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5 Things to Know About Garage Cleanout Services By Junk King

Interestingly, many people use their garage spaces for storage rather than parking their cars. If your garage is for holding odds and ends, you might be dealing with a lot of clutter that needs to be cleaned out. Junk King takes your garage cleanout burden off your shoulders and helps you have the next weekend all to yourself, relaxed and with a nice clean garage.


What Is Garage Cleanout?

Having a junk-free garage with ample, clean space may create room for an extra car. But, how do you achieve that without spare time for removing all the unwanted junk and cleaning it out? Just like any other homeowner, you probably dream of having a clean, welcoming garage when you get back home from an exhausting day at work. 

To get to the stage where you get to set up those neatly stacked shelves with bins and a well-organized workbench in your garage, you need the professional garage cleanout services from Junk King. Our garage cleanout services will not leave any box left behind; we’ll work dedicatedly to ensure what you want to keep is safely separated from the trash that you want to be removed from your garage for a new fresh start.


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Simplify the Garage Cleanout Process by Hiring the Junk King Experts

Here are some ways Junk King can make your garage cleanout exercise easy and hassle-free:

Go Green

For over a decade, Junk King prides itself as a go-to partner for providing eco-friendly junk removal services across the country and in Canada. We’re in the business of helping individuals in residential settings and commercial building managers to go green by reducing their ecological footprints. We have state-of-the-art recycling warehouses designed to handle all your recycling needs at no extra charge. 

Aside from recycling what you consider trash, we also take it upon ourselves to reuse, repurpose, and donate the junk in your garage, including the old clothing, baby cribs, strollers, and furniture pieces in good condition. By doing that, we logically include you in our “go green” program. 

We Haul All the Junk Away

A majority of homeowners, just like you, will often opt for selling reusable personal belongings online or even through a yard sale in the neighborhood. Unfortunately, that may consume more of your valuable work hours, and the junk might not fit into your car’s trunk. On the other hand, Hiring Junk King Removal services translates to getting rid of your unwanted items quickly, creating ample parking space in your garage, and giving back to society.

We have a team of experienced professionals and the right equipment to get the job done right the first time. We’ll clean out the garage and haul all the junk away as per your specific requirements. Our tailor-made services keep our esteemed clients coming back for their junk removal needs for years to come. 

Reliable Garage Cleanout Services

Are you tired of facing all that clutter lying on the garage’s floor? Fortunately, we offer special garage cleanout discounts seasonally–call for more info! We’ll remove all the junk you need removed from your garage, including broken equipment and appliances that have been there for months or years. Give Junk King’s professionals a chance to help you start maximizing the space in your garage. 

Our professional junk removers at Junk King will meet you at your home or office to extensively discuss your garage cleanout needs to determine the exact scope of work before scheduling your garage for the cleanout. Once we’ve comprehensively gone over the scope of your garage cleanout project, we’ll provide you with a free, no-obligation quote that is personalized to meet your specific cleanout needs. 

If you approve the work and agree to the price, our garage cleanout professionals will go to work removing all the trash in your garage doing all of the heavy lifting and hauling. In addition, you can count on us to reorganize your garage and customize everything according to your personal preferences. One of our reliable team members will call you 15-30 minutes in advance to confirm and inform you that we’re on the way. This way, we won’t interrupt your busy life- or work-related commitments.

Why Contact Junk King Experts?

Instead of avoiding or hiding from the clutter in your garage, why don’t you consider hiring the experts to do the heavy lifting on your behalf? All you need to do is show us the trash you want to be removed, and our professionally trained junk removal experts will swing to action, cleaning out your garage and leaving it free for more meaningful use. We’ve got the capability of loading all the junk in your garage, hauling it away, organizing your space, disposing of the unwanted junk, and recycling reusable items. 

With Junk King’s professional garage cleanout services, you can rest assured of reclaiming the much-needed space in your garage and start parking your favorite ride where it belongs. Are you looking for a garage cleanout service that can guarantee you nothing but the best removal services in your area? Call us today to schedule a no-obligation appointment.

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Hassle-Free Appliance Removal in Fresno With Junk King!

Let Your Removal Process Become a Breeze! 

Do you have appliances laying around your home that are damaged and are gathering dust or taking up too much space? It might be challenging to get rid of old goods like refrigerators, stoves, or washing machines. These are large appliances that are notoriously challenging to lift and transport, yet how do you know where to transport the items once they have been put into your car?

