Recycling Metal from Junk

Americans throw away enough aluminum in three months to rebuild all of our commercial airplanes. The energy saved by recycling one aluminum can could run a television for three hours. The energy saved by recycling a year supply of steel cans can power a city the size of Washington DC for 10 years. You can recycle the small stuff—cans and such—through the county services. Northern Virginia and Montgomery Md have good programs for recycling.

For the big items,you may need a junk removal company. Junk King is, by far, the greenest.
In 2012, Junk King Fairfax recycled, repurposed, and donated everything we hauled—more than 950 tons. We met our goal of being 100% landfill free.

We recycled more than 150 tons of metal. We take metal items that other hauler will not take, such as propane tanks. We are one of the few haulers that has a warehouse where we can adequately sort the debris.