More on how Estimates work.

Accurate estimates empower the client to make an informed decision. In any type of work, the estimate needs to have a good definition of the work required and the price. When the seller honors the estimate, the risk shifts from the buyer to the seller.

On the other hand, unscrupulous sellers provide low estimates to get the work, usually by offering loose definitions of the work, variable pricing, and conditions.

At Junk King, we provide careful estimates, and we honor our estimate. All our estimates are free and we come prepared to do the work if the customer likes the price.  We provide accurate estimates of the volume, then quote a price from a published price sheet with pictures to help the driver and the client visualize the volume.  For example the picture below is 1/4th truck or 4.5 cubic yards.



Our drivers are not on commission, and their singular mission is to make the customer happy. We are completely transparent, and clents can actually go to a tool on our website to calculate the volume.

Our drivers are allowed to lower an estimate when they believe the labor involved will be less. For example, they discount for items pre-staged in the driveway or curb.

Our drivers are about 95% accurate with thier estimates. And when they make a mistake with an estimate, our policy is that the client always wins. If the actual volume is less than our estimate, we lower the price to reflect the actual volume. If the volume is higher than our estimate, we take the extra volume at no additional charge.

Here is a Listen 360 Review that demonstrates our policy in the client’s words:

“You’ll not find any one with more honesty than these guys. Julian, Alex, all of them they stand by their words even if that means that they do lower margins. We were in dire need to as we are moving to the west coast and had stuff scattered around the house, we did a walk through and got a quote, but they advised that if we were to pre-stage in one area they would provide some discounts.

The day of the moving they walked around the pre-staged area and honestly admitted that they messed up on the quote. There is a lot more stuff to take out. Nevertheless, they said they would honor their quote.

Sure enough, they lived up to their promise and took all the stuff. Of course, we took care of them but it’s the integrity and the professionalism that mattered the most to us.

Julian and his team are awesome. Their tag line should be America’s Optimal Junk Removal Service!

Thanks Julian, Alex, and Team! You guys rock!”

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