Junk King experts in Fresno offer a safe, efficient, and eco-friendly appliance removal service. With our help, you won’t have to worry about how you are going to get rid of your older appliances.


What Is Appliance Removal? 

Fundamentally, appliance removal is the procedure of giving away your older appliances or its parts or finding a new purpose for them.

If your old fridge or microwave has only been used for several years and is still in good working order, you can almost always find a new home for the items. Your barely used but operational appliances are still worth something to others in need.

The first step is to get rid of them.

The most challenging aspect of appliance removal is that it is essentially never a do-it-yourself project, and the majority of home appliances are far too heavy for one individual to handle.

Even with two people, the process still necessitates the use of specialized tools such as furniture dollies or hand trucks, appliance straps, and, preferably, duct tape or packaging tape to keep the panels and lids closed during transit.

A proper vehicle is also required for appliance removal, which does not include your new Toyota!

A tiny dryer or mini-fridge may fit in a few larger hatchbacks; however, this is usually a job for a pickup truck or even a trailer. Keep in mind that appliance removal includes moving the appliance out of the property, to the curb, and onto the back of the vehicle or a trailer.


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Ways for Making Appliance Removal in Fresno Easy by Hiring Junk King Experts

The first step in appliance removal is to get your old, broken equipment out of your home, apartment, or business, but that is only the beginning. You still have to transport it.

The landfill is not a choice in most regions. In fact, nearly half of the states have laws prohibiting the disposal of certain products, such as appliances, in landfills. With Junk King Fresno, you have a better option for getting rid of your unwanted items.

Our Recycling Services 

Our dedication to the environment is an essential aspect of our eco-friendly appliance removal services, meaning that we recycle as much as we possibly can. Don’t forget that transporting your old appliances to the dump isn’t your only or even wisest choice. Our junk removal experts can dispose of your old items in an environmentally responsible manner.

Additionally, not only do we remove and haul away any old appliances, but we also recycle any discarded items that are able to be reused or recycled.

Most people are aware that appliances, particularly laundry and kitchen equipment, are primarily made of metal. Metals, on the other hand, are recoverable and recyclable. When it comes to scrap metal processing, such as your broken appliances, hiring a skilled garbage removal company to properly remove your equipment is the best option.

Choosing an environmentally friendly firm, such as Junk King in Fresno, ensures that as much scrap metal as possible gets recycled.

It is crucial to remember that old appliances like refrigerators, freezers, and air conditioners may have freon or other similar chemicals. These chemicals are environmentally hazardous and need to be handled carefully. Before the item can be recycled, the freon needs to be collected.

Contact Junk King in Fresno for All Your Appliance Removal Needs

Are you ready to get rid of those outdated appliances? It’s as easy as one, two, three! You can schedule an appointment online or by calling 1.888. 888.JUNK. Our expert and insured appliance removal team in Fresno can be at your home or business 15 minutes before the appointment and provide you with a free quote depending on the amount of space your rubbish takes up in our truck.

With no hidden charges, you point, and we put those items into our junk removal vehicles. It is time to clear up your space!

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Hire Fresno Junk King Experts for Bulk Trash Removal

Cleaning out bulk trash and hauling it all down to the curb or dump can be a time-consuming and exhausting process. On top of this, removing junk without the help of a professional junk removal service provider may turn your curb or sidewalk into an eyesore in the neighborhood. Fortunately, hiring Junk King for your Fresno bulk trash removal can make the process seamless and cost-effective.


What is Bulk Trash Removal?

Removing large items such as refrigerators, furniture pieces, and hot tubs from your home and having them disposed of properly can be a huge undertaking for a homeowner or small business owner. Hiring a bulk trash removal service provider such as Junk King to handle the entire process on your behalf will get the burden off your shoulders.

While opting to go the DIY route might sound like a cheaper solution, you should be wary of its downsides. For instance, you might end up sustaining physical injuries, damaging your home, or causing some kind of damage to your neighbors’ properties. You may also face fines from your local law enforcement agencies for disturbing the peace of your neighborhood or creating an eyesore by disposing of bulk trash on the sidewalk.


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How to Make Bulk Junk Removal Easy By Hiring Junk King Experts

Here are some ways Junk King can make your bulk trash removal process easy and hassle-free:

Professional Assistance

Junk King has a team of experienced junk removal experts in Fresno and its surrounding areas that can help get rid of all the unwanted junk in your home or commercial property. We provide you an efficient and cost-effective way of removing and disposing of all the bulk trash on your premises. 

