Washington Post article: Hoarding is a growing concern

The Washington Post, Health and Science section has a good article about hoarding. Sara Solovitch April 11

At Junk King, we work with professionals, like Maria Spetalnik (Conquer the Clutter).  Maria provides the counseling, planning, and support.  We help with the heavy lifting and disposal of the unwanted clutter.  We provide the labor and trucks.  Our crews respect the client,  We also respect the environment by repurposing, donating, or recycling everything.  We are 100% landfill free.

As Sara Solovitch states, “Hoarding is different from merely living amid clutter, experts note. It’s possible to have a messy house and be a pack rat without qualifying for a diagnosis of hoarding behavior. The difference is one of degree. Hoarding disorder is present when the behavior causes distress to the individual or interferes with emotional, physical, social, financial or legal well-being.”

Call Conquering the Clutter or Junk King Fairfax.  We can help, whether you have a little clutter or  a lot.