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Book A Yard Cleanup Session With Junk King

Your first impression of Junk King Fort Worth might be a libel company that you can hire to remove unwanted things inside your home, like old furniture and appliances. You would be correct. But Junk King does so much more. You can also book a yard cleanup session with Junk King and expect to get the same quality work at an affordable price. This is a terrific way to get all the debris and unwanted junk out of your backyard.

Two Terrific Workers

Junk King is going to provide you with two terrific workers. This team will help with your yard cleanup as they help with furniture removal. All you have to do is point to what you want to be cleared away, and the Junk King crew will do the rest. How all that debris and stuff fits on the truck will also determine how much you will pay for the service. Junk King off as a flat rate that covers all the labor. You will still pay that same flat rate if the crew is at your home for 30 minutes or over an hour. That rate also includes the time the Junk King team takes to dispose of everything they collect from your home. That can involve making drop-offs at recycling centers.

Junk King also makes scheduling easy. You can book your yard cleanup online or over the phone. All you need to do is select a two-hour window on a day that works best for your schedule. All the work will be done within that frame. That is a lot better than waiting all day for the gas company!

Take care of your yard cleanup agenda with a call to Junk King Fort Worth today.

Get Help With Sofa Removal From Junk King

There is one type of removal task in your home that you require help with. That would be getting rid of an old sofa when that help can be found with one call to Junk King Fort Worth. These are professional junk haulers who specialize in removing all kinds of bulky items from homes and apartments. Their specialty is sofas, and they won’t have a challenge getting your sofa out of the house and loaded onto the truck!

A Few Minutes

However long it takes to walk from where your sofa is to your front door is how long it will take for the Junk King crew to remove that item. When the team shows up, you will show them the sofa you want to be cleared away. They will quickly assess to ensure a clear path to the door. And in just a few minutes, your sofa will be gone. It is just that simple.

As for the cost, Junk King charges a flat rate determined by how everything fits on the truck. One sofa might seem significant in your living room, but it will be small on the back of the Junk King truck. That could mean paying the low end of the price scale for the job. Of course, you can add to the truck and remove all the other items you want cleared from your home. This is your chance to get the rubbish out of the garage in the clutter out of the closets.

Junk King is very accommodating when it comes to scheduling. For example, you can book your sofa removal on the same day that you know so is being dropped off. And don’t worry, the Junk King crew will sweep up the area they just cleared!

Get rid of your sofa with help from the Junk King Fort Worth team.

Old Furniture Removal: What You Need to Know

furniture removal


Redecorating your home is one of the most common activities for homeowners in the Fort Worth area. A new piece of furniture can drastically renovate the look and feel of virtually any room in your home. Unfortunately, getting rid of the old furniture that is being replace is not as easy and straightforward. Unless you don’t mind hauling your old, stained, and ragged 400 pound couch out to the curb, furniture removal might be one of the impediments keeping you from updating your home interior. For homeowners, business owners, and other residents of the wider Fort Worth community, Junk King of Fort Worth is proud to be the top-rated junk removal company in the region. When you need a quick solution to get rid of unwanted furniture, our professional junk haulers make furniture removal easy and stress-free. 


When Might You Need a Professional Furniture Removal in Fort Worth? 

According to recent study published in People Magazine, over half of the American population (55 percent) reported making a significant change to their home decor in 2020. All that time spent inside our homes during COVID lockdowns did allow people to find the time to update their home interiors. Furthermore, the study reported that 71 percent of homeowners planned to take their interior renovations to the next level in the coming years. A few of the trendy design features that are most popular with homeowners across the country include: 

  • The introduction of smart furniture
  • A wider use of natural elements in interior design
  • Incorporation of colorful statement art 
  • A focus on sustainable design materials. 

Even before the pandemic hit and increased the demand for home interior renovations, the furniture industry in the United States had a projected revenue of $66 billion back in 2019. These figures show that demand for new furniture and home furnishings will continue to rise in the coming years. 