Our team is made of experienced professionals who know how to use the right bulk trash removal equipment and recycling facility to dispose of your trash. If you have any unwanted bulky items in your home, consider hiring the best bulk trash removal professionals to get the job done right the first time.

Expert Garbage Removal Services

Your municipal garbage services might not remove or even be able to handle heavy or fairly large items such as kitchen appliances, construction materials, and furniture pieces. If your garbage service provider doesn’t haul the large items away, you’ll still need to find a way of removing the unwanted items from your house and hauling them down to the curb. In the process, the bulk trash might be broken apart and littered around your home and yard.

At Junk King, we take our time to evaluate and understand each of our client’s unique needs before starting the removal process. We’ll remove all the bulk trash that your garbage service provider won’t touch. Here at Junk King Fresno, we have the appropriate equipment and expertise to handle bulk trash safely, efficiently, and eco-friendly. Our junk removal experts will save you from being the talk of the neighborhood due to your cluttered curb.

Yard Waste Removal Service

Dealing with yard debris or waste is usually a big problem for most homeowners, particularly after a violent storm that leaves huge tree branches across your yard. 

Yard waste can also be a result of the dirt left behind after a landscaping or gardening project. Instead of worrying about picking up and disposing of the yard waste on your property, consider hiring Junk King junk removal services to handle it all for you efficiently and safely. 

We have the tools to safely break down the debris or yard waste and haul it all away. Moreover, we have special junk removal trucks capable of handling dirty yard waste that is too large to fit into the trunk of your car. 

Eco-Friendly Removal Services

Since 2005, when Junk King pioneered recycling junk, our junk removal services have continued to grow greener every day; we always focus on reducing our ecological footprint. Our junk removal experts sort each project for e-waste, textiles, and household items in our world-class recycling facilities. 

But, as much as we recycle the junk, we also donate and repurpose any reusable items such as strollers, baby cribs, furniture, toys, and even clothing. Furthermore, the fuel our junk removal trucks consume is domestically produced and made from non-petroleum resources. We’re committed to ensuring that our planet remains clean and green for future generations.

Why Hire Junk King?

Junk King has a friendly team of licensed, insured, and bonded professionals who will handle all the junk removal work for you. One of our team members will call you in advance, about 15 minutes to the scheduled time, to inform you that we’re on the way. You simply show us the bulk trash, and we haul it all away in our junk removal trucks with no additional costs or hidden charges. If you need help getting rid of the bulk trash on your property in Fresno, contact Junk King today to schedule a consultation and obtain an estimate.

Heavy Lifting, Without Moving A Muscle

Hot Tub Removal in Fresno By Junk King: Everything You Need to Know

Need Hot Tub Removal?


There are numerous possibilities for why you might need hot tub removal. For example, you might have something better in mind for the relevant space, meaning that you need to clear it out before you can get started on implementing your plans. Alternatively, your hot tub may be in poor condition, so much so that it needs to be replaced rather than repaired. Whatever the case, you should know that hot tub removal can be a laboring and time-consuming process.

What Is Hot Tub Removal?

As I’m sure you’ve noticed, hot tubs are huge. Typically, if you are looking to remove something this large, you are going to need to look for solutions to pack it up, move it about, and then toss it out. Each one of which can be considered a serious challenge in its own right. On top of this, it should be remembered that while some hot tubs are freestanding, plenty of them have been installed into their settings. Something that will make for even more complications if you aren’t prepared.

Fortunately, if there is a common problem, chances are good that there is either a product or a service that can be used to help out. For instance, you should know that Junk King experts can help out a lot with your hot tub removal in Fresno, CA.


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What Are Some Ways for Making Hot Tub Removal in Fresno Easy by Hiring Junk King Experts?

Here are some examples of how Junk King’s junk removal services can prove beneficial in this regard:

Breaking Up the Hot Tub

You have a number of options for getting rid of your hot tub. The simplest and most straightforward option would be breaking up the hot tub before tossing the resulting pieces out. This is something that you can handle on your own if you have a reciprocating saw, a dust mask, some protection for your eyes, and some protection for your hands. However, even if you have the proper equipment, you can expect this to be an exhausting process. Of course, if you call in Junk King experts, you can count on them to break up your hot tub in the most efficient manner possible.

