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How Much Is It to Rent a Dumpster in Fairfax?

How much does it cost to rent a dumpster in Fairfax, Virginia?

how much is it to rent a dumpsterThe answer to that question is going to vary depending on a few different factors. Ideally, any dumpster rental company you are considering should be happy to provide you with a no-obligation price quote. You can get quotes from a few different providers and then compare costs as a means of deciding where to rent your dumpster.

Here are a few different factors that may impact your cost:

  • The size of the dumpster you decide to rent: With some junk removal companies, the question “How much is it to rent a dumpster?” is perhaps most contingent on the size of dumpster you choose to rent. Many companies serving this niche offer half a dozen different dumpster rental sizes, usually ranging from 10 cubic yards to around 50 or 60 cubic yards. Obviously, you are going to pay more to rent a bigger dumpster.

  • How long you need the dumpster: Is your project a weekend cleanout or a renovation where you expect the demolition stage to take a week or longer? The answer will reflect in the cost of your dumpster rental. You will need to pay extra if you wish to keep the bin for longer. Most dumpster rental companies have multiple different tiers, based on the length of your rental. By standard, these tiers will probably be set for three-day rentals, five-day rentals, seven-day rentals, etc. You can rent bins for longer, of course, but you will need to arrange that with the company.

  • Your location: The location of your home or business is always going to affect how much you pay for a dumpster rental. Any dumpster rental service involves both a bin delivery and a bin pickup. The distance that the delivery/pickup driver needs to travel to reach your location, therefore, is going to be a major factor in the cost of your rental. As such, it’s not a bad idea to look at where different dumpster rental companies are in relation to you. If you live in the heart of Fairfax, you will probably save money by finding a dumpster rental company located in or near the downtown area.

  • Availability: Especially with dumpster rental companies that offer a variety of different sizes to choose from, how much you pay might depend on the availability of the type of bin you need. For instance, if the dumpster rental company nearest to you has rented out all its 15 cubic yard units, you might have to pay extra to bump up to the next biggest size or to have the dumpster delivered from another location.

Free Construction Debris Removal Guide

  • Type of trash: Some companies rent out different types of dumpsters for different types of trash. Some might have specific bins for construction debris, yard waste, electronic waste, or the like. In general, you can expect to pay slightly different rates depending on the type of bin you choose to rent. The variance in cost is because some types of trash are more difficult to dispose of safely than others. For instance, electronics or appliances often can’t just get dumped in the nearest landfills. There are necessary protocols that companies follow to prevent pollution and dangerous environmental effects. As a result, tougher-to-handle waste will sometimes cost more to get rid of than more standard garbage. In some cases, though, you might find companies that sort your junk for you at no additional cost.

  • The amount of junk you have: As we already mentioned, there are dumpster rental companies out there that bill flat rates based on dumpster sizes. There are also businesses that bill on a more contingent basis, either based on weight or on how much dumpster space you fill. In many ways, these models are more customer-friendly, as you pay based on the amount of trash you are disposing of and not based on the bin you choose. Especially if you have no idea which dumpster size is right for your situation, looking for a company that bills based on weight or dumpster space might be a better option.

  • The company you choose: Even aside from the other items featured on this list, different dumpster rental companies charge slightly different rates for their rentals. These rates may be based on a company’s longevity or reputation or might just shift as different services try to compete with one another. Because prices vary so much, it’s always a smart strategy to get three or four quotes to compare. If you only get one quote, it will be difficult to know whether it’s on the high or low end of the market.

  • Fees and add-ons: Some dumpster rental companies have billing systems that supplement the cost of your actual dumpster hire with fees and add-on charges. Permit fees, dumping fees, rental fees, and other additional expenses are all semi-common. Fees aren’t a massive problem if they aren’t pushing you out of your budget range and if the company is being transparent about them. However, just make sure you know what you are dealing with upfront. When you get a quote, ask if the price estimate is locked in or if there will be any additional costs or fees. You shouldn’t expect a guaranteed quote—especially if your dumpster rental company bills based on the amount of bin space you use. However, any dumpster rental company worth its salt should either disclose fees or clarify that there are no hidden fees. You can do some internet research here as well, to find out if a company has any complaints about unfair or misleading pricing practices.

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Start Asking Around: How Much Is It to Rent a Dumpster in Fairfax, VA?

