Scale for Measuring Clutter and Hoarding

Maria Spetalnik, member of the Fairfax County Inter-Agency Hoarding Committee, shared a metric to help one distinguish between clutter and hoarding. If you have a loved one or neighbor who might have a problem with clutter, do not jump to the conclusion that the person is a hoarder. Click here to get The Clutter Hoarding Scale to help your assessment.

She points out that hoarding encompasses all socio-economic groups. The causes can vary from head trauma to a psychological disorder.  The case can be chronic or a one-time episode.

In many cases, friends and family can effectively help, but even those with the best of intentions need to know the severity of the problem and their own limits for helping. The Clutter Hoarding Scale is a great place to start. If you and your family can manage the situation, you can call Junk King to provide the labor and trucks. We remove and recycle or repurpose everything we haul.

If you think you might have a tougher organizing or hoarder problem, contact Maria at Conquer the Clutter.