Getting Rid of the Hot Tub

If you can count on Junk King experts to break up your hot tub, it should come as no surprise to learn that you can count on Junk King experts to get rid of your hot hub as well. Simply put, hot tubs are huge, which is a factor that introduces complications throughout the process. As mentioned earlier, you can look for solutions to packing them up, moving them about, and then getting rid of them on your own. However, there is a much easier solution in the form of just asking Junk King experts to take care of those steps for you. By doing so, you can count on your hot tub removal in Fresno, CA getting done in the right manner. 

Better still, you can avoid the potential for getting injured in the process. Something that is very relevant because transporting heavy objects always come with a chance of something going wrong, particularly when the people doing the job lack the relevant expertise, experience, and equipment.


Eco-friendliness has become more and more important. In part, this is because there are very real practical benefits to be reaped by those who work to reduce their impact on the planet. However, it should also be mentioned that environmental consciousness serves to combat everything from pollution to climate change, which are serious issues that affect every single one of us. 

Regardless of your exact motivations, you should know that entrusting your hot tub removal in Fresno, CA to Junk Kings is the eco-friendly option as well. After all, we know exactly where such things should be brought so that they can be disposed of in the right manner, meaning that their recoverable components will be recycled for future use while the remainder will be taken care of in a way that will avoid potential contaminants from seeping into the surrounding landscape. Those of us at Junk Kings have earned our reputation for conscientiousness, which extends to environmental issues.

Contact Us

Besides hot tub removal in Fresno services, Junk King offers a number of junk removal services that can prove to be very beneficial to our clients. As a result, if you have other possessions that you don’t need, you might want to look into the full range of our offerings to get them out of your life in a responsible manner. We understand that our clients want good value for their money, which is why we are always ready to answer your questions.

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Enjoy Stress-Free Residential Cleanouts With Junk King Fresno Experts

Ask anyone who has moved to a new house or apartment about the cleanout process and you will be inundated with tales of woe.  Though performing a residential cleanout might initially seem like a job you can handle with ease, it will likely prove significantly more difficult and time-consuming than you originally envisioned. 


Residential cleanouts after a move are best left to the professionals with the man power, energy, knowledge, equipment and trucks necessary to transport undesired items to the appropriate locations.  This is precisely why we recommend that everyone in the greater Fresno area who is considering a move lean on the professionals at Junk King to do the heavy lifting.

What are Residential Cleanouts?

Residential cleanouts after a move are exactly as they sound.  Such cleanouts are performed after a move to prepare the living space for the next property tenant or owner.  If you were to leave anything behind, you would run the risk of the homeowner taking issue with the leftover items and possibly taking steps to force you to pay for the removal of those items at their chosen cost.  Furthermore, if you are moving out of an apartment, the facility’s management will undoubtedly have an issue with you leaving anything behind.  The solution is a residential cleanout. 

  • Our team will clean out the entirety of your residence, getting rid of the items you no longer have any use for as well as those you simply no longer want.  
  • Our crew will haul each individual item to its intended destination, whether it is a location where items are repurposed, a charity, a recycling center or elsewhere.  
  • Though some items from residential cleanouts ultimately end up in landfills, we go out of our way to minimize the number of items dumped in landfills

Put your faith in Junk King Fresno  to perform your residential cleanout after a move and you will sleep soundly knowing a junk hauling team that prioritizes environmental cleanliness and sustainability is hard at work at your property.  Once your residential cleanout is complete, all that will remain is an empty space for the next tenant’s use.


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Ways for Making Residential Cleanouts Easy by Hiring Junk King Experts

The last thing you should have to do after moving is worry about cleaning out the entirety of your prior living space.  Instead of spending hour after hour of your limited time cleaning your old home, doing all the heavy lifting and transporting items for recycling, repurposes, trashing, etc., learn our team to do all the work for you.  Though we do not provide cleaning services, our team specializes in cleanouts.  This means we haul away all the items you no longer need or desire.  Point our team in the direction of the stuff you would like hauled away from your old living space and we will perform a timely and thorough cleanout.

You should not have to rent a large truck or van to eliminate all the discarded bulk items from your old living space that you no longer desire.  Nor should you have to take seemingly countless trips to the recycling center, repurposing center, goodwill drop-offs, etc.  Your focus should be squared on making a seamless transition to your new digs.  Lean on our cleanout experts to eliminate all the excess from your house, apartment or other living space and you won’t have to invest your time, effort and energy in trying to haul every last item.