Renting a dumpster is an efficient way of streamlining any extensive cleanout process. Whether you are divesting yourself of unwanted belongings, preparing to move your business to a new location, or renovating your kitchen, waste is going to build up quickly. Having a place on your property where you can toss everything temporarily can help keep the project moving at a steady clip.

Ideally, a dumpster rental should also be affordable. After all, you are just paying for the bin. The actual cleaning and hauling work remains DIY, which makes for a cheaper price tag than full-service junk removal. Just how affordable your dumpster rental is, though, will depend on all the factors listed above.

To find the best price, start asking around. Look at different companies in Fairfax, research their websites for ballpark pricing figures, or call for more accurate price quotes. Clear a couple of hours to devote to the research process, and you should find a dumpster rental service that meets your needs for a price that seems fair.

At Junk King, we are always happy to provide pricing information to prospective customers. We are one of the dumpster rental companies that bills you based on the amount of dumpster space you use. We also only have one dumpster rental size, which means our pricing structure is more straightforward than what most of our competitors are using. On average, our prices start at $125 and go up from there, depending on how much junk you have, how long of a rental you need, and where you live or work.

How much is it to rent a dumpster from Junk King in Fairfax, you may ask? If you are in the midst of planning your project, then start the quote process with us by using our online pricing calculator. Just let us know your zip code, prepare a basic inventory of the items you are getting rid of, and we will give you a zero-obligation price quote. If you decide to work with us, you can book online to save $30 instantly.

As you compare dumpster rental costs, though, try to find companies that will give you concrete estimates or quotes. Services that are cagey about price quotes will often try to hit you with unexpected fees after the fact. Reading online customer reviews should also help you spot—and avoid—these dumpster rental companies Call us for more information at (888) 888-JUNK.

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Fairfax Times Article Exerpt — When Junk King finds treasure in trash

Angela Woolsey of the Fairfax County Times writes a charming article about Junk King, Jun 24, 2016. Here is an excerpt; click here to see the whole article.

Joey Powers was helping a woman in her late 90s clean out her house after the death of her husband when he stumbled across the cabinet of knives. It turned out that the woman’s husband had worked as a coroner for the U.S. Army during World War I, and he’d used the knives to perform autopsies.
“Especially in the D.C. area, there’s so much history, and so much that the older generations are getting rid of now,” Powers said. “Even though we have to let a lot of it go, it’s really cool to be able to take these little pieces of history and give them a little bit more life.”
Joey Powers donated a collection of photographs he found from the Alexandria area to the George Washington Historical Society in Mount Vernon.
“It’s not every single day that we’re running into priceless antiques or anything, but it certainly happens,” Joey said, prompting Graham to joke that his drivers might all turn into antique dealers someday.
Junk King boasts its drivers’ integrity as a chief selling point. They’re instructed to inform customers if they find something potentially valuable instead of trying to sneak it away.
“They’re honest guys, and if they weren’t, they wouldn’t last here,” Graham said, citing an example of when he managed to stop an Anacostia customer from throwing a print by Maxfield Parrish, an influential, early 20th-century painter, into the garbage can.

–More See Fairfax Times Article

Six Reasons to call Junk King Fairfax

1.Bulk Trash Removal and more . . .
Junk King has the trucks, crews, know-how, and flexibility to solve your bulk trash and debris removal. We can take all those items that the subscription trash service can not take such as white goods, furniture, over-size items, e-waste, tires, hot-tubs, sheds, demolition debris . . . everything but hazardous materials.

2. Best-rated Bulk Trash Hauler
Independent customer reviews such as Angie’s List and Listen 360 put us in first place for customer service. Our Listen 360 score of 97 out of 100 (more than 1,000 independent reviews) puts Junk King in the top 1% of all home services companies in the United States.


3. Flexible Bulk Trash Hauler
You can book same-day jobs or schedule routine pick-ups. We are big enough to haul away and dispose of 400 cubic yards of debris each day. Yet, we are small enough that you work directly with the owners; we work with your schedule and within your budget.

4.  Reasonable and Transparent Pricing
Junk King charges by volume with no hidden charges. We work with clients to find the the most cost-effective options.

5. Most Eco-friendly Bulk Trash Hauler
Junk King is 100% landfill free. We are the only hauler in the area that has a warehouse where we separate items for the best disposal option.


6. Veteran Owned and Operated
Two generations of veterans—Dan and Alex—started Junk King Fairfax. We continue their dedication to excellence and pride in service for our clients. We hire vets. All our employees are W2. We are fully insured.

Junk King Franchise Owners,  Dan Graham and Alex Powers.

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Fix Any Debris Removal Problem with Junk King Fairfax

Junk King is a junk hauling and disposal company in Fairfax VA. Our goal is to not only to take off all the items that you no longer need off, but do so in a way that makes your life stress free and make the environment better.
We use large trucks that are able to remove your junk on any day requested by you. All kinds of junk and trash are handled by us, quickly and efficiently. From not in use appliances to entire basements, we can take care of all. We also make sure we follow environment friendly practices, and recycle products wherever we can. Some of our services include:
• E-waste – We can pick up computer hardware and other e-waste from your home or office and dispose them safely.
• Commercial – Our junk hauler team can come in and haul away any broken fittings, boxes and any other unused or not in any more use stuff that clutters your shop.
• Backyard – Just cleaned up your yard or patio? We can pick up all your green waste and haul it away.
• Moving house or end of tenancy – Moving is a stressful time.Let our junk hauler Fairfax, VAteam take care of all the trash and unwanted items you may have collected over the years.

Yard Clutter and Mosquitoes

Yard clutter and debris—such as tires, scrap metal, buckets, cans, bricks, toys—often trap rain water and become a breeding ground for mosquitoes, which are famous for transmitting diseases from the simple summer cold to West Nile and worse. Piles of dead brush, rotting logs, dilapidated sheds, and unused hot tubs also become a breeding for mosquitoes and other pests.

A tire int he backyard full of mosquito larvae

Adult mosquitoes lay eggs in stagnant or slow moving water, or on moist soil or leaf litter in areas likely to collect water. By eliminating these water sources, you can keep new generations of mosquitoes from taking up residence in your yard.

Female mosquitoes can lay up to 300 eggs at a time. Usually, the eggs are deposited in clusters – called rafts – on the surface of stagnant water, or they are laid in areas that flood regularly. Eggs can hatch in as little as an inch of standing water. Females will lay eggs up to three times before they die.

Mosquitoes spend their first 10 days in water. Water is necessary for the eggs to hatch into larvae, called wigglers. Wigglers feed on organic matter in stagnant water and breathe oxygen from the surface. They develop into pupae, which do not feed and are partially encased in cocoons. Over several days, the pupae change into adult mosquitoes.

In addition to decluttering your yard, also consider these tips:

1. Drill holes in the bottom of any garbage or recycling containers stored outdoors.

2. Keep gutters clean and unclogged.

3. Keep swimming pools cleaned and chlorinated, even when not in use.

4. Walk your property after a rain, and look for areas in the landscape that are not draining well. If you find puddles that remain for four or more days, regrade the area.

5. Aerate ornamental ponds to keep water moving and discourage mosquitoes from laying eggs. Stock the pond with mosquito-eating fish.

6. Empty water containers twice per week. Birdbaths, pet water bowls, flowerpot saucers, wading pools, foot baths, garbage can lids, and pottery attract mosquitoes.

Junk King can help you declutter your yard for the sake of your health as well as your enjoyment.

Spring Cleaning –Tips to Donate, Repurpose, Recycle

Are you ready to jump into spring? Here are four of our best tips to make your spring cleaning painless.

  1. Prepare yourself with boxes, bags, markers, and tape so you can clearly label and pack the items you’re sorting.
  2. Make a list of the areas you want to tackle, and clean one area at a time. Whether you want to tidy up your bookshelf, the kids toy area, or your garage, tackling them one at a time will help keep the project manageable.
  3. Know where to donate.Habitat for Humanity, Purple Heart, or The Salvation Army vary in what they accept and prefer. For a list of acceptable items, click on any of their names above.
  4. Call a reputable hauler. Reputable haulers disposed of larger items properly, and they work with larger recycling facilities to ensure all possible items are recycled.

Are you ready to get started? Call us at 888.888.JUNK (5865) or visit us on the web at Junk King Fairfax.


For those of you that love the shabby chic style, look no further than one of our favorite blogs, Recycled Interiors, for inspiration on giving old items a new purpose.

Do you want to get the look? Author, Helen Edwards has written a guest blog exclusively for our readers, Five tips for including thrift shopping & salvaged junk into your home decorating. Enjoy!

Six Questions to Help Declutter Your Life

Most clutter is a function of postponed decisions.  Here are six easy questions to help you make quick decisions about what to keep and what to dispose. I love my books, so I’ll use my books as an example of making decisions to declutter.

Look at an object like one of my beloved books and ask six questions:
1. “Do I need this?” The question is not about the future, whether you will ever need that old sweater, couch, book . . . . The question is in the present tense, Do you need this item in your present life? If you need it, then go to the next bit of  stuff to declutter.

Often I don’t really need that particular book, but I’m not ready to toss it just because I don’t need it. As a material thing, the book is expendable, but I have a sentimental attachment to many of my books.

2. “Have I used it in the past 6 months?” (12 months for seasonal stuff like Thanksgiving table decorations or seasonal clothing) This question helps sort out lots of useless items like the crepe pan that I never use. Again, most of the books on my shelf sit patiently for a year or more.

3. “Would it help someone else more than me?” We can find a good home for a lot of stuff—even books—that just waste away in our closets or attics. I find that I am more likely to give my books away than to dispose of them. I’m really quick to offload a mystery novel and less likely to offload a reference book.

4. “Can I easily get it again if I dispose of it?” If I throw away the old crepe pan and then decide to make crepes, I can get another pan. If I throw away my copy of Cardinal of the Kremlin signed by Tom Clancy or my copy of Stuff of Thought signed by Steven Pinker . . . I can’t easily find another.


5. Is there are more efficient way to store the item? Sometimes you don’t need to dispose of the item; rather you need to manage the storage. New technologies allow use put our office files in easy-to-store digital format. We can get the contents of a four-drawer file cabinet on a thumb drive.

However, I prefer reading from paper that from a screen. (Studies show that people read 25% faster on paper than screen.) I will cheerfully reduce all my audio and even my photos to digital to save space, but I’m keeping the books.

If I answer these questions, I get a good idea how best to handle my stuff. As Dilbert McClinton sings, “I got too much stuff . . .” And I have that CD somewhere in my pile of stuff. Got waaaay too much clutter? Check out the Fairfax mini-dumpster rentals

Resolution for 2015 — The Declutter Diet

One of the most beneficial resolutions for 2015 is the Declutter Diet. The benefits are huge. Surveys consistently show that people get a sense of well-being—even pleasure—from clearing out closets and organizing. It’s easy, too.

All that unnecessary stuff wastes your time, space and causes stress. Getting rid of clutter is good for you and your relationships. TV shows like Oprah! feature gurus on decluttering. The techniques are easy and worth the effort.

Good Housekeeping has a great article “Control Your clutter in six Weeks” with practical advice for decluttering and organizing your home.


So, don’t put delay.  Make that resolution!  Declutter your Kingdom! All that unnecessary stuff wastes your time, space and causes stress. Yes! Getting rid of clutter is good for you and your relationships. TV shows like Oprah! feature gurus on decluttering. The techniques are easy and worth the effort.

Let Good Housekeeping and Junk King help.  Good Housekeeping will take you room by room. Then call Junk King to haul away the clutter. We recycle, donate, or re-purpose 100% of everything we take, so you don’t need to worry that you are adding clutter to the environment as yu declutter your home. You make your Kingdom nicer and you help make everybody else’s Kingdom a little nicer, too.

More on how Estimates work.

Accurate estimates empower the client to make an informed decision. In any type of work, the estimate needs to have a good definition of the work required and the price. When the seller honors the estimate, the risk shifts from the buyer to the seller.

On the other hand, unscrupulous sellers provide low estimates to get the work, usually by offering loose definitions of the work, variable pricing, and conditions.

At Junk King, we provide careful estimates, and we honor our estimate. All our estimates are free and we come prepared to do the work if the customer likes the price.  We provide accurate estimates of the volume, then quote a price from a published price sheet with pictures to help the driver and the client visualize the volume.  For example the picture below is 1/4th truck or 4.5 cubic yards.



Our drivers are not on commission, and their singular mission is to make the customer happy. We are completely transparent, and clents can actually go to a tool on our website to calculate the volume.

