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Make The Warehouse Safer With Rubbish Removal

The hope for any warehouse operation is that all the trucks get loaded in a timely fashion and the shipments are received without incident. It also helps if there isn’t an accident. There are all kinds of safety procedures in place in a warehouse to not only protect the workers but also the inventory. An injured worker means they will be gaps in providing shipments. And any inventory that is damaged becomes inventory that can’t be sold.

All of this means that you should focus on keeping the warehouse equipment properly maintained and all the debris removed. It only takes one spill or pile of trash to cause an accident.  That is why you need to take care of rubbish removal as quickly and efficiently as possible. When it becomes too big of a job for your warehouse staff to manage, it is time to bring in Junk King Houston.

Fast Removal

Junk King provides a pair of movers and a big truck for every pickup session. This is really all most folks need to clear out the clutter from their homes and businesses. It will probably be the same with your warehouse. You don’t have to pull any of your workers from their assignments when the Junk King team is on the job. They’ll get everything loaded up her quickly and efficiently. There are a lot of operations that schedule regular appointments with Junk King knowing that this is the fastest way to remove all that rubbish overflow.

Great Pricing

The cost for Junk King services is based on a flat rate scale.  It all comes down to how the truck will be packed up and how much space your rubbish will use up. You’ll know what this price is before the work begins. And it includes all the labor, transportation drop off. This is a very competitive and fair pricing structure for this type of service. It also includes making those drop-offs to recycling center if appropriate. Junk King has relationships with all those facilities and knows exactly what they’re looking for.

When you need your warehouse clear of rubbish, you need to hire Junk King Houston to get the job done.

Give The Gift Of Rubbish Removal This Holiday Season

When it comes to gift giving, sometimes you know what’s best for the recipient that gift. They might claim they don’t need anything when in reality there are probably a lot of things they could use. It’s always nice when you can step up and take care of someone who special in your life by providing them with a service that would be a challenge for them to come by. Take for instance the concept of rubbish removal. You might know someone who is living in a space that has become crowded rubbish that they like to get rid of. But in order to do that they need movers in the truck. That might seem like an unsurmountable task and less you know about Junk King Houston. These of the junk removal pros who can make any rubbish removal appears to be effortless.


When you tell your special loved one about the Junk King session, you can let them know that the movers are going to do all the work. They don’t need to bring anything down any flights of stairs or put it out on the curb. That defeats the purpose of hiring a junk removal company. The experienced movers from Junk King won’t have any problem carrying out objects regardless of size or weight. They do this all day long. There’s nothing you could give them that they haven’t already carried out before!

All the Junk King crew needs is a lockdown date and a two-hour window within that day to make it all work. It won’t take them two hours to get the job done. They need that time to make it through Houston traffic! When the team does arrive, you show them all the things that need to get. Though they provide you with an estimate based on how the truck. They want to pack up everything into as little space as possible. You will benefit from that kind of packing by paying the low end of the price scale. When they’re done at your loved one’s house you might even bring them over to your place!

The gift of a rubbish removal session from Junk King Houston can make someone in your life very happy. Book that time today.

Tips For Successful Inventory Management

Do you know what’s in stock in your warehouse or storage room? You probably have a general idea and daily reports should keep you informed. The success of any business can be traced back to how well they handle their inventor management. Here are some tips that you can put to work for improving your company’s inventory management:


Contingency Planning

There is a certain amount of planning for the “worst case scenario” when it comes to inventory management. What happens if your sales suddenly spike and you find yourself running out of stock? What if your warehