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Category Archives: Houston Junk hauling

Efficient Junk King Houston – Garage Cleanout Starts by Identifying These Hazards

Junk King puts safety at a premium. That’s why our Junk King Houston – Garage Cleanout services are handled by trained and insured professionals. They want to be sure that no one gets injured while they are hauling away your garage waste just as much as they want everything to be done efficiently.

Our teams take great pride in their work. In fact, they’ve even gone out of their way to make a list of some common safety hazards that can be found in most garages. Over the years they’ve been working for our Junk King Houston – Garage Cleanout services, these experts have seen these situations crop up again and again.

Bad Wiring
Faulty wiring is one of the most common ways a garage fire starts. The U.S. Fire Administration identifies this as one of the leading causes. They also underline the fact that garage fires are especially dangerous because they quite often go undetected for long periods of time.

Our Junk King Houston – Garage Cleanout professionals have gone into garages to take away what’s there and found overloaded electrical outlets as well as extension cords that have been improperly used. In fact, if you don’t need to use extension cords it’s best to stay away from them because they can overload your circuits and become frayed over time.

Cluttered Spaces
We’ve gone to some job sites where the garage is so cluttered you can’t even park a car inside. Not only is that inconvenient, it’s also a safety hazard. Keep in mind that junk piled up in the garage can fall over and injure somebody. What’s more, newspapers and cardboard can even fuel any spark and start a fire.

Whenever we see a cluttered garage, we always like to recommend certain storage solutions. Cabinets and storage racks help to keep things off the floor and easily accessible.

Walking Hazards
It’s always a good idea to make sure that you know exactly what’s on the floor of your garage. There are a variety of things that you might not think are hazards like missing chunks of concrete that someone can trip on. If that old car is leaking oil or gasoline, you might have a combustible situation on your hands.

We like to make sure our Junk King Houston – Garage Cleanout clients understand any potential risks.

Making A Home Safe For Seniors

As your parents get older there are more challenges around the house in terms of maintenance and keeping them safe from accidents. They may not recognize the need for these changes but it’s something you should definitely consider implementing. Here are some important ideas for how to make a home safe for seniors:


Removing Tripping Hazards

Tripping and falling is one of the biggest dangers facing a senior around the house. You need to go through the home and make sure all electrical cords are tucked away. Any area rugs that could be slipped on should be tacked down or removed altogether. Even something small like a footstool could turn into a tripping hazard. It is better to get rid of it altogether.

Secure Staircases

If your parents are still mobile enough to go up and down the stairs, then you need to make sure the railings are sturdy. If the stairs have runners on them, then they need to be tacked down tightly. You might also want to install motion sensor lights to make sure those stairs are always illuminated.

Improving the Bathroom

Bathrooms are where most of the falls occur in a home. That’s true for seniors and for everybody else. Grip handles to get in and out of the bathtub are a good idea. Make sure there are rubber treads on that bathtub and of bathmat that won’t be slippery. Nonskid shower mats are a wise investment. It is also a good idea to set the water heater thermostat 120° or below. That can go a long way towards preventing accidental scalding from hot water.

Remove Locks

Doorknobs that have built-in locking mechanisms like those found on bathrooms or bedrooms could inadvertently be triggered. A lever style door handle is much easier to operate and won’t be accidentally locked.


Flashlights should be placed in every room just in case of a power outage. This is a good rule for your house as well. You don’t ever want to be stumbling around in the dark.

Remove the Clutter

Along with securing rugs and electric cords, you should also consider removing any excess clutter from your parent’s home. You definitely don’t want to have any exits blocked by furniture or boxes. Junk King Houston can be a big asset for this type of project. These are the junk removal pros that provide a friendly moving team for all the lifting and loading chores. It’s a good chance to get rid of heavy objects without lifting a finger. Junk King Houston can also clear out all the clutter from closets, basements and garages. Making a home safe for seniors begins with the decluttering session from Junk King Houston.

Haul away troubles with Junk King Houston, Texas

Junk King Houston, Texas is a fast expanding junk removal company servicing all of Houston and Texas State. We all have things we need to be removed from our property. Call us to take my junk and we will take it whether it be an old fridge that has been gathering dust in the cellar, or a hot tub that hasn’t been hot in years.

We remove garbage throughout the day consistently and have the trucks, the team, the experience, and the ability to finish your junk removal job to perfection. We can remove: furniture, sheds, hot tubs, decks, wall, construction debris, yard junk, floor covering, scrap metal, old square shaped TV sets, appliances of different sorts, office mess and a great deal more.
We give reusable things to neighborhood safe houses and thrift stores. Moreover, we precisely separate and select recyclable materials because of our green activity. By reusing, we decrease the measure of material going into our neighborhood landfills and help nature all the while.

If you have any inquiry regardless of whether we benefit your region, don’t hesitate to call Junk King Houston, Texas. Give us a chance to haul away your troubles.

Missouri City Junk Removal

From the department of irony: This year’s Snowfest Parade was cancelled because of bad weather. You would think that a parade held in honor of bad weather would understand how quickly Mother Nature could turn! The good news is that the Snowfest Festival still went down at City Hall. Thanks to the big crowds from last year, this annual kickoff to the holidays was even bigger with more games, vendors, and entertainment. A good time was had by all to be sure!

Now with the holidays winding down, Missouri City residents are setting their sights on the New Year. Typically, this will mean a list of resolutions that are often forgotten by the time spring rolls around. However, there is one resolution that will be easy to keep. If you vow to clear your home of clutter, then one call to Junk King Houston will make that happen. Junk King is the company who makes junk hauling a breeze. At least it is a “breeze” for you. That’s because Junk King will be doing all the work for you. Their crew will do the lifting, loading, hauling, and downloading. They’ll be working a full day but the time it takes to clear out you junk might only be a few minutes. That means instead of you sacrificing hours to drive your junk to an appropriate spot, you can get back to your day in a snap. Plus your home will be free of junk.

What you want to toss out is entirely up to you. From Junk King’s perspective, you don’t have to sort, move, or shift anything around. They’ll pick up your junk from where it is “living” at the moment. Here is a golden opportunity to finally clear out that back room that has become a storage locker. It’s your chance to clean your garage from top to bottom. Don’t forget your closets: Anything your pull out that belongs in a dump can be given to Junk King. Just imagine all that free space you’ll have after Junk King works their magic.

That same Junk King crew can also work around your yard. If you’ve got some yard waste, patio furniture or construction debris you want to get rid of, let Junk King Houston know and it will all be put on the back of the truck. After everything is loaded, Junk King will be headed out to a recycling center to see what can be dropped off there. It’s part of Junk King’s commitment to keep Missouri City’s environment clean. Call Junk King today to make your cleaning resolution come true.

Junk Removal Katy TX

What would you do with an extra 8.5 million dollars? If you’re the insurance giant, GEICO, you’re going to invest in Katy. That’s what’s happening as GEICO puts forth plans to expand their claims operations center over the next three years. The good news is that this expansion is going to create upwards of a 1,000 new jobs.

“We’re excited about expanding our claims operations with our new Katy office,” GEICO chairman and CEO Tony Nicely said to a planning website. “We know from the experience we’ve already had in Houston that it’s a great environment for business; the workforce is excellent, and the quality of life is outstanding. We look forward to bringing more wonderful career opportunities to the people of the Greater Houston area.”

Whenever a company adds new workers, it has a trickle down affect throughout the rest of the community. If there will be a 1,000 new positions that could mean an influx of new residents. This means property values could inch up and the demand for homes increase. One way you can insure that your property values stay at a premium is to make sure you’ve got the clutter cleared out of your yards. There are plenty of homes around Katy that have the occasional “added element” when it comes to yard decorations. Typically, these are things like spare auto parts or tires stacked up by the garage, old furniture that is put out on the porch to make room inside and plenty of abandon kids’ toys. All of that stuff should be tossed out. The only problem is you can’t throw it out in the garbage pickups because they don’t fit. This is where Junk King Houston can ride in and solve all your clutter problems.

With Junk King Houston on the job, you’ll be getting a hard working two-man crew who will do all the lifting and loading. You can leave everything right where it is; just tell the JK crew what you want picked up and they’ll handle the request. Everything gets loaded on the back of the Junk King truck where it will be dumped off at a proper place. In just a few minutes, you could have your entire outside property cleared of junk but you don’t have to stop there. That same crew can work their magic in your garage, down your basement or in any other room in your home where you’ve got junk. One call to Junk King can make it all disappear. Are you ready to be junk free?

Haul Away Junk From Your Houston Home

Are you making room for the Christmas tree? Usually, this will mean shifting some furniture around but that can get to be like a game of Tetris. As you move one chair, the end table has to shift. Pulling that end table out of the way means the sofa gets bumped down several feet. Even if you work it out to fit in the tree you might be left with the conclusion that you’ve got too much stuff. Is it time to “thin out the herd?”

You’ll probably have that same feeling when you go searching for the holiday decorations. Most of us have a section of the garage, basement or attic for the holiday boxes. Sadly, in between Christmases, a lot of other junk can be piled up in front of the holiday boxes. These would be things like old pieces of furniture, boxes of outgrown clothes, papers and sporting equipment that nobody uses. Do you really want to hold onto all of that stuff? Wouldn’t it be nice to have a clear path to the decorations? You can get there with a little help from Junk King.

If you’ve got junk that needs hauling, then Junk King is the only call you should be making. That’s because with Junk King on the job you’re guaranteed that your junk will be taken away the right way. All the Junk King crews are licensed and insured. That makes them professionals. They’ve also been properly trained in all the right techniques for moving. That matters when you’ve got some heavy objects being carried across your floors and around your walls.

Junk King also knows how valuable your time is. They’ll schedule an appointment that works on your time table. Often Junk King will show up early or can provide same day service. Either way, you’ll be getting status updates from the crew to let you know how far out they are. Once they show up, the crew will be making short work of all the lifting and loading. Most removal appointments last under 30 minutes and even that is too long. That means Junk King will be in and out before you know it. What you will notice is how much cleaner and open your home will look. Some folks have cleared out entire rooms and converted them into a screening room or home office. Maybe you just want a clean space to set up a bed for your holiday guests. Whatever your reason for wanting to get rid of junk, stick with Junk King. They’ll show you how easy it is.


Don’t Hesitate To Holler For a Junk Hauler In Houston

There’s a lot of extra mowing happening around Houston and that’s a very good thing indeed. As an offshoot of Houston’s Super Neighborhood Alliance, community leaders got together with the city to set up the Mow-Down program. This is where municipal workers bring in the heavy equipment to mow away all the overgrown weeds in a vacant lot. It will then fall to local residents to keep that lot clean. For every lot that is cleared, the volunteer groups will be given $75 in donations for the upkeep.

These overgrown lots have been an eyesore for too long. Not only do they drive down property values but they are also a breeding ground for mosquitoes and hooligans; they both like to hide in the weeds. That will no longer be the case as there are around 100 lots slated for a little mow down effort.

Suppose you want to engage in the same kind of cleanup effort for your home? Truth be told, gathering up junk to throw out is easy. It’s what to do with all that stuff once you have it in a pile. Now, you can take care of that kind of mess with one phone call to Junk King Houston. These are the junk removal specialists who are dedicated to keeping Houston clean. You might have seen some of the big red Junk King trucks riding around town. That’s because the Junk King crews are always working hard to help homeowners, apartment landlords and businesses clear away the clutter.

How can Junk King Houston help you? Perhaps the better question is, “How can you put two movers to work?” This is what you’ll be getting when you hire Junk King: two hard working crew members who are trained to lift heavy objects. This means you can finally get rid of that old bedroom set or stove that is rusting away in the garage. In fact, you can turn over any bulky item to the Junk King crew. It doesn’t matter if that piece is down in your basement or up in your attic, the Junk King crew will see to it that it’s taken away the right way.

After they’ve loaded up all your household stuff, the Junk King crew can head out to the backyard to pick up anything else you want tossed out. All that old patio furniture, broken grill and busted swing set can fit nicely right on the back of the truck with all your other junk. One trip from Junk King can take away so much! Are you ready to make that call?

Back to School Junk Removal In Houston

back to school junk removalThe third annual Back-to-School fest was held at the University of Houston and 25,000 students and parents showed up for the fun. This was an event for students heading into kindergarten through fifth grade. It was a day where they can get caught up on their immunizations, get a backpack full of school supplies and find out about many of the after school programs available throughout Houston. Best of all, everything was free! This was a perfect way to start the new school year. To keep the momentum of “fresh starts” going, you might want to think about clearing your home of all that unnecessary junk that has been taking up space. Here is where Junk King Houston can become your best back to school partner.

Junk King is the professional junk hauling service that has been helping homeowners and business owners all around Houston clear out the clutter of their lives. When it comes to cleaning out your home you could be taking some proactive steps to create an environment that will help your kids with their homework. Maybe you can create a space in a spare room or in the family room for them to study. This could mean putting in a small desk with a computer hookup. The idea is to keep them out of their room with all its distractions. In other words, you’ want to create a homework zone and when they are in the zone that’s what they need to focus on.

To accomplish that, you might need to move out some old furniture, appliances or e-waste you’ve been keeping in storage. Maybe you’ve been holding on this stuff simply because you have no other way of getting rid of it. Now you do with the help of Junk King Houston.

Every removal appointment set up by Junk King comes complete with a hard working two-man crew and a huge moving truck. That’s all you really need to get rid of anything you’re throwing out. The Junk King crew are experts at lifting heavy objects like sofas, tables and bedroom sets. They’ve also been known to move the occasional piano and hot tub. Yes, there isn’t anything that can put on the back of their truck to dispose of.

Unlike other so-called haulers, you won’t be paying dumping fees or labor costs. You’re only going to be charged a single flat rate based on how much space your junk takes up on the back of the truck. Make that call to Junk King Houston today and watch how fast your junk will disappear.

Furniture Pick Up in Houston

Houston Furniture PickupIf you’re concerned about the environment the best thing you could do is never throw anything away. Of course, that is impossible. But there is a lot to be said for reusing items. This is especially true when it comes to furniture. If you can find a way to give your tables, chairs and sofas a “new lease on life” then you’ll be taking a big chunk out of your carbon footprint. That’s what one local Houston business owner is all about.

“The greenest thing to do is to not buy something new and instead to find new ways to use what you have,” says Jeff Kaplan. He is the founder of the housewares stores New Living and the Green Painter and they’re all about making something old new again. They’ve even begun to offer classes calls Finishing School which teachers folks how to refinish furniture.

“Instead of building furniture, we’re buying vintage pieces off garage sales and Craigslist and have community of artisans refinishing them in-house with nontoxic finishes. Instead of a custom table for $3,000, we can offer a refurbished model for $800,” Kaplan says. “The Finishing School classes are a really cool way to bring it home. Instead of making it about chemicals, we want to make it about making cool things as well as making spaces that are healthier and improve quality of life.”

That actually sounds like it could be a fun DIY project. Then again, do you really want to spend your free time on a weekend fixing up a sofa? Perhaps not but you still need a new sofa. Enter Junk King Houston. Once you’ve gone shopping and found a new couch to your liking you’ll need to get rid of the old one. Leave that job to Junk King. They’ll have that old sofa picked up and carted off in no time. Here’s the added bonus with Junk King: You could end up having your sofa refurbished anyway. That’s because Junk King makes it a point to recycle or donate the vast majority of everything they collect. With furniture that usually means dropping off those pieces to a local Houston charity that specializes in refurbishing. They’ll fix up that sofa or loveseat then make sure it’s donated to a family in need. Even if you think nobody would want your old couch, it might just need a little TLC to be like new again.

Junk King Houston  can also take away all the other oversized items that have been cluttering up your home. Add it all up and you could fill up the entire Junk King truck! Think of how great your home would look then! Give Junk King a call today to put that plan into action.

Houston House Clean Outs

One man’s recyclable material is another man’s building material. Back in the 70s, John Milkovisch decided to put his collected cans of beer to good use. He had been holding onto these cans for most of his life, keeping them stored up in the attic. He then set about opening each can, flattening them out and using them to side his house. The Beer Can House became a labor of love that attracted visitors from all over the world. When John passed away, his sons took over maintenance of the house replacing any rusty patches with new cans. Even as new condos and buildings sprang up in the neighborhood, the Beer Can House stayed put. You can still see it to this day.

Houston’s Beer Can House is a perfect example of how you can transform junk into another purpose. Sometimes, however, junk is just junk. When you’ve got piles of that you need to give Junk King Houston a call. They’ll make sure it is removed safely and quickly. Hiring Junk King can be a huge help if you’ve been put in charge of a home cleanup. Like John’s sons, it often falls to the kids to take care of their parents’ homes when they have moved on. Often this might mean putting the home up for sale. Before that can be done, it has to be cleaned out. You don’t have to renovate a place just get it clean. After you’ve taken away the keepsakes and valuables what could be left are a lot of things best destined for the junk heap. Here is where Junk King Houston comes into play.

With Junk King you’ll be getting a big truck and a two man moving crew. They will be doing all the work so you don’t have to fret over throwing out your back. Just point to what you want taken away and the JK Houston crew will know what to do. In terms of what you want to get rid of there really is no limit with Junk King. They’ve help folks take out every stick of furniture in a home. They’ve even been called on to remove just a few old TV sets. Size doesn’t matter to Junk King but that’s exactly how you’ll be charged. You’ll be given an estimate based on the amount of space your junk takes up on the back of the truck. Since the crews love to pack their trucks tight you can bet your stuff will go into as little a space as possible. Next time you’re in downtown Houston, drive by the Beer Can House and have a cold one!

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