If you are tempted to attempt a residential cleanout on your own, take a moment to conduct an accurate estimation of the amount of time and energy necessary for such a project.  As an example, consider the amount of time and sweat equity involved in cleaning out old furniture from your previous home.  Hauling away something as simple as a basic recliner has the potential to require the manpower of several individuals, a large vehicle and more than an hour of your time.  If you are like most people, you need a residential cleanout service to haul away more than a reclining chair.  There is no sense investing your precious time and limited energy attempting to cleanout all of these items when our team is happy to do the work on your behalf.

Contact Junk King for Your Residential Cleanout

Our Junk King Fresno team is here to perform your residential cleanout after your move.  If you are considering moving, already planning to do so or will be moving in the near future, lean on our team to perform the cleanout of your residence.  

Reach out to us today at 1-888-888-JUNK to schedule your residential cleanout or junk haul.  If you would like to reach our team on the web, you can do so by completing our online contact form.  One of our friendly junk hauling and residential cleanout specialists will be in touch with you soon after you complete the form.

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Top 3 Summer Cleaning Tips for Fresno Residents


The goal of summer cleaning is often to create available space for new items or to reduce clutter.

Moving out junk that blocks access in garages and other storage places can be a great accomplishment. It allows you to finally arrange things how you want them. This summer do some inventory and ask yourself what you really need to store for the future. Usually old computers are candidates to take to a recycler. Old furniture can also still be reused by people who can’t afford new furniture.


free guide - transform your garage


1. Prioritize Summer Cleaning

Making new space available takes time if you have several rooms full of junk. So start making a priority list of what items to focus on to get ride of. Ask yourself how often you’ve used the item the past year and how much you plan on using it in the future. Many people save things for later then they forget about their plans. It’s more efficient to constantly reassess possessions to determine their personal value.

You might also consider giving away items that still have value or selling them in a yard or garage sale. Whatever doesn’t sell from those attempts can be listed on classified websites either as freebies or items for sale.

Additionally, consider the top home maintenance issues to focus fixing this summer. If you have an old failing HVAC system, for example, that may be a bigger priority to fix or replace at the moment. Once you decide your priorities, you will be in a better position to make long-term decisions about sustainability.


2. Think About Reducing E-Waste

Sustainability is becoming an important personal and business issue in society today. Not only is sustainability part of achieving financial stability, it’s a major aspect of cleaning up the environment. Contributing to e-waste recycling is a way to make a big difference in your community, as it reduces toxic substances in the environment.

People who don’t worry about proper disposal of e-waste can face fines. Tech enthusiasts often boast about recycling, but the truth is most tech doesn’t get recycled and ends up in a landfill. The United Nations reported record e-waste in 2019, as it surged over 20 percent in a 5-year period. The report revealed that only 17.4 percent of the year’s global e-waste was collected and recycled. The good news is that since 2014 an increasing number of nations are adopting e-waste regulations.

One way to reduce e-waste in the future is to think about the technology you buy today. Do you really need to keep up with the latest smartphone features every few years? Purchasing brands that emphasize durability can help avoid ending up with boxes of gadgets that went in and out of style.


3. The Best Way To Make Summer Cleaning Easy

The key to making summer cleaning easy is to work with experienced junk removal experts. When you hire Junk King Fresno Experts for junk removal services you are guaranteed to get excellent service. We make it easy to remove large items that block access to other items.

Working with Junk King allows you to choose various options for junk removal. You can get help physically removing items. Simply send us photos of what you want to haul off and we can provide you with a free price quote. Our large trucks are bigger and are capable of hauling more volume and our junk removal process is greener than most in the junk removal industry.

Junk-King removes almost any king of junk except hazardous materials. Our professionals can easily take big items off your hands such as old mattresses, refrigerators, furniture and hot tubs. We have the team and the capabilities of sorting through junk and determining what can be reused and recycled. We donate up to 60 percent of what we haul back to the community.


Call on The Professionals—Junk King Fresno


Cleaning out your home, garage or closets doesn’t have to be a headache. It can be a rewarding project that creates new room for new ideas. It can also put e-waste where it belongs to help clean the environment. Contact us at Junk King to learn more about how we provide easy ways to solve your junk accumulation problems.


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4 Ways to Simplify the Process of Shed Teardowns

What you need to know when tearing down a shed in Fresno



If you need shed teardowns, consider the crucial environmental factors involved before you start dismantling any large structure on your property. A key question to ask is: how will you dispose of the waste? Some areas have strict regulations on how to get rid of large amounts of debris and toxic materials. 


