Chico Mattress Buying & Disposal Guide

Chico is like any other community across the country: There’s always something going on. Taking a look at a recent snapshot of happenings in the North Valley finds ballroom and swing dance classes being offered by the Chico Women’s club, auditions for the Chico Theater Company’s upcoming production of the “Wizard of Oz” and free lunch provided by the Paradise United Methodist Church. Just a day in the life of Chico. In order to take advantage of all the positive opportunities available in a place like Chico, you’re going to need a good night’s rest. That pretty much holds true for anything. Got a big test coming up? Get a good night’s sleep. Big job interview? Get a good night’s sleep. Getting married in the morning? You better get a good night’s sleep! For most of us, a good night’s sleep starts and ends with the proper mattress.

Are you sleeping on a mattress that has lived out its usefulness? If that mattress is over five years old then the answer might be yes. Look at it this way; would you be happy driving around in a car that has over 100,000 miles? Maybe you could squeeze a few more years out of that auto but at some point you’re going to start spending more in keeping that car on the road than you would paying for a brand new vehicle. That same philosophy should be applied to your mattress. While it is true you won’t need to spend money for the upkeep of an old mattress, you could end up losing money if you’re not getting a good night’s sleep. Having a lousy night of sleep is going to make you less productive during the day. It might even make you late for work! An investment in a good mattress could be just the ticket to help increase your changes for that night of rest.

If you’re going to go shopping for a new mattress then you should also make plans to get rid of the old one. That can be handled when you call on a professional crew the Junk King Gold Country Chico junk hauling service. This pro hauling crew won’t have a problem flipping your old mattress onto their truck but you don’t have to stop there. As long as you’re tossing out the mattress, what else can you toss out? Maybe you’re hanging onto some old furniture or big kitchen appliance because you never had the chance to get rid of it before. Now you have the chance!

Buying a new mattress might even inspire you to replace your entire bedroom set. That’s another great pile of stuff that can go on back of the same truck as your old mattress. You’re sure to sleep soundly knowing your mattress isn’t sagging and your home is free of junk!