Use Junk King To Haul Away Your Old Mattress

The one furniture item that you spend the most time on in your home is your mattress. Even if you just add up the hours of sleep that you use the mattress for it is well over 2,500 hours each year. This is why even the best practices only meant to last 8 to 10 years. Can you imagine anything with that much usage lasting longer? If you have reached the point where your mattress is in serious need of replacement, then you have to also decide what to do with your old mattresses. This is really not something that you can put into another room for use or give to a friend. Once a mattress has been designated as “used” there is nothing more to do with it aside from having it hauled away. That is a job that is best turned over to Junk King Houston.

Truck Space

A mattress doesn’t take up a lot of room on the truck but you still need the truck. If you were to try and get rid of your mattress by tying it to the family SUV it might not work and end up flying off on the highway. The amount of space that your mattress will take up on the Junk King truck will reflect what your final fee will be. This is an estimation that is determined before any actual work begins. If all you are getting rid of is just one mattress, then you would be paying the low-end price scale. The issue then becomes is the old mattress the only thing you want to get rid of? As long as you have that truck space and a dedicated team of movers why not use them to the full advantage? This is your chance to get rid of other bulky items in your home whether those items are down the basement or on a second floor.

Scheduling is important for this type of task. You don’t want to have your old mattress hauled away leaving you with nothing to sleep on. It might work out that on the same day your new mattresses be delivered you can have the Junk King crew pick up your old mattress. That will make sure you can start getting a good night’s rest right away.

When you use Junk King Houston to haul away your old mattress you know the job will be done right.