Chico Shed Removal and Breakdown

Many Chico residents are putting their backyards to more practical use by planting gardens. This allows them to have fresh produce all throughout the summer. If we’re supposed to eat healthy, then nothing beats picking your own salad! There are some urban farmers who are taking this idea of homegrown to a whole new level with the addition of backyard chickens. Yes, Chico lets you raise chickens without a permit. What you can’t have is a rooster. It’s okay to have fresh eggs but not a feathered alarm clock. If you were going to have chickens, then you would be best served with a chicken coop. For that, the city requires you to build the coop at least 25 feet from all side lot lines and 20 feet from your house. To put that coop up, you might need to bring that old shed down. That won’t be a problem if you turn your shed removal project over to Junk King.


Of course, you don’t need to put in a chicken coop as a reason for hiring Junk King for shed removal. You might just want to open up the space in your backyard. Or maybe that shed is simply crumbling and unsafe. Either way, the Junk King crew will be happy to spring into action and have that old shed taken apart and loaded up on the back of the Junk King truck. This could be a tricky assignment with all the rusty nails and splinters. That’s why you want to turn it over to the pros at Junk King. They have experience with shed removal and all kinds of clunky junk hauling. They’ll know how to get the job done right and safe.

After your shed has been taken down and the pieces packed up, you can put that Junk King crew to work removing the rest of your unwanted, bulk items. That can include old sofas, stoves, fridges and other household goods. Of course, every home has its fair share of plain old junk. This would be all the things that are broken or no longer used by the family. Why hold onto that stuff when you can turn it over to Junk King.

Once everything is loaded onto the Junk King truck, the crew will head off to make sure it is properly disposed of and you can get back to the rest of your day. From start to finish, this task could take under fifteen minutes. Don’t put off shed removal any longer. Let Junk King take care of that messy task.