Shed Teardowns


Many people use sheds for storing unused items then forget about the junk and the shed after many years. Eventually, homeowners ask themselves what to do with the shed that’s taking up space.

First, you must consider the costs of demolition and removal. Usually, the square footage, materials the shed is made from and the labor involved with teardowns are the main cost factors. Proper disposal or recycling is a further cost issue. However, with Junk King Fresno we give you a flat rate and you only pay for the space you use in our trucks.

Pro Tip: Use our Pricing Estimator for your shed teardown


Here are some of the professionals  take during the teardown of your shed: :

  • – Turn off circuit breakers and valves to water pipes connected with the shed
  • – Remove roofing 
  • – Take off windows and the door
  •  – Dismantle the structure in the safest and most efficient way possible
  •  – Clean up the job so there’s not a trace of the old shed left


Working with an established demolition contractor can solve the problem of how to dispose of waste. Some homeowners rent a giant dumpster that’s delivered to their home for about a week if they make shed demolition a DIY project. The waste management firm can then deliver materials to a recycler. An easier way is to hire a team of specialists who do all the demolition and aftermath work for you.

It’s essential to understand the environmental consequences of neglecting proper waste removal, as it can be harmful to an entire community. By focusing on your contribution to safety and sustainability, you will be doing your neighborhood a big favor.  Booking Junk King Fresno to do the job for you will protect your investment in the project since you can count on the job being done right the first time.


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4 Top Tips for Shed Teardowns


When you work with Junk King you are guaranteed an estimate in writing that will beat any other written estimate in town. The company further guarantees excellent service so that you can relax about the complex issues surrounding shed removal from your property. Here are four important tips to make the project go more smoothly when you hire Junk King.

  1. Learn about disposal and recycling options that benefit your community
  2. Determine how to handle waste before making a demolition decision
  3. Schedule a date and two-hour window with Junk King Fresno
  4. Expect a call from Junk King 15-30 minutes prior to arrival

Our skilled professionals use best industry practices for waste removal and pay close attention to environmental safety. We handle a wide range of items beyond sheds except for hazardous materials. One of our main goals is to recycle 60 percent of the materials we pick up for removal.

So if you also have old appliances, computers, and television sets collecting dust, allow us to get it off your hands. We can remove hot tubs, refrigerators, and yard waste as well. Let us know the types of trash you would love to see disappear from your property. By getting old junk out of your sight, you’ll get a fresh perspective on your property’s appearance.

Your Local Shed Teardown Professionals


Waste removal doesn’t have to be as complex as you may imagine when you hire the best professionals in town at shed demolition and removal.  Contact Junk King to learn more about optimizing shed teardowns, clean-outs, and hauling away unwanted junk. We are ready to provide you with eco-friendly waste removal solutions that improve the appearance of your property.

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5 Reasons to Hire Professionals For Decluttering Your Garage

Whether you are a premise or property owner, there’s one constant problem that you’ll be dealing with: garbage. Forget about the weekly or even the bi-weekly general cleanings. 

Getting rid of a month’s or even a year’s worth of garbage is a stressful and time-consuming task. It means finding the time to sort through the clutter in your home garage or property storeroom to determine what goes to the bin, what can be mended or repaired, what to donate, and what to sell. 

The more they accumulate, the more space they take up, and the messier your garage or storeroom becomes. That’s why if you have a lot of junk that you need to dispose of, you shouldn’t wait another day. 



If you have been wanting to do some thorough cleaning, decluttering, and giving your place a new makeover, then don’t wait until spring. Today is the day. That said, let’s look at the five reasons why you should hire professionals for decluttering your garbage.


What Is Garage Decluttering?


This is a simple process of getting rid of unused items piling up in your garage to create more space. It’s also an efficient way to donate some things to charity and discourage unwelcome guests such as mice and termites from invading your home.


Factors To Consider When Hiring Professionals to Declutter Your Garbage


Before we examine the five benefits of having professionals help with decluttering your garage,  there are a few other factors you need to consider. 

When planning to get rid of bulk garbage, most homeowners or premise managers may not have the required experience to efficiently and safely haul away large items. 

That’s why most homeowners or property managers are usually confused on whether to roll up their sleeves and do some DIY or call the experts. 

The exciting thing is that in both instances, it costs money to get rid of your garbage. Doing it on your own means renting out a dumpster, the same as hiring a decluttering company. However, the downside of dealing with the junk on your own means more time and effort is spent on the job. 

