage and dumping it out into the Sand Creek greenway.

When you consider that the wastewater produced by 1.7 million metro Denver residents has reached 130 million gallons a day that flow through 3,500 miles of tunnels then you can see the need to keep those sewer lines free of debris. Truth be told, that concept of a “debris free” existence is something we should all embrace. What kind of debris do you have around your home and property? Is it time to finally get rid of it all? If the answers are “a lot” and “yes” then your next call should be to Junk King Denver.

Ever since Junk King set up shop in Denver they’ve been helping residents and business owners clear out the clutter in their lives. How can they help you? Think about all those items in your home that are too bulky to throw out in the weekly garbage. Or what about all that e-waste that you know needs to be properly disposed of? Those are the kinds of junk removal projects that Junk King Denver has excelled at. Their crews will arrive at your home on the designated pickup day with a truck big enough to haul off whatever you’ve got to get rid of. Those crews will climb down the basement or go up to the attic to remove junk items. If you’ve got stuff out in the backyard like yard waste they’ll be happy to cart all of that off as well. Basically, if you want something tossed out Junk King Denver is your best friend.

The way Junk King works is simple: You’ll call for an appointment with a supervisor to assess the amount of trash you want taken away. This is important because you’re going to be charged by the amount of space your trash takes up on the truck. There will be no extra dumping fees, labor costs or “heavy item” charges. It’s all direct and to the point. Once you agree on that price the removal day will be scheduled. You’ll be amazed at how quickly Junk King can carry out all that clutter. Before you know you’ll be free of debris with plenty of open space all thanks to Junk King Denver.

Denver Basement Junk Removal

As far as precipitation goes we’ve had a very dry time around Denver in the last couple of months. All of that changed with the welcome and very wet relief of a batch of thunderstorms which recently rolled through the area. Over at the Denver International Airport there was an impressive 1.41” of rain dumped down in a single storm cycle. Measuring out on a ruler finds that 1.41” doesn’t seem very deep but it can quickly add up especially if your basement is downhill of all that rain. Many local residents woke up to find themselves ankle deep in water in their basements. That’s not something anyone wants to wake up to! If you should happen to find yourself on the receiving end of that kind of flooding you might want to reach out the Junk King Denver to help with what will certainly be a lot of basement junk removal.

It’s hard to bring stuff back to life after it has been swamped in a flood. We might be able to save photos by scanning them into the computer and applying a little Photoshop magic. But when it comes to things like clothes, furniture or anything else that might have gotten soaked in a basement flood then you’ll have to chalk it up to a complete loss. And if you had carpets in the basement then forget it: they’ll be goners. All of that mess can be gathered up by the Junk King Denver crew and carted off on the back of one of their expansive trucks. It’s going to be a soggy mess but leave that for Junk King to worry about. If you want it taken away before mold shows up then Junk King can come to the rescue.

Of course, you don’t have to wait for the aftermath of a flooding emergency to hire the Junk King. They work just as well in dry weather too! Many Denver residents have already discovered the benefits of hiring Junk King Denver to help clear out the clutter of their homes and businesses. Putting the Junk King crew to work will have you opening up space in your garage, closet, attics and basement. You can finally toss out all those oversized items that are either broken or simply unused. Why hang on to them?

With Junk King’s help you can find more practical uses for that space like setting up a Denver  home office or a work bench for your craft hobby. Some folks have taken that junk clearing to the extreme by turning a basement or spare room into a home theater. What could be better than watching a movie with the family on a rainy night snug and safe in your own home? Let Junk King help get you there.

Denver Junk Removal Prices

There is a real mess at the Pennsylvania Mine and it’s not getting any cleaner. Despite its title, this mine is located in the sprawling Colorado Mountainside just outside of Denver. The mine has long been abandoned but the damage from leaks lingers on. The problem is that no one is rushing to clean up the site for fear of lawsuits. You read that right: lawsuits. It turns out there are some “good Samaritan” groups who are happy to step in and do what they can to stem the tide of toxins but according to the EPA, those groups could end up being sued for the costs of the entire cleanup. That’s a little bit like charging you to clean an entire city block if you just pick up one gum wrapper to throw it away.

Fortunately, Colorado’s two Senators are working diligently with the EPA to get a waiver for a group like Trout Unlimited permission to do some voluntary clean-up. Inspectors have filed their official reports so everybody knows what a problem this is. The hope is that common sense will prevail and the clean-up can begin in earnest.

When it comes to your own clean-up project count yourself lucky that you don’t have to go through so much red tape. Your best course of action is also the easiest: all you have to do is call Junk King Denver.

Junk King is the local Denver business that is part of a national franchise of professional junk haulers. Junk King has set the standard for junk removal and that’s why they’ve been so successful in every town they’ve set up an operation. As it happens, Denver’s Junk King follows suit, providing excellent, affordable and efficient hauling services.

The premise is simple: if you have junk that is too bulky to be thrown out in your weekly garbage, give Junk King Denver a call. A supervisor will come out to your home to access the amount of junk you want to get rid of. You don’t have to pull the junk out onto your driveway or move it to a convenient pick up spot. Just show the Junk King rep what you want removed. They’ll then make an estimate cost based on how much space your junk will take up on their truck. That’s the Denver Junk removal price you’ll pay. You won’t be charged travel time, hourly labor wages or dumping fees. It’s how much space your junk takes up. Period.

On the day of the removal, the dependable Junk King Denver crew will show up, pick up your junk, load it on the truck and drive it away. You’ll be amazed at how quick this entire process will take. Let Junk King help you clear out the clutter starting today!

Denver Moving and Junk Hauling

If you’re planning on moving to the Denver area, you’re going to need to know some things that the locals already are familiar with. First up, Denver is a great town. But it’s also a high town situated at around 5,280 feet about sea level. This might take some adjusting especially if you’re used to lower levels and like to work out. You might want to take it easy until you get used to the air pressure. Once you do get acclimated, you’ll be happy to note that Denver has been ranked as one of the slimmest cities in the state. That’s probably thanks in no small part to the 20,000 acres of national parks, 205 city parks and dozens of fitness centers. You just can’t help but get into shape when you live in Denver.

There’s always a great workout with a move. Even if you’re just going across town there’s still lots of packing, box shuffling and back and forth you’ll be involved in which can burn off the calories. Getting ready for that move means figuring out what you’re going to be bringing with you to the new place. This would be a golden opportunity to finally get rid of all that junk you’ve been hanging on to. In other words, do you really want to start out a new home with old junk?

Naturally, when you begin to pack up your life you’re going to find plenty of items you’ll want to toss out but what about all that stuff you can’t throw away because they’re too big? That sounds like a job for Junk King Denver.

Junk King are professional junk haulers who can be a big help with the move before your move. That move would be the move away from a life full of junk? Too much moving? With Junk King Denver you won’t have to worry about actual moving as much as pointing. That would be pointing to the stuff you want taken away. The Junk King crew will handle the rest.

Often folks like to have a yard sale before they move as a way of getting rid of this junk. Sadly, that involves a lot of extra moving you shouldn’t be bothered with. What kind of extra moving? Taking all of your stuff down to the driveway or front yard. And if you don’t sell your junk then you’ll be moving it right back where it came from. You can skip all those extra steps by simply letting Junk King take your junk away once and for all. It’s also a good idea to get rid of this junk because it’s going to save you money on the big move. And Junk King won’t be charging by the hour like your movers will. They charge by the amount of truck space you’ll take up. Make a fresh start in Denver the right way without junk.

Denver Junk Hauling – Get Rid of the Clutter Today

While most of the rest of the nation is wondering where all their snow is, Denver certainly doesn’t have to worry about that! A Perfect example was the recent holiday snowstorm that forced the cancellation of dozens of flights one of the busiest travel days of the year. If you live in Denver then you need to be used to living with the snow. This makes everyone well versed in the fine art of snow shoveling. It’s also not unusual to see folks getting around the neighborhoods on skis after snowstorm.
As for the kids, there is no more welcome sign that white flurries falling from the sky. Just as most residents of Denver know how to manage the snow on the outside they also know how to keep warm and cozy on the inside. Nothing beats a crackling fire on a cold winter night. If you find yourself stuck indoors during the day while the snow is piled up outside that could be a perfect excuse to take inventory of all the junk and clutter around the house. In this case, the “junk”and “clutter” would be all of those things you would like to get rid of.
While it is true that some service businesses are greatly hampered by snowstorm that doesn’t mean you can’t schedule appointments for the first clearing. One of those appointments could be with a professional Denver Junk Hauling crew – Junk King Denver. In the time it takes to the streets to be plowed and these efficient junk haulers to show up you could have already taken a complete inventory of all the junk you want to toss out.
A popular approach is using Post-it notes to designate which items you want removed. Imagine going through every room, every closet, your basement, the attic and garage armed with a stack of Post-it notes. Anything you see that you want gotten rid of just slap a note onto it. When the Junk King hauling crew shows up you all you’ll have to do is tell them “everything with a note goes out the door.” Then stand by and watch as a stream of your junk flows through the home and into the back of a truck.
You can also apply this same level of comprehensive cleanup to your business. Once again Post-it notes will prove to be an invaluable tool. Slap them on any item in your office that needs to be carted away and let the professional junk hauling crew handle the rest. Working withJunk King’s professional junk hauling crew means you’ll be able to depend on these workers to get the job done right. This is how these folks make their living and their reputation depends upon being responsible and respectful to your home or business. These workers are also dependable in the sense that they are license and insured. Those are really the only kind of workers in the inviting into your home or business. Before you know it the snow will melt, spring will arrive at you’ll have a home free of junk!

For the best in Denver Junk Hauling, simply call 1-888-888-JUNK or book a free on site estimate online and save $30 today.