Junk King Fairfax’s Green Report Card

Junk King’s Green Contribution — June 15 to October 31, 2010

Since we began operations June 15, our recycling efforts have saved the following resources:

Our paper recycling saved 19,845 gallons of water, 65 trees, and 11,340 KWHs of electricity. In addition, we kept 171 pounds of pollutants from the atmosphere.

Our metal recycling saved more than 62,250 pounds of iron ore, 2,988 pounds of limestone, and 34,860 pounds of coal. The coal generates about one KWH per pound.

We delivered 154,093 pounds of biomass to burn for energy, creating more than 249,000 KWHs.

To put these energy contributions in context, a typical Fairfax County home uses 17,000 KWHs of electricity per year. Since June 15, we have contributed enough energy savings to power 17 typical Fairfax homes for a year.

In addition, we recycled 3,685 pounds of e-waste to include 55 old TVs, keeping approximately 200 pounds of lead out of the ecosystem.

Finally, we did have 16,143 pounds of construction debris and 9,839 pounds of yard debris that went into the landfill. Therefore, our total mass collected was 238,737 pounds. We recycled 213,245 pounds – or 89% of the waste we collected.