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Clutter and Peace of Mind

Gretchen Rubin of The Happiness Project says, “Outer order contributes to inner calm.” A scientific study was done that backs up Rubin’s claim. In an excellent article on parenting, Katie Morton shares research and tips on how de-cluttering the home benefits the child. Click here to read Katie’s article.

As a father of a large family, I want to add another point: de-cluttering the home teaches the child the relative unimportance of stuff. People are more important than stuff. Time is more important than stuff. Health is more important than stuff. A job well done is more important than stuff. A good story is more important than stuff. In fact, almost every aspect of life is more important than stuff. Detachment from stuff leads to contentment.

We engage our kids in the periodic de-cluttering and involve them in donating used clothes, books, and other goods. They learn to think of other people in need. They are rightfully proud of a job well done – a clean bedroom. They like the space. And most importantly, they realize that they are actually better for having less stuff.

Junk and Debris Removal – Help for Asthma Sufferers

You may be one of the 57 million Americans who suffer from severe allergies and asthma. Then beware the microscopic dust mite.

40,000 per dust particle!House dust mites are the most common trigger of asthma. In addition, they can cause mild skin and allergic reactions,  including eczema.
Dust mites live in house dust. The feces of the dust mite is the actual allergen that causes breathing problems. You get about 40,000 dust mites per speck of dust, and each of the buggers produce feces 20 times per day. That’s a lot of dust mite poo that you’re inhaling.
Here are three tips that can help you battle dust mites:

1. Get rid of the junk and debris. All that extra stuff attracts dust, traps moisture, and become a breeding ground for dust mites. Junk King can help you with this important first step.

2. Vacuum rugs and carpets regularly.  Occasionally, steam clean carpets and other furniture with heavy fabrics such as couches.

3. Keep the air dry with air-conditioning or a dehumidifier. Dust mites like humidity.

4. Use a HEPA filter to 3 microns. Or you may prefer a negative ion and ozone generator. If your house doesn’t have an air filter, then your lungs are the air filter.