On the other hand, once hired, the professionals will handle the entire job from start to finish, allowing you to invest your time and energy elsewhere. Here are the main factors you need to consider before deciding which option to choose:


The Time and Effort Factors


Although you can pretty much do DIY to dispose of your garbage, it’s a heavy job that demands a lot of manual labor. However, with Junk King’s practical strategies, you won’t lift a single finger.


The Cost Factor


After renting out a dumpster, how much will you have saved? A report by CostHelper.com   indicates that renting out a dumpster costs as much as $100 to $850 for two days. In contrast, Junk King’s garbage hauling rates are relatively affordable and depend on the size of space your garbage takes in the truck. Additionally, Junk King also offers free on-site quotes and estimates.


The Location Factor


The next factor to consider is your location. Depending on where your home or premises are located, you’ll need to part with additional fees and apply for permits to park the rental dumpster. However, with a junk removal company, all prices are inclusive, and there are no hidden or additional payments.


The Overall Workload


The last factor that you shouldn’t forget when planning to dispose of the excess junk in your home is the overall workload. If you have bulk garbage composed of large and heavy items, then you shouldn’t rent out a dumpster.

This is because dumpsters are well suited for smaller garbage as opposed to bulkier ones. Besides these limitations, there are restrictions on the type of garbage you can haul into a dumpsite. That leaves you with the option of working with a garbage hauling company.


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5 Benefits of Hiring Professionals to Declutter Your Garage


1. Helps Save Time

Enlisting the services of a professional junk removal company like Junk King is time-efficient. It means that you only have to say the word, and your disorganized home or office stacked up high with junk will be taken care of. 

While you spend quality time with family or attend to essential businesses with clients, more space gets created, and your home or offices receive a breath of fresh air. Instead of dealing with rental dumpster issues, permits, fees, and frustrating restrictions, a decluttering company is only a phone call away. 

They’ll save you the stress, frustrations, and time handling logistics you can’t figure out. Some decluttering companies are super-efficient, offering same-day services.


2. Maintain Personal Safety 

Decluttering your garage may be a risky job. The risks of sustaining an injury from the garbage are certainly higher.  Unused items piling up in your garage and even hallway are not only an eyesore but a safety hazard. Same as scattered debris on a working site. It’s good to have professionals handle it while you and your family remain safe.


3. Ensure Peace of Mind

After weeks or months of unused items taking up your space and giving you a headache,  you will be glad to get rid of them finally. The beauty of working with a professional garbage removal company is that you only have to say the word or point a finger, and the garbage is gone. The results? Peace of mind.


4. Maintain Aesthetics

Let’s face it. There’s nothing as annoying as an eyesore created by junk clogging up the garage and spilling outside on your outdoors. 

We all know the importance of first impressions and maintaining a curb appeal, be it at home or office. The only way to avoid such an eyesore is to have it all hauled off professionally.


5. Save Money

Of course, we weren’t going to forget this one. Money, like time, is essential and should be spent right. For business people in real estate, construction, and property management, working with a decluttering company means additional expenditure.

However, since it’s cost-effective, you’ll save a lot of money in the long run. It also means that you’ll have the time to deal with important company businesses while everything gets done.


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Hiring a professional company to declutter your home or premises comes with unlimited benefits. Not only is it time-efficient, but it also makes a lot of economic sense. At Junk King, we are all about decluttering junk, creating spaces, and giving our clients in the whole of Fresno, CA peace of mind at competitive prices. If you need some junk cleared up in Fresno, San Francisco, and the surrounding areas, we’re just a phone call away.


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E-Waste: 3 Tips for Recycling Electronics


Technology is advancing at lightning speed. Chances are, you’ve upgraded your phone, electronics, or appliances a couple of times as new technologies crop up and old ones become obsolete. Unfortunately, most people don’t think about the environmental factors when purchasing new electronic devices and disposing of old ones. 

How you dispose of electronic waste (e-waste) has a huge impact on the environment, so it’s important to learn a few tips on how to recycle e-waste safely.


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What is Recycling E-waste?


Electronic waste (e-waste) encompasses all electronics that have come to the end of their useful life. They could be outdated computers that don’t run properly or VCRs that are no longer relevant or useful.

Recycling e-waste involves recovering and reusing various components of electronic devices, such as plastic, glass, metal, palladium, silver, copper, and even gold parts. According to data from the EPA, for every one million cell phones recycled, 35 thousand pounds is copper, 772 pounds is silver, 75 pounds is gold, and 33 pounds is palladium.

