Ft. Lauderdale Junk Removal Ratings & Reviews

Have you noticed a big red truck with the Junk King logo driving through your neighborhood? That is a clear indication that some of your neighbors are finally getting around to clearing out their junk. The other indication would be to check out the recent reviews posted by satisfied Junk King customers within the last couple of days:

“On time, very pleasant and professional,” posted by Jean Raybon of Fort Lauderdale, Florida.


Junk King prides itself on being punctual. Of course, there are some things they can’t predict like a traffic jam. That is why they ask you to set aside a two-hour window for the junk removal appointment. The crew will notify you when they are about twenty-minutes out from your property. Once they arrive, it won’t take them long to load up all your unwanted items. If it is just a simple lift and load job, it can be done in less time than it takes to have your lunch break.

“Very reliable and professional. Your staff knows what they are doing and they are friendly and efficient. Happy to recommend your services,” writes Gloria Lynch of Fort Lauderdale.  

All the Junk King crews are licensed, insured and bonded. That certainly sets them apart from any day laborer hanging out at the hardware store. They’ve also been trained with the proper moving techniques. This includes coming equipped with the right tools to dismantle any large item like a backyard playset or hot tub. It doesn’t matter how big or bulky something is the Junk King crew can get it taken away in no time.

“They were on time. They were friendly and polite. They were careful not to scratch the walls. The price they charged was at the low end of the estimate range that I had been given,” posted by T.E.

Junk King bases its prices on the amount of space your junk will fill on the back of the truck. The website price estimator will provide you with that range. However, since the Junk King crews like to pack up those trucks with very little left over space, you can count on that low end of the range every time. When it comes to quality junk removal, Junk King has you covered from start to finish!