A Post-Christmas Cleanup Means No Rubbish Anywhere

Before Christmas, there is a lot of “hiding” that goes on in a home. Presents are wrapped and placed in spots where prying eyes can’t find them. Even if they are discovered, there is just so much that can be done by shaking a box to determine what is inside. After Christmas, everything is literally out in the open and that’s a good time to take stock of just what is working and what can go. Your post-Christmas cleanup should have the goal of no rubbish anywhere in the home and the best way to accomplish that goal is to bring in some help from Junk King Chico.

christmas-tree 2

After Christmas day, you probably packed your garbage cans with all kinds of boxes and wrapping paper. But what about the things that can be broken up or crumbled into a small pile? An old recliner can be considered rubbish if no one is going to sit in it again. A giant tube TV set that has been replaced with a HDTV flatscreen is totally rubbish. The same can be said for a lot of articles of clothing. To make room in the closet, you need to get rid of all those things you know you’re never going to wear again. All of those items can be gathered up by the crew from Junk King and swiftly loaded onto their truck.

You might not give a second thought to the garbage and rubbish you’re getting rid of but Junk King is going to take the time to make sure it is all disposed of in a responsible manner. That usually involves making a drop off at a charity or recycling center. The last option would be taking the items to a landfill. That is what Junk King wants to avoid and, so far, they’ve managed a very respectable diversion rate.

Remember, when you hire Junk King, you’re really hiring two movers who are going to do all the lifting and loading work. There won’t be any limits with regard to size or weight. Just ask the Junk King crew about the last time they removed a hot tub from a home!

A post-Christmas cleanup with Junk King Chico can leave a home without a speck of junk or rubbish. That’s a great way to start a New Year.