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Monthly Archives:

The Best Approach For Old Washing Machine Disposal

When it comes to getting rid of things in your house you have three essential options. The first is with food scraps. Those can go down the garbage disposal. However, you might be surprised to find out that things like pasta, fibrous vegetables, coffee grounds and cooking grease should not ever be put down the garbage disposal. That brings you to the second option which is throwing everything out in the trash. This is actually a very efficient approach to getting rid of the normal amount of garbage that a family creates throughout the week. You fill up the trash can and place it on the curb. Then the city workers come by to pick it up. It’s very efficient.

The third option is to bring in outside help to haul away those items that can be it into the trash can. Getting rid of an old washing machine would certainly qualify for that kind of help. The best approach for that task is to hire Junk King Greater Philadelphia. These are the junk hauling pros who specialize in major kitchen appliance removal.

Fast Work

When you turn the task of getting rid of your old washing machine over to Junk King you can expect fast work for the entire process. Scheduling only takes a few moments with a single phone call. You can even expedite that scheduling by booking your session online. All you need to be clear with is the preferred date and two-hour window within that date that you would like Junk King come by. You might want to schedule the pickup of your old washer on the same day that the new one is being delivered. Junk King can strive to make that a priority.

When the crew shows up they will make a fast assessment as to the best approach for getting that old wash machine out of your house. Whether the machine is down the basement or in its own laundry room the Junk King crew will make fast work out of unhooking it safely and removing it without causing any damage to your walls and floors. This is where all of that moving experience comes into play.

The best company to get rid of your old washing machine is Junk King Greater Philadelphia. Put them on the assignment today.

Garage Cleanup Is Easy With Junk King’s Help

When was the last time you went looking for something in your garage but couldn’t find it? The garage is the place in every home that becomes the designated storage area. You could easily line both walls of your garage with shelves containing boxes and storage bins full of all the things that your family doesn’t use on a regular basis. Some of those items, like holiday decorations, are pulled down at least once a year. As for everything else, it is not uncommon to have those things kept in storage for a very long time. That just proves you might not ever use those items again. If that is the case, then why hold onto that? It might be time for a thorough garage cleanup and that means it is time to call in Junk King Greater Philadelphia to make it happen.

Backup to The Door

The Junk King crews always show up with a positive attitude. They might have a general idea of what they are cleaning out that is based more on how much time they need to devote to the job as opposed to a detailed list of the things they’ll be lifting and loading. However, when they find out that it is a garage cleanup, they know that the job will go smoothly and swiftly. That is because all they need to do is back up the truck to the door of the garage and load up all the things that you point to. Of course, this means you will need to devote some time to sorting through all the things you have in storage. It will certainly be worth few hours that you spent sorting to get back all of that valuable storage space.

Just because the Junk King crew will make swift work of loading up everything from the garage doesn’t mean they can’t go into the house and pull out any other unwanted appliance or piece of furniture that you’d like to get rid of. You should always take full advantage of the moving crew and big truck provided by Junk King.

You don’t have to keep all the clutter in your garage when Junk King Greater Philadelphia makes getting rid of it so easy. Book a cleanup session today.

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