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Chico California Old Washing Machine And Dryer Disposal

Do you have a death trap around your home? That’s something you might not associate with an old washing machine or dryer but on some level those items could turn out to be harmful especially to a curious kid who doesn’t know better. It wouldn’t take much for some wandering child to end up in an abandoned appliance like a fridge or washer that has been left behind in a garage or backyard. That is why there are laws on the books to make sure you properly secure those kinds of items if you’re going to keep them. Of course, if you’ve got a major appliance that you’ve replaced, why hold onto the old one? It’s not as if it can ever be used again. Instead, you should reach out to Junk King. They can certainly handle an old washing machine and dryer disposal. You’ll be amazed at just how much Junk King can really help when it comes to removing rubbish from your property.


Just because you’re buying a new washer and dryer doesn’t mean that company is going to take away the old one. Things can get a bit crowded if you’re juggling two washing machines. That’s why you should schedule your washing machine and dryer disposal in the morning and have your new appliances delivered in the afternoon. You won’t miss out on a single load of laundry! Junk King can make that happen. They work hard to make sure your junk removal appointment is schedule around your timetable. That could mean coming very early in the day or on the weekend. If it works for you, it will work for Junk King.

Although washing machine and dryer disposal might be the reason why you hire Junk King, your cleanup doesn’t have to stop with those appliances. One that same appointment, Junk King can take away anything else you want to throw out. Maybe you’ve got boxes of junk piled high in the garage that could be taken away. Maybe your closets are overflowing with old clothes, shoes and bedding that you no longer have any use for. Maybe you’ve got a spare room that has been turned into a junk storage locker. All of that can be cleared away when you hire Junk King.

In terms of payment, you’ll be paying a flat fee that is based on an estimate of how much space your junk will take up on the back of the Junk King truck. Its one cost that covers everything and it’s a very fair cost too! Take care of your old washing machine and dryer disposal the responsible way by hiring Junk King.