As most homeowners know, however, purchasing new furniture also means that you most likely have to get rid of the interior elements they are replacing. Most people don’t want an old couch or mattress stored in the garage as these bulky items take up major space in our already over-cluttered homes. If you plan on purchasing a new piece of furniture this year, it is important to have a prepared plan for how you are going to get rid of the older piece of furniture that is being replaced.

With Junk King of Fort Worth, we make it easy for people in the Fort Worth area to get rid of their old furniture items. In most cases, we are able to arrive and haul away your old furniture the same day you call us so that you can free up space in your home for the new pieces you have purchased. Furthermore, our professional junk removal teams will do all of the heavy lifting and hauling for you. Simply let us know what you want taken away, and we´ll do the rest! 


The Ecological Footprint of Furniture Removal 

The rising consumer demand for interior renovations poses an important question: Where do all of the millions of couches, armchairs, love seats, sectionals, beds, mattresses, and other pieces of furniture that get replaced each and every year eventually end up?

Unfortunately, the vast majority of old and used furniture items end up in landfills across the country. Furniture is often referred to as the “lost” waste stream due to the fact that very little efforts are being made to increase the recycling rate of furniture across the nation. In fact, the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) states that “furniture waste generated by Americans in 2017 totaled a staggering 12.2 million tons, and 80.2 percent of it went to landfill.” The agency also found that only 0.3 percent of that furniture waste that was sent to landfill was recovered for recycling. Sending bulky furniture to the local landfill poses a serious environmental problem as our regional landfills are already nearing full capacity, and bulky furniture takes up an enormous amount of space.  

At the same time there are also millions of American families who simply cannot afford to purchase new furniture for their homes. A new sofa and sectional can easily cost thousands of dollars, and even the most affordable new beds and mattresses can cost several hundred dollars. For families living paycheck to paycheck, new furniture items are often simply beyond their economic reach. 

When you purchase new furniture items, it is important to think about how your older furniture pieces can either be donated or recycled, instead of ending up in the landfill. For people in the Fort Worth area, Junk King of Fort Worth offers a simple and efficient way to deal with your furniture removal needs in the most environmentally friendly way possible. For several years now, we have been the region´s top-rated junk hauling company, and for good reason! Besides offering the most affordable prices, the absolute best customer service, and the most efficient junk removal service, we are also one of the few junk haulers that has an environmental ethic at the foundation of our business practice. 

Our junk removal teams take the extra time to sort through the junk items that we pick up. If the items are in decent shape, we make sure to send those items to thrift stores, donation centers, charities, and others who can help to get used furniture, appliances, and other household items into the hands of people who need them in our community. If the items are simply beyond repair, we also sort through them to ensure that every recyclable item is recycled.  Today, we are proud to say that at least 60 percent of the junk items we pick up either get recycled, donated, or otherwise repurposed. That percentage is almost three times higher than the City´s current waste diversion rate!


How to Contact Junk King of Fort Worth? 

Junk King of Fort Worth offers its services to both residential consumers and throughout the City. We are proud to provide the region´s top-rated, most efficient, and most environmentally friendly junk removal services to the Fort Worth area, including the communities of Alvarado, Arlington, Azle, Bedford, Cleburne, Colleyville, Coppell, Dallas, Euless, Flower Mound, Grapevine, Haltom City, Haslet, Hurst, Keller, North Richland Hills, and Weatherford. 

Providing our customers with “fair and transparent” pricing is one of the hallmarks of our company and we even offer your four different ways to get a free estimate, including free, on-site pricing estimates.  You can also call us toll-free at 1 888-888-JUNK or at (706) 705-5320, text us a photo of the junk items you need hauled away at 737-888-5865, or use our easy-to-use online pricing estimator. 

No matter what option you choose, as soon as a price is agreed upon, you choose a date and two-hour service window that works for your schedule. Our junk removal professionals will call you 15-30 minutes before we show up to promptly take your junk! 

When you need to get rid of old furniture, and want to choose the greenest junk removal company in the industry, contact us or give us a call 1-888-888-JUNK (5865).


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