Call On Junk King For Fast Shed Cleanout

Spring is the time most folks head out to their backyards to “wake” everything up. Warmer weather means planting gardens and setting up the grill for outdoor dining. Of course, in Florida, we get to benefit from outdoor dining practically all year long! Getting the yard in order isn’t just about planting fresh flowers. It might be time to tackle specific cleaning project: The backyard shed. If you need to get rid of all the rubbish that has piled up in the shed over the years, then you need to get Junk King Fort Lauderdale involved in the process.

Fast Work

Junk King likes to move fast. They know that once you’ve decided to tackle a cleaning project you want to get it done quickly. A call to Junk King today could have your backyard shed cleaned out by tomorrow. It might even happen today. If you need more time to sort through all the stuff you have out there, then you can set up a weekend appointment. Junk King can have things cleared out in less time than it takes to enjoy your first cup of coffee in the morning.

Beyond the Shed

Cleaning out the shed might be your priority but the cleaning from Junk King doesn’t have to stop there. What other items would you like to get rid of from around your home? You can put the two-man Junk King crew to work removing an old sofa or broken appliance that you have stored in the garage. If there are other items up in the attic or second floor of the home, then Junk King can bring those down as well. Size or weight won’t be an issue with Junk King. Everything can go onto the truck.

Volume Estimate

As for the fee, you’ll be charged a flat rate based on volume. It will all come down to how the truck gets packed up by the crew. They have a lot of experience with this type of work and can visualize how to efficiently pack up things in the least amount of space as possible. That translates to the low end of the pricing scale.

When you’re ready to for a backyard shed cleanout and getting rid of the rest of the rubbish around your house, Junk King Fort Lauderdale will be ready to help.