Our drivers are allowed to lower an estimate when they believe the labor involved will be less. For example, they discount for items pre-staged in the driveway or curb.

Our drivers are about 95% accurate with thier estimates. And when they make a mistake with an estimate, our policy is that the client always wins. If the actual volume is less than our estimate, we lower the price to reflect the actual volume. If the volume is higher than our estimate, we take the extra volume at no additional charge.

Here is a Listen 360 Review that demonstrates our policy in the client’s words:

“You’ll not find any one with more honesty than these guys. Julian, Alex, all of them they stand by their words even if that means that they do lower margins. We were in dire need to as we are moving to the west coast and had stuff scattered around the house, we did a walk through and got a quote, but they advised that if we were to pre-stage in one area they would provide some discounts.

The day of the moving they walked around the pre-staged area and honestly admitted that they messed up on the quote. There is a lot more stuff to take out. Nevertheless, they said they would honor their quote.

Sure enough, they lived up to their promise and took all the stuff. Of course, we took care of them but it’s the integrity and the professionalism that mattered the most to us.

Julian and his team are awesome. Their tag line should be America’s Optimal Junk Removal Service!

Thanks Julian, Alex, and Team! You guys rock!”

Call us for a free estimate (703) 455-3861.


Estimating volume of larger junk and debris jobs.

For larger clean outs, you may want to set your own expectations before you get bids. Junk King uses great care with our free estimates because we honor our estimates. If we underbid a job, we take the risk. Some haulers are not as careful when estimating debris volume for their bids; they may offer a lower bid but they often charge for “overage.”

You can get a good idea of the amount of debris you need hauled away. With a couple of easy measurements and a couple of rules of thumb, you can get a reasonable estimate of volume of debris.

The algorithm is basically calcualting cubic feet of volume and then applying a constant for compaction. Some materials do not compact, such as brick or stone.

Here are 2 scenarios:

1. Demolition: Length x width x height equals cubic yards. FEMA applies a .33 constant to measure compaction. Therefore a two-story wood-frame house 30 feet long x 20 feet wide x 20 feet high is 12,000 cubic feet. Multiply by the FEMA compaction constant .33 and you get 3,960 cubic feet. Our Junk King trucks hold 480 cubic feet, so this demolition would require about 8 full trucks hauled away.

Brick wall: Length x height equals square feet of brick. You get 7 standard bricks in a square foot and you need to allow an additional 3.5% weight for mortar. Bricks weigh about 4.5 pounds each. Therefore, a square foot of bricks with mortar weighs about 33 pounds In the case of the small house, if one side is a brick skin, we have 30 feet long x 20 feet high, which equals 600 square feet x 32.5 pounds, which equals 19,500 pounds. Our trucks hold 6,000 pounds, so this brick wall requires a little more than 3 truck bedloads to haul it away.

The total demolition haul away is 8 trucks of debris and 3 truck-bedloads of brick.

2. House Cleanout: This algorithm requires the square feet of living space and the height of the debris from the floor. Let’s consider a complete clean out of a hoarder situation. The two-story house has 1,200 square feet of living space. The rooms have narrow passages that comprise about 15% of the area or 180 square feet; therefore, the area with debris is 1,020 square feet. In this scenario, let’s say the hoarder piled debris 6 feet high on the floor. The volume of the debris is 1,200 square feet x 6 feet high = 6,120 cubic feet. This job requires 12 and one half trucks.


You can use the same algorithm to calculate the volume of debris in a full garage or a room. A 20 x 20 foot garage piled 7 feet from floor to ceiling would have 2,800 cubic feet requiring about 5 and ¾ trucks.  Sometimes, we see opportunities to “compact” the debris and save the customer money.  For example, an old 8 foot tall bookcase can take up to 8 x 3 x 1.5 in volume or  36 cubic feet.  If we break it into lumber, the volume shrinks to about 6 cubic feet: a 6:1 compaction.

At Junk King, we give free estimates and honor our estimates. If we underbid the job, we take the risk. If we discover that we overbid the job, we reduce the invoice to the actual volume we haul.

If you have questions about estimating debris volume, call us and we’ll do our best to help. The advice is free. Of course, we may need to see the debris and take measurements to give an accurate bid, but we can usually get pretty close if you have the dimensions or description of the debris. We believe informed customers become satisfied customers. Check out our dumpster rentals for super convenience.

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