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Tag Archives: clutter

Revitalize Your Home By Removing The Clutter

The longer you stay in your home the more likely it is you will want to give it some kind of makeover. That might result in repainting rooms or replanting gardens. In some cases, you could also take on your own version of an extreme makeover by remodeling your kitchen or bathroom. All of those are worthy projects to take on because they will not only improve your living conditions but also increase the value of your home.

Before you start planning a bigger remodeling project you might want to revitalize your home by clearing out all the clutter. This is actually a smart thing to do in order to assess just how much space you have for storage. It might also inspire you to convert a room like a garage or attic into a different kind of living space. In other words, getting rid of the clutter really lets you see your home in a whole new perspective. Thankfully, Junk King Houston is standing by to help make that happen.

Your Private Work Crew

Junk King is going to assign you your own private work crew. This will be a two-man moving team that will be doing all the actual lifting and loading for your clutter removing session. Obviously, you don’t need to hire the Junk King squad to get rid of old magazines and newspapers (and less your entire garage is full of that!). You want to put them to use hauling away big stuff like furniture and kitchen appliances that are taking up room around the house. You might also have an old stove or fridge out in the garage or back porch that is just rusting away. That is a perfect object for junk King to help you finally get rid of. That will Junk King crew can also clear away any yard debris that you’ve gathered up from fallen tree branches or dug up shrubs. Weight or size is never a challenge when it comes to getting rid of things the Junk King way.

Removing the clutter from your home and yards will go a long way towards revitalizing your home. Let Junk King Houston help you with that goal today.

Tip For A Smooth Back-To-School Transition

Heading into Labor Day Weekend means that next week, school kicks into high gear across the city. A few schools have already started up but it doesn’t seem official until the last long weekend of summer is over. Is your family ready for back-to-school? Here are some smart tips to help with the transition:


Family Meeting

The first thing to do is have a family meeting. This can actually occur over dinner or at a restaurant. The purpose of the family meeting is to set the goals for the coming year. Whether this is first grade or 12th grade, there are things you expect of your student and things they expect of your. Setting these goals at the beginning of the school year will help keep everything in focus in the months ahead.

Get Back on Schedules

The concept of “it’s a school night” has probably been forgotten over the summer but now is the time to reintroduce that. This means getting everyone into bed earlier so they can get up earlier. You never want to get reports from teachers about your kid dozing off in class.

Plan out Snacks and Lunches

It’s a good idea to plan out lunches and after-school snacks for the week especial if you’re making them from scratch. This planning actually starts with grocery shopping on the weekend. If you can write out a menu for the week, then you’ll know what you need and what is getting made. More importantly, you won’t have to get into debates with the kids. Somehow writing things down makes it more “permanent.”

Get Rid of Clutter

It will also help to establish some cleanup policies for back-to-school. There shouldn’t be a trail of shoes, jackets and backpacks from the front door leading into the house. Everything needs a proper place. As for the kid’s closets, the more you can removed that isn’t every going to be worn again, the easier it will be to sort through the things they’re keeping. You might also need that room for new outfits if they’ve outgrown all the old stuff.

Helping you get rid of all that clutter is where Junk King Houston comes into play. However big the piles of unwanted stuff you have, the team from Junk King can get it removed in no time at all. A decluttering session with Junk King Houston is going to be a big help with your family’s back-to-school transition.

Fire Up 2018 With Awesome New Year’s Resolutions

Welcome to 2018. A New Year means new challenges and new opportunities. Do you have a plan yet for the coming 12 months? That plan can begin with a set of well thought out New Year’s resolutions. Let’s all agree to get into better shape by eating healthy and exercising more. Now that is taken care. Time to think about other ways to fire up 2018. What about these ideas for New Year’s resolutions:


Get Out of Debt

There might not be a big change with the amount of money you’re bringing in each week from your current job. That means to get out of debt, you have to make changes elsewhere. Look for ways you can save around the house by cutting back on power use. Instead of buying lunch at work each day, pack your own. Skip the daily trip to the fancy coffee shop. Those might seem like little expenses but they have a way of adding up. Take the money you would normally spend on those things and put it in a jar. Whatever you have at the end of the month, put towards a bill to lower your debt. Every little bit helps.


There can be no better reward than devoting time and energy to helping those in need. With a little online research, you can find all kinds of volunteer opportunities to fit your schedule. Volunteer doesn’t cost anything and it can open so many other opportunities in your life.

Relax More

A good way to relax is to kick back on the sofa and watch your favorite television program. Nothing wrong with that but you might want to look for ways to add to your relaxation routines. Try going for a walk around the neighborhood. Pick up a book. Start a simple hobby like building a jigsaw puzzle. The goal is to calm your mind and take a break from the rest of the world.

Clear Out the Rubbish

How many times have you come across something in your home that you wish you could get rid of? Obviously, if you could toss it out in the trash you would but those big items can be a challenge to clear on your own. That’s why you need to hire help with Junk King Houston. These are the junk hauling pros who can help you clear out all the rubbish in your home in a single session. Think of how relieved you’ll feel without all that clutter. Make a call to Junk King Houston your number one New Year’s resolution. Don’t live with clutter one more day.

