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Steering Clear Of Trouble When You Rent A Dumpster In Denver

Rent a Dumpster

Here in Denver, we like a little adventure in our lives but that doesn’t mean we’re always up for a rocky experience. When you rent a dumpster for a cleanup project or home renovation, you want the rental process to go as smoothly as possible.

Junk King Denver will be glad to help you avoid hidden fees and hassles that you may have experienced with other waste removal companies. When you rent a dumpster from Junk King, we help make the process easy, flexible, and convenient experience.

Let’s walk through some common questions and pitfalls so you can rent a dumpster and avoid the headaches! Call us at 720-458-1398 if you have any questions about our Denver dumpster rental service.

How Does Dumpster Pricing Work?

Generally speaking, you’ll pay a flat fee to rent a dumpster in Denver. The length of rental and the size of the container are the main factors. However, there are other possible charges including extra weight or overflow.

Junk King makes it simple to rent a dumpster and know an accurate estimate ahead of time. We are the first Denver dumpster rental service that lets you pay based on the space you fill up, and our pricing is always fair and transparent!

Make sure to ask a few questions before you rent a dumpster:

  • Are there extra fees for delivery or removal?

  • What happens if I need to keep the dumpster for a few more days?

  • Is the dumpster safe for residential use or commercial use?

  • Will I have to pay fees for disposng of special materials or certain items?

The more information you get from your dumpster rental company, the fewer surprises you’ll have during and after the rental.

Where Should I Put My Rental Dumpster?

Our trucks can drop off your container just about anywhere you want it. You want to rent a dumpster for the convenience factor, so make sure you get it placed in a spot that makes it fast and easy to use it!

What Materials Can’t Go in a Dumpster?

You can put anything in the Junk King MINI dumpster except hazardous waste such as fuels and chemicals. Some of our Denver dumpster rental competitors have much longer lists of prohibited items. Electronics, appliances, dirt, and concrete are just some of the items that Junk King allows that the other guys refuse to take.

What If the Junk Doesn’t Fit?

Ideally, your stuff should all fit within the interior of the container. Rent a dumpster that is large enough for your project, but get creative and break things down a little to make things fit more snug. As is the case with any dumpster service in Denver, we do have fees for overflow materials or excessive tonnage.

How Do I Choose a Denver Dumpster Rental Company?

Lots of people have gotten into the business of renting dumpsters in Denver, but not all of them are real professionals that you can trust. Junk King is the #1 rated junk removal company in the country, and we offer the highest level of customer service when you rent a dumpster from us.

From helpful advice to guaranteed appointment times, we think you’ll enjoy having Junk King by your side for your next clean-up project. The benefits of working with a quality junk removal company include:

  • Licensed, bonded, and insured

  • Expert, friendly advice

  • Guaranteed drop-off and pick-up appointments

  • Clean dumpsters in excellent condition

  • Dumpsters that are safe for your driveway

  • Eco-friendly disposal and recycling in the Denver area

  • We take just about everything!

Be Safe When Filling Your Dumpster

Junk King’s MINI dumpster is easy to use. You can toss things over the side or open the side door to slide in heavy objects. Even still, be careful and get a friend to help with the heavy lifting when you rent a dumpster. You don’t want a back injury from hoisting construction debris or large furniture into the dumpster.

Do you need help with junk removal? You can rent a dumpster from us, or hire our full-service Denver junk removal team to do the lifting and hauling. Either way, you get great customer service and the guaranteed best price for the service.

Rent a Dumpster from Denver’s Junk Removal Experts

When you rent a dumpster in Denver from Junk King, you get service from the top-rated junk removal company in North America. Call us at 720-458-1398 or book online now and save $30!

Get The Yard Ready For Winter

One of the best things to do in the fall besides pick pumpkins is to take a scenic tour to see the changing colors of the leaves. There are some great drives around Denver that are picture-perfect. Back at home, leaves aren’t so much picture-perfect as they are a nuisance that has to be swept up. It’s all part of having a home surrounded by trees! Raking up the leaves is a good way to kick off your winter maintenance schedule for the home. There are many proactive things you could do around the house that will ensure your winter will be comfy and cozy. Clearing the yard of debris should be top of the list. Not only will it be safer but you’ll also minimize the risk of pests and other creatures building nests. Any pile of lumber, spare tires or even leaves can become winter home for those uninvited guests. All of that debris can be cleared away with one call to Junk King Denver.


