Junk King and Traffic in the Washington DC Area

If you are a DC commuter, you will not be surprised to learn that our Metro Area has the worse traffic in the United States.

Traffic on highway

According to a report by the Texas A&M Transportation Institute and INRIX Inc., traffic congestion across the nation reached a new peak last year and is greater than ever before.

They analyzed federal data on the number of cars on the road and on traffic speed data collected by INRIX on 1.3 million miles of urban streets and highways.

Washington DC ranked as the worst congestion measured in annual extra hours commuters spend in their cars due to delay, together with the cost in lost time and fuel.

On average, Washington, D.C.-Virginia-Maryland commuters lose 82 hours stuck in traffic at an annual cost of $1,834 per commuter.  Ouch!

In our own modest way, Junk King helps reduce congestion. Each of our big trucks holds the equivalent of six pickup truck loads of debris. In a typical day, each of our trucks makes two full hauls to the dump, which helps keep an equivalent twelve pickup trucks off our already crowded roads.

The next time you find yourself behind a Junk King truck, remember that it’s better than being behind six pickup trucks. When you call Junk King, you get the best service at a good price, 100% landfill free recycling, and you help reduce road congestion. What’s not to like?