Best Way to Senior Proof Your Home

When you being the process of getting your home ready for your elder loved ones you should start with the bathroom. That is where most accidents occur but it isn’t the only area that needs to be focused on in terms of safety. Here are some other things to consider to senior proof your home.


In the Kitchen

Your kitchen should have a fire extinguisher that is less than ten years old. It should also be something that is easy to use. The immediate area around the story should be free of clutter like towels, potholders or food packages. Make sure there isn’t a buildup of grease.

Ventilation is important to prevent a buildup of carbon monoxide or other pollutants that might make the air unsafe. If you have vents above your stove, make sure they are cleaned out at least once a year.

You should never leave something cooking on the stove unattended. Also, be sure there are no electrical appliances plugged in near the sink’s splash zone. In fact, all electrical outlets in your kitchen should be protected by ground-fault circuit interrupter.

In the Bedroom

There should be a light next to the bed that is easy to turn on. There should also be lights that illuminate the path between the bedroom and bathroom. These can be motion sensor lights attached to the wall near the floorboards. There should be a flashlight kept by the bed in case of power outages.

Throughout the rest of the house, you want to insure that walkways and stairs are clear of clutter. It is easy to keep magazines, newspapers and junk mail picked up but when it comes to the bigger items, you can always count on Junk King Houston for a fast decluttering session. When you set up your appointment, you’ll be assigned two strong movers who work amazingly fast. They’ll be able to lift and load just about anything whether it is an old futon or bulky television set. They’ll also make sure that any item you’re getting rid of can be donated to a charity. Nothing goes to waste with Junk King Houston on the job. Help senior proof your home with a little assistance from Junk King Houston.

Junk King Houston Make Sure Your Holiday Clutter Is Gone For Good

Are there any signs in your home of Christmas? Maybe the boxes of ornaments are still in the living room waiting to make it up into the attic. There could be a loan Santa Claus snow globe sitting on a shelf that was forgotten. There might even be huge cardboard boxes from furniture, appliances or the flatscreen TV that haven’t been tossed out. Obviously, you want to the keep the decorations for next year but for the rest of that oversize rubbish you want to bring in Junk King Houston. These the expert junk haulers that make quick work out of clearing all kinds of clutter.


It would be great if you could magically make all your discarded bulky items disappear. Even having a dumpster on your property for an extended period of time probably wouldn’t do the trick because it would get filled up and have to be constantly replaced. Instead, one call to Junk King Houston can get all your rubbish, debris, clutter and other junk in a single session. If you’ve got that stuff ready to go, then you might even be able to score a same-day pickup. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been holding onto the stuff if you want it gone, then Junk King Houston will make it happen.

Don’t worry if all the things you want to toss out are scattered throughout your home. The two-man crew assigned to your task from Junk King Houston will go into each room and remove whatever you want. All you’ll be doing is pointing to the stuff and watching it leave. There really is no better way to get rid of clutter than to have a pair of movers do all the work for you!

In an effort to help keep the surrounding environment as green as possible, Junk King Houston has partnered with many charities and recycling centers. These are the organizations that keep things from going to landfills with a right away. When Junk King Houston drops off at those sites, you get to claim your carbon footprint has been reduced. That’s a great way to start the New Year. If you’re tired of living with clutter, then you’re ready for a junk removal session with Junk King Houston.

How Best To Set Up A Clutter Free Homework Zone

The best way to ensure that your child gets their homework done properly is to check it when their finish. Given the amount of assignments handed out to students these days that might require you to do a little Internet research of your own just to make sure they got everything right. Just don’t let your kid see you do that! It also helps to set up a dedicated homework zone.


Although it might be helpful to have your child do their homework right at the kitchen table sometimes that can be distracting especially if you have other family members coming in and out. A better option is to find a quiet corner in the house where you can set up a desk. That might even be in their own bedroom. You just have to make sure that during the homework time they are unplugged from social media.

You can count on Junk King Houston to help you clear out the space for that homework when it comes to open up space in your home the crews from Junk King Houston are the experts. Before they arrive for the scheduled appointment, you have to decide exactly what you want to go. You don’t have to factor in the size of an item or its weight. Junk King Houston teams have removed treadmills, pianos and pool tables. They can certainly handle whatever it is you’re going to “throw” at them!

Once they’ve cleared out the corner for the homework zone, they can set their sights on the rest of your house. Maybe you can create a pile of unwanted clutter from your closet be picked up. Maybe there are boxes of household junk that you’re never going to use again in the garage. They could even be an old recliner that is seen better days. All of that stuff can be loaded onto the back of the Junk King truck.

Once they finish removing everything from inside the house that same crew can also go around the exterior ticking up any kind of yard waste. If you haven’t got rid of the bags of leaves you raked up that turn them all over to Junk King! Achieving a clutter free environment in your home is simple when you turn that job over to Junk King Houston.


