Being Green Can Be Economical

When people see the word ‘green’ advertised for a service, they often think it is going to cost them more than a service that is not eco-friendly.

They know that some businesses charge a premium for ‘green.’ From organic food markets to eco-friendly products, brand prices are often marked up because they are ‘green.’

Junk King is different. We provide the greenest junk removal service at prices 30% below our major competitors. We are 100% landfill free because we have a warehouse where we sort materials for proper disposal and we have a network of end-users of everything we haul. Even the trash we collect goes to an incinerator that uses the biomass to generate electricity to power 75,000 homes in Fairfax.

The great majority of junk haulers do not have a place to sort debris so they pay the $50 to $80 per ton at the dumps. By using our warehouse and labor to sort, donate, repurpose, and recycle, we save more on the dumping fees than we pay the labor to sort.

By working smarter, we can give our customers in Northern Virginia the best of both worlds – affordable and green services.