Gold Country Junk Removal Ratings & Reviews

When it comes to hiring a service company, you definitely want to check out the reviews first. It will only take a few minutes of web surfing to find out all you need to know about a company. Any company that hides their reviews is hiding more than customer opinions! In the category of junk removal, you’ll find that Junk King earns rave reviews from the majority of their customers. Here’s what a few had to say within the last couple of weeks:

“I recently moved to the area and Junk King is the best company I’ve encountered. The guys who come out are polite and hard working. Things went wrong with the job through no one’s fault. Junk King made it right. The first and probably only time I will rate someone a 10.”


Often the things that can go “wrong” has to do with the particular object that needs to be removed. For instance, on a recent job, Junk King was asked to remove a backyard hot tub. When it was clear that the tub wouldn’t fit on the truck, the Junk King crew did what was needed: They cut the hot tub in half. Often Junk King will be called on to do things beyond just lifting and loading. Things like removing drywall, pulling up weed overgrowth or dismantling a swing set are all part of the job for Junk King.

“The servicemen were very courteous and hardworking. I never thought we would ever get this area cleaned out! Thank you so much.”

When it comes to junk removal with Junk King, there are no judgments. The crews have been called on plenty of “hoarder” type of situations. For those jobs, Junk King might dispatch multiple crews and trucks to insure the job can get done in a single appointment. The only thing you have to do is decide what you want removed. You can even wait until the crew shows up on the day of the appointment before you make the final decision. The Junk King crew needs to see all the stuff you’re getting rid of in order to size up the estimate. That will be based on how much space your junk will need on the back of the truck. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how low these rates will be.

“It was quick and easy.” When it comes to junk removal with Junk King, that review says it all.