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Pearland Junk Removal

We all know everything is bigger in Texas. Pearland is proud to live up to that tradition by breaking the record for attendance at a high school football game. For the division I championship between Allen and Pearland, 54,347 fans showed up at AT&T Stadium. The previous record for this level of game was back in 1977 when 49,953 fans showed up for the game. Unfortunately, Pearland didn’t bring home the win that day but that doesn’t mean that the locals don’t have pride in their teams.

Truth be told, there is a lot of pride to go around in Pearland. This is one of the fastest growing cities in all of Texas so we must be doing something right! One of the reasons that so many folks are flocking to Pearland is that they can see how much care homeowners put into the upkeep of their properties. There are beautiful gardens, landscaping and lawns all across the area. One helpful partner in this upkeep as been Junk King of East Houston. This is the professional junk removal company that serves all of Pearland and they’ve helped removed literally tons of junk from out of Pearland.

Junk King works on a simple principle: If you’ve got junk to get rid of, one call to Junk King can make it disappear. There is no hassle when you hire Junk King. You can find proof of this among the many positive comments left behind by happy Junk King customers. Here’s what a few folks had to say:

“Friendly staff – extremely helpful…cleaned up after junk removal. Would definitely recommend!”

“On time, polite and efficient. Very happy with service.”

“You do exactly what you say you will do. The 2 gentlemen were helpful and worked hard. The service was more than we expected. The price lower than any we researched. I will call you again, and recommend you to family and friends. I hope you took pictures because I couldn’t believe how much was cleaned, in such a short amount of time.”

We’re sure you’ll be able to add you own comments like those to our review page after one call to Junk King. That single call will have you clearing out your garage, basement, attic and closets of all the unwanted stuff you’ve collected over the years. There is no end to what Junk King can clear out from your home and from your yards. If everything is bigger in Texas, then you want the biggest professional junk hauling service there is and that would be Junk King!

Pasadena Texas Dirt Removal and Hauling

A few weeks ago, bulldozers showed up at the Jack Beard Field, former home of the Pasadena National Little League field. The plowed through the fields to make way for the new Gardens Elementary School. Over the years, interest in the little league waned. There were also some scandals involving misappropriation of funds which didn’t endear the league to anyone. The last game to be played there was back in 1995. This was a piece of property ripe for development and building a new school will make good use of the land. Still, for those who remember the good times watching baseball, seeing those bulldozers dig up dirt was bitter sweet.

As heavy machines go, bulldozers certainly get the job done but they are like a bull in china shop. They can dig deep holes and unearth tree roots. They are also the fascinating object of every little boy who can watch for hours bulldozer DVDs much to the delight of mom and dad! For your own backyard digging you might not go as far as needing a bulldozer. If you are doing some serious digging then a small backhoe could do the trick. These are what pool builders use to clear out the space for the cement pond.

On a much smaller scale, you could be using a shovel to clear out dirt in your garden to make way for more plants. You could also be digging up old bushes. Either way, you’re going to have piles of dirt looking for a new home. As tempting as it might be to keep that dirt around for the kids to play in, you really want to clear it out. You can do that with one call to Junk King East Houston.

Junk King is part of a national franchise of junk removal specialists. Yes, that’s a thing! You need to be a specialist with junk hauling because, like movers, you don’t want your home damaged by someone dragging a heavy piece of furniture across the floor. Or spilling a trail of dirt across your property. The way the Junk King East Houston has achieve number one status here in Pasadena is by positive word of mouth. That only happens when you take care of your customers.

For Junk King, that “care” comes in the form of the dependable crews they’ll be sending your way to do all the heavy lifting. It also means providing you with a big enough truck to take away whatever you want tossed out. The “care” continues when Junk King disposes of your junk. That’s because they’re going to do everything they can to make that whatever can be recycled will be. That’s good news for Pasadena. If you’ve got junk then you need Junk King East Houston.