Clearing away your yard waste can mean that the crews working for Junk King Denver are probably going to get their hands dirty. That’s just fine with them. In fact, if they come back at the end of the day as clean is when they left then clearly something is wrong! A lot of the things you might want to get rid of around your yard could also be very heavy. Weight is never an issue for the Junk King Denver team. If you want to get rid of chunks of concrete, stones, bricks, pavers or even amount of dirt, they will happily load all of that onto their truck.

Getting ready for winter might also mean clearing out all the junk you’ve got in storage in the guest room. You certainly don’t want to invite any other time guests to share space with boxes of clutter. Turn that all over to Junk King Denver.

You’ll find that working with Junk King Denver to remove your unwanted clutter is not only efficient but also affordable. The fees they charge are based strictly on volume and not weight. Will your home be ready for winter? A junk removal session with Junk King Denver can certainly help get you there.

Fire Up Your Backyard Makeover

When was the last time you went camping? It could be that the idea of packing up all that gear, driving for a few hours and spending several more hours setting it all up isn’t your idea of fun. Then there are the bears and bugs to contend with. Still, there is a lot to be said with sleeping under the stars. Of course, you could just as easily do that in y our own backyard. Many families opt for a backyard campout as a fun way to spend a warm summer night. The issue then becomes will your yard be ready? Sure, you can probably pitch a tent without any trouble but have you ever walked around your yard in the dark? There could be all kinds of potential hazards to trip over. Before you set up your backyard campground, you should bring in the crew from Junk King Denver to clear out the debris and make sure your backyard is ready for summer.


Just as with the rest of the house, your backyard can also become a kind of storage area. Between a shed, behind the garage and under the deck, there are plenty of places where you might stash lumber, metal scraps and leftover construction materials. You could also find things like old bikes, car parts and tires being kept on the property for no other reason than they can’t be thrown out in the trash. With Junk King on the job, you’ll be able to easily have all those items removed plus a whole lot more.

Perhaps it is time to take down that swing set or shut down the above ground pool. Junk King Denver crews have been called on to do those very things. They’ve also removed sheds, pavers, bricks, fencing and even the occasional hot tub! No item is too big or too heavy for Junk King to haul away.

On the same junk removal session for your backyard cleanup, the Junk King crews can also make their way around the inside of your home picking up whatever unwanted items you’re done with in there. One session with Junk King Denver can truly transform your home and yards for the better. Make that call today.

Fall Yard Waste And Leaf Removal In Denver

Denver is one of those spots in the country that is perfect for the fall color show. Visitors who come through to take in the beautiful scenery don’t have to contend with the aftermath. That would be all the raking and bagging of those leaves once they’ve fallen off the trees. That’s one of those chores you can’t escape as a homeowner. Thanks to Junk King, it is also a chore you can get some help with!


Junk King are the pros when it comes to all types of junk removal. That extends to yard waste, too! The Junk King teams have been called on to clear out bags of leaves, fallen tree limbs, shrubbery and grass clippings. In some cases, you’ll have that stuff bagged up. On other jobs, Junk King can lend a hand. In fact, they’ve often been called on to remove intense weed overgrowth. No job is too big or too dirty for Junk King to handle!

Along with all the “gifts” from Mother Nature, the Junk King crews can help take away those objects that were brought in by your or your family. This is the chance to have tires, rusty patio chairs, crusty grills and broken lawnmowers take away. Those are the kinds of things that require a big truck and that’s just what you’ll be getting with Junk King.

Once the crew is done on the outside, you can direct them to the inside of your home for more junk removal. The team from Junk King will happily go down into the basement or up to the second floor to get to whatever you want taken away. Think about how many things you keep tripping over that you wish could vanish. Now they can.

The complete Junk King junk removal package also includes additional drop offs of your stuff to local charities. Junk King knows all the organizations that can benefit from furniture, clothing, books, toys and other household goods. They’ll make sure your junk is given a chance to help out a family in need. That takes the sting out of getting rid of things that aren’t meant for the trash heap! Yard waste removal and junk hauling doesn’t have to be complicated when you put Junk King on the task.