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Monthly Archives:

Get Rid Of An Old Grill The Right Way

There are a lot of things that you like to get rid of that end up being “stuck” around the house. A perfect example would be an old grill from the backyard. After years of use, there may come a time that you need to replace the grill with a new model. There’s nothing wrong with that especially if you enjoy summer cookouts. But getting rid of that old grill becomes a challenge because this is not something that can be thrown out to the trash. What happens then is the grill is either pushed off into a corner of the backyard or tucked away in the garage or shed. That means it is just taking up valuable storage space. It doesn’t have to be that way when Junk King Greater Philadelphia is just a phone call away.

Fast removal

When you set up an appointment with Junk King a team of friendly and capable movers will be sent to your home at the appointed hour. Typically, Junk King will have a 24-hour turnaround for most of its removal sessions. That means the call you make today can result in having your old grill and the rest of your unwanted rubbish removed by tomorrow. You may also be presented with the opportunity to have a same day pickup. This happens when crews have a little bit time between appointments and room on the truck.

No matter when your session happens you can depend on the Junk King crew to move fast. They have a lot of experience with lifting all kinds of objects from homes and know the best approach to getting those out of the house and onto the truck. Obviously, with a backyard grill there is not a lot of maneuvering that has to go on. They just need to make sure everything is secure once it is loaded.

Packing It In

The fee for Junk King services will depend upon how the crew packs in all the stuff that you are getting rid of. Their goal is to get everything into as little space as possible. That will mean you get to pay the low-end of the price scale. This is a flat fee that covers all the work. The majority Junk King customers are so happy with the prices and service that they often will call Junk King back time and again.

You don’t have to be stuck with your old grill and yard debris. Give it all the Junk King Greater Philadelphia today.

Junk King Greater Philadelphia – Garage Cleanout Tips for Spring

Spring is here and our Junk King Greater Philadelphia – Garage Cleanout services want to help you get ready for the warmer weather. We are proud of the fact that we specialize in a variety of junk removal. That includes mattresses and yard waste as well as appliances and even that old hot tub that’s been taking up space in your backyard.

If you’re like a lot of other people, you’ve been storing things in your garage over the winter and maybe for years at a time. That’s why we put together some helpful tips so you can reclaim that space. Don’t forget to call our Junk King Greater Philadelphia – Garage Cleanout experts so we can haul what you don’t want away.

Take A Complete Inventory
One of the first things that you need to accomplish is a thorough inventory. If you rush in willy-nilly without a plan, the chances are that you will leave some of the important points unchecked. Patience is key. We even like to suggest that you find an application for your smartphone so you can list everything that you find. Take the inventory and then some time off before revisiting what you found to see if there are additions.

Taking your time and doing a thorough job will pay off in the end.

Categorize the Piles
As your Junk King Greater Philadelphia – Garage Cleanout professionals, we like to suggest that organization is another key for any spring garage cleanout. That means making things simple by organizing what you find into a keep and throw away pile.
Keep in mind that our services are able to help. Not only can we haul away a variety of objects. We can send what needs to be recycled or donated to the correct locations.

It’s a good time to reorganize the way you store things in your garage. For example, you might want to put up a series of shelves. That way what you’ve decided to keep will be more visible than if you just sock it away into a corner.

Our services are guaranteed to beat any written estimate. We want to help you with your spring cleanup and every other junk removal project you have. Keep in mind that we are a licensed and insured company. Our Junk King Greater Philadelphia – Garage Cleanout department is waiting to hear from you.

Get Declutter Help From Junk King Today

There comes a time in every house when the clutter gets to be too much. If there is company coming over, then the clutter definitely needs to be gathered up. But what about just a normal week of family living? Between Monday and Friday, there can be an “explosion” of dirty laundry scattered across the kid’s rooms. There can be toys, books, sporting equipment and shoes also scattered around the house. Then there are all the remnants of dinners, lunches and breakfasts that have accumulated in the sink. By Saturday morning, mom has reached the breaking point and calls for a top to bottom decluttering of the home. Does this sound familiar?

Getting the family on board with cleaning the house should be a weekly routine but what about the big stuff that needs to be hauled off? Old furniture and electronics would count as clutter, too. When you’ve got those kinds of things to get rid of, then you want to bring in Junk King Greater Philadelphia.

Big or Small

No job is too big or too small for the team from Junk King to handle. The big stuff requires two movers and that is what will be assigned to your appointment. The Junk King moving crew has a lot of experience with carrying all kinds of sofas, dressers, bed frames and desks down stairs and out the front door. They do this with a positive attitude and great respect for your floors and walls. The Junk King crew can also dismantle and load up really big items like pool tables, pianos and workout equipment.

On the small side of things. Junk King can help haul away all the clutter from your closets and garage. Anything you have in storage that you know you’re not going to use again can be boxed or bagged up and tossed onto the Junk King truck. Are you getting a sense that you’re going to get back a lot of room in your home when Junk King is done their work?

When you’re ready to declutter your home from the basement to the attic, Junk King Greater Philadelphia will be ready to make it happen. Book a session today.

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