UPDATE: Health Concerns

Due to health concerns, the national and local situation seems to change nearly every hour. Junk King is continuously monitoring updates and considering options. At this time, we continue to provide our removal services to those who are seeking it.

By and large, our work does not bring us into close contact with our customers, which allows us to maintain physical distance. As always, our employees wear gloves for every job and have been supplied additional hand sanitizer forĀ use between visits. Our employees have been instructed in the CDC recommendations for hand washing; Junk King has emphasized the importance of these recommendations to our employees. Junk King employees are being monitored for any symptoms of contagious illness.

As has always been the case, if you are exhibiting symptoms of contagious illness, please do not invite us into your home. Our employees have been instructed to watch for signs of contagious illness in our customers, and may be required to refuse service if they believe they are putting themselves, our team, our families and other customers at risk.

Please contact us to discuss your specific requests. To provide additional distancing, we can pick up items placed outside your home or office. We take many forms of payment at the time of service, including payment over the phone.

Junk King looks forward to providing exceptional customer service as much as we can. We will communicate and provide updates if our ability to provide services does need to change.