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Houston Treadmill and Exercise Machine Disposal

There’s a new kind of gym in Houston and to enjoy it you’ll have to strap on the boxing gloves. Plex gym is a 40,000 square foot facility that is the brainchild of internationally known fitness guru Danny Arnold. Not only is there every piece of workout equipment you can imagine but the centerpiece of Plex is the boxing ring and boxing training you can participate in. You might even be exercising alongside some NFL and NBA players who are known to workout at Plex throughout the year. And of course you’re likely to run into many professional boxers who call Plex their workout home.

Ask anyone who has stepped into a boxing ring and they’ll tell you this is a serious workout that targets all of your muscle groups including cardio. It’s really not about becoming a boxer as much as it is about training like a boxer does. Of course, if you reach a certain level of skill you’re sure to find a willing sparring partner and then you can say you actually boxed somebody! Becoming a member of Plex is the perfect example of why joining a gym has some many benefits: You’ll be surrounded by all kinds of folks at all levels of expertise who will be willing to support your own workout regime. You can go the professional route and hire a trainer who will put you through your paces. A better approach would be to just become friendly with your fellow members. You’re sure to get a spotter or to pick up tips for your workout. The gym is a wonderful social networking environment that can actually improve your health.

All of this talk about gym membership benefits might have you rethinking all that gym equipment you’ve got collecting dust in your home. Yes, you purchased those items with the best intentions of working out but once they were paid off, there they sat. Just because you had a treadmill in the garage doesn’t mean you’re going to use it more often. Would you rather run on a treadmill staring at your garage walls or watch TV like you can in a gym? It certainly makes the time go a lot faster when you’re properly motivated.

If you’re ready to ditch that home gym equipment then let Junk King Houston do the power lifting. The Junk King Houston crew will have the skills to lift the treadmill, dumbbells or any other piece of equipment you want to toss out. On that same trip that can take away any other oversized item like furniture, kitchen appliances or TVs. If you’re not going to use it, why keep it? Get that junk out of your life and get to the gym. You’ve got some boxing to do!

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