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Chico Grill Disposal and Recycling

It takes a lot to keep Chico clean and even more to keep it green clean. Luckily, the town has some help with this endeavor in the form of Chico State University students. They’re part of a volunteer program called Community Action Volunteers in Education or CAVE and this is the second year they gathered together with the specific mission to beautiful the neighborhood. They targeted the weekend after Halloween which seemed to be a good idea considering all the garbage left behind from the various revealers. The students loaded up with garbage bags, gloves and hand sanitizer and headed downtown for a thorough sweep through. All together there were over 70 students who pitched in for the cleanup effort. Most of what they collected was targeted for recycling which is where the “green” thing comes into play.

Imagine what you could do with 70 cleanup volunteers around your own home? Would there be enough trash to pick up and junk to collect? Maybe you wouldn’t need that many folks knocking around. Truth be told all you would really need are two dedicated workers like the kind you would get when you hire Junk King Gold Country.

Junk King is the Gold Country based business that specializes in all kinds of junk removal. One of their favorite things to do is help folks get rid of those clunky items which can’t be thrown out. A perfect example would be a rusty backyard grill. If you’re a serious griller then you’ve probably put your barbeque through its paces. Is it time for a new model? When you’re ready to swap out your old grill you’re going to need to make room for the new grill. Most folks are stuck with the old model and simply shove it behind the garage or some other out of the way place. Why not get rid of it the right way by having Junk King pick it up and take it away for recycling?

Most of the junk that Junk King picks up ends up at a certified recycling facility. That grill of your is just a hunk of scrap metal waiting to be melted down. You could say the same for itemsĀ  like old sofas, tables, mattresses and even ping pong tables. Junk King Gold Country can make all of that and a whole lot more disappear from your home. The Junk King crew will also be doing all the heavy lifting. The only lifting you’ll have to do is with your phone to call them for an appointment! Give them a try today and find yourself junk free tomorrow!