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Bank of America shares how clearing clutter can help your finances

A Bank of America article offers practical tips how de-cluttering your home can make it more inviting, reduce your stress and help you avoid health problems aggravated by mold or dirt. Also, de-cluttering your home can save you money!
1.  Catch problems early. Do you remember the last time you saw the back of your closet? If not, your stuff may be blocking you from signs of damage. You may avoid major repair or extermination bills down the road.
2. Make better use of freed-up space. Do you have a spare room or basement that’s full of junk? If you clear it out, you’ll have more space for your family, and possibly avoid renting a storage locker. You may even be able to turn that extra space into income by taking on a tenant.
3.  Entertain at home. Do you ever go out for dinner or coffee with friends to avoid inviting them into your untidy home? If so, your clutter is ramping up your entertainment expenses. By making your home more guest-friendly, you’ll be a more comfortable host while saving money on restaurant bills.
4. Identify your big clutter problems. You may notice that just one or two types of items cause much of your clutter. Is it books and magazines? Clothes? Gadgets? Once you’ve fingered your clutter culprit, put it on a “do not buy” list. This way you’ll avoid cluttering your home again, and save money on future purchases.
Junk King can help you take advantage of this excellent advice from Bank of America. We can help yo clear the clutter. Then you can enjoy your clean home and improved finances.

Green is a Great American Tradition

In the 1920s, 70% of cities in the United States ran recycling programs – just good economic sense for households.  During World War II, industry recycled and reused about 25% of the waste stream, everything from steel to nylon stockings.

Recycling fell on hard times after the War.  By 1960 only 7% of households recycled.

But now, we are returning to wisdom of the ages – Waste not, want not. By 1990, 17% of households recycled, and today more than 30% of households recycle.

Junk King is doing its part to keep tradition alive.  We have achieved a 92% recycle rate.