Recycling your electronic waste responsibly offers numerous benefits, including:

  • Reduces the amount of toxins in the environment
  • Diverts waste from landfills
  • It has a positive impact on human health 
  • Helps repurpose electronics and metals


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3 Tips for Recycling Electronics (E-waste)


So, here are some tips on how to recycle e-waste responsibly:


1: Sell Your Unwanted Electronics


Consider selling your old electronics as soon as you don’t need them. Due to rapid technological advancement, electronic devices lose value quickly as newer models come into the market. Craigslist and eBay are some great places to sell electronic items. Craigslist is particularly perfect for selling heavy or lower value products since shipping isn’t involved.


2: Donate Your Old Working Electronics To Charity


If your electronic device is still functional, you can donate it to people who need it. Numerous charities can make good use of your device or fix and resell it to advance their cause. Other than helping the greater good of the corporation, donating electronics to a library, nonprofit program, or school can qualify you for a tax break on next year’s tax return.

At Junk King, we believe in donating useful things, especially computers or other devices that are working perfectly. It might not be useful to you anymore, but to someone else.


3: Let the Tech Companies Recycle Your E-Waste


Another viable option for recycling electronic waste is giving them back to the manufacturer or the company you purchased it from. Many electronic retailers and tech firms offer recycling programs to make the process easier for the consumer. Some of them even offer attractive incentives for recycling your electronic devices with them. For instance, Apple lets consumers trade in an old or outdated device for a price cut on a new one. Gamestop also lets consumers bring in their electronics to receive cash or credit at the store. Other tech companies simply set up sites where you can drop off your device or options to mail them for proper recycling.


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What to Do Before Recycling Electronics


Electronic devices like phones and computers contain sensitive personal information and data. Once you’ve decided to recycle your device, ensure the information on it is backed up. Some tech companies or recyclers may offer to wipe the device for you, but to ensure the information doesn’t end up in the wrong hands, it’s best to wipe it out yourself.

Here are the steps to take before recycling your electronic devices:

  • Backup Your Data
  • Remove Any Attached Storage
  • Wipe Your Data


Junk King Recycling Services


It’s impossible to deny progress through technological advancements, but you can take responsibility for your churn of outgoing e-waste. One easy option is to contact Junk King Fresno for your broken or old electronics disposal. Whether we’re looking at old computer monitors, large flat-screen units, old CRT televisions, we provide an efficient, safe, and eco-friendly e-waste disposal service to make the entire process easy for you. 


Our skilled team will do all the heavy lifting by hauling away your old or damaged electronic devices without damaging your home or office. Finally, we dispose of the electronics at a proper recycling facility, ensuring that it doesn’t harm our ecosystem. Get in touch with us today to discuss your options with our e-waste disposal specialists!


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Fresno – Junk Removal and Recycling Basics

One of the cornerstones of our Fresno – Junk Removal service is recycling. Lessening everyone’s carbon footprint is a priority that we take seriously. That’s why any of the junk that we remove from your home or office is carefully vetted to make sure it can’t be recycled before it’s sent to landfill.

It’s important to us to make sure that we understand and make recycling our priority. It’s a big part of our Fresno – Junk Removal services and everything else that we do. We made it a big part of our business to understand everything that we need to know about recycling.

For example, each and every expert who works with Junk King understands the benefits and these include:

Reducing the waste that gets sent to landfills while conserving some of our finest natural resources like water, minerals and timber at the same time. One of the other ways that our Fresno – Junk Removal services help to promote recycling is by creating jobs in that industry. Because we have a focus on being green and eco friendly, a fair portion of the material that we take away from our clients gets sent to recycling centers.

Fresno – Junk Removal and Energy Savings
We’ve done our research here at Junk King and also discovered that pointing our focus towards recycling saves energy. It’s easy to see why when you consider there is less need to collect more raw materials when you reduce, reuse and recycle.

If you take a few minutes to look through our website, you’ll see how committed we are to recycling. In fact, we’ve even posted an excellent infographic that lists 10 household items that you can recycle. It’s all about our commitment to making sure that we take a thorough approach to this all-important part of being a business partner in a global community.

If you stay on our website for just a little while longer, you’ll be able to read customer testimonials from people who have used our Fresno – Junk Removal services. Of course, we are extremely proud of our recycling efforts, but were also quick to point out how our efficiency and customer service works in tandem with our green approach.

Giving back to the community through recycling is a big part of our Fresno – Junk Removal services.

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