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Denver Patio Furniture Disposal

This summer a unique new rental business has popped up in New York. For a $100 folks can rent a backyard. This particular backyard is really an abandoned lot squeezed between two buildings that a pair of savvy entrepreneurs made a deal for. The “landlords” spruced up the yard with a couple of BBQ grills, coolers, lawn chairs and hula hoops. When they first advertised the yard they were swamped with 1,000 requests from potential renters. Apparently, folks in New York are starved for what most Denver residents already enjoy: an idyllic backyard. What kind of shape is your backyard in? Have you made the most of it during the summer? It’s not too late to give your yard a make-over.

Backyards evolved over the lifetime of a house. With young kids, that backyard becomes a place of adventure and fun all safely enclosed within the confines of a fence. This might mean assorted play sets, sand boxes and tree houses filling up the yard. As the kids grow older the need for a playground shifts into the need for a place where the teens can hang out or mom and dad can unwind after another hard day of work. Gone are the play sets and in their place would be cozy patio furniture. For folks who want to get their grill on there could be sections of a backyard devoted to an outdoor kitchen. Forget the old school grill on a set of wheels. Today’s serious grillers build a cooking station from the ground up complete with sink, countertops and storage areas.

Naturally, an area like that requires an inviting dining zone. Many memorable meals have been served in Denver backyards all throughout the warm months. But if your patio furniture isn’t as “inviting” as it should be then perhaps it’s time for replacements. Actually, this is probably the best time to go shopping for patio furniture. As the stores gear up for the fall, they want to move out their summer stock. You’ll find plenty of bargains to be had. After picking out your new furniture and scheduling a delivery you’ll have to make arrangements to get rid of the old stuff. That can be accomplished with a single call to Junk King Denver.

Junk King is the Denver based local business who specializes in all kinds of junk removal. Most folks call on Junk King to help remove the clutter from their garages, basements or attics but Junk King Denver is quite adept at back and front yard junk removal as well. Not only can Junk King help you get rid of your old patio furniture but they’ll also take away all the yard waste, piles of dirt, piece of broken concrete and wood you want removed. With one appointment from the Junk King you can return your yards to former glory and begin a new chapter in outdoor entertaining. What else is a backyard for?