Start Your Houston Home Business With A Junk Removal Session

As you start your home business, you’re going to need a lot of help. That won’t just be support from your family and friends but also from the business community. Thankfully, there are a lot of resources in Houston that are designed to help small businesses get up and running. You’ll definitely want to make friends with the local Chamber of Commerce. They can point you in the right direction with regards to resources pertaining to staffing, regulations, taxes and other important elements you’ll need to incorporate for your startup. There are also many businesses that you’ll be able to tap into to help with your new company. You’ll probably need a web designer for your web page and you’ll definitely want to hire Junk King Houston to get the ball rolling. These junk removal pros might not be able to help you with your bookkeeping but they can certainly clear out a space to create the perfect home office.


Whether you pick your garage, basement or back bedroom as your new workspace you’re probably going to need to do some clearing. Junk King Houston will provide you with all the manpower and truck space you’ll need to get that job done. This could be your first chance to practice supervising, as you’ll be in charge of the Junk King Houston crew once they arrive at your schedule appointment. You’re going to tell them specifically what you want removed and then watch as they take it all away. You won’t be doing any of the lifting or loading. Is a great way to feel like a boss!

In addition to clearing out your potential office space you can also delegate the Junk King crew to remove all the rest of the unwanted items that might be found throughout your home. They can even do work around the backyard taking up things like piles of lumber and bricks. Nothing will be too heavy or dirty for this crew to load onto their truck.

If you are going to promote your new business as a “green” business, then Junk King Houston is the perfect partner. Their eco-friendly disposal policies will allow you to reduce your carbon footprint. Hiring Junk King Houston to clear out the clutter is a great way to start any home business.

One Call Can Get Your Home Clutter Free This Summer

If you skipped over spring-cleaning this year, you’re not alone. Just because the weather turned warm and you could see blooms in the garden didn’t mean you were under any pressure to clean your house. Of course, sooner or later that job has to get done. You can either tackle it at the beginning of the summer or wait until the holidays. The question really becomes how much longer do you want to live with all the clutter?


One approach to motivate you into a thorough home cleaning would be to schedule appointment with Junk King Houston. These are the junk removal pros who been clearing out clutter from homes for over 10 years. Imagine what they could do around your place.

The main reason many folks still hold onto unwanted items is they simply don’t have the help to get rid of it. It takes at least two people to move a sofa out of the house. It also takes at the very least a pickup truck or something bigger to haul that sofa away. Plus, you have to dedicate the a couple hours on your day off to drive around finding the right place to dispose of that sofa. And that’s just for a sofa!

Suppose you want to get rid of a lot more? You going to need a bigger truck for sure. That’s when things get complicated if you wanted to do it on your own. On the other hand, one call to Junk King Houston provide you with all the manpower and truck space you need to get rid of whatever you’re tossing out.

The most work you do with a Junk King junk removal appointment is deciding what you want to toss out before the crew shows up. You don’t have to move anything downstairs or pull it out to the driveway. You’ll just be pointing to the crew and watching them take it all away. You will also be pleasantly surprised to discover how fast you can actually get rid of all your junk with junk King Houston. Most appointments are completed within 24 hours of that first call. You might even be able to score a same-day pickup. Call Junk King Houston in the morning and your junk clutter could be gone by dinner!

Fast Way To Get Your Spare Room Ready To Rent

The online travel site AirBnB has transformed the way people take trips. No longer are they stuck in crowded and expensive hotels. Instead, these travelers are finding comfortable accommodations in homes, apartments and condominiums where the owner rents out a spare room or the entire property. It’s a great way to earn extra income but without becoming a full-time landlord. If your home, apartment or condo is located near up popular tourist destination in Houston, then you might find yourself in an enviable position to rent out that space. This really isn’t a huge disruption as most travelers only stick around for a few days and are barely even at the home. Before you can list a room you’ll want to make sure the clutter is cleared out. That is where Junk King Houston can be a big help.


Junk King Houston provides all the manpower and truck space you’ll need to clear out any amount of unwanted items from your home. This means you can get rid of old furniture, outdated e-waste, busted appliances and all other unused household goods. In that spare room, you might have all sorts of things in boxes that you’re keeping in storage. Upon closer inspection, you might discover you really don’t need any of that stuff. So why hold onto it? Turn it all over to Junk King Houston.

If your backyard is also a selling point for renting out a spare room, then you can use that same Junk King crew to clear out any yard waste. You really don’t have to turn your home into a four-star hotel in order to rent it out. It just needs to be comfortable and inviting. Hiring junk King to clear out the clutter is a great way to start that process.

The great thing about renting out your room to travelers is that it’s all at your discretion. Unlike having a full-time roommate move in you won’t have to deal with these travelers unless you want to. This is also a great way to earn extra money when there are big sporting events coming to town. You’ll be amazed at how much some folks will pay just to have a bed to sleep on. To get your home ready for guests bring in Junk King Houston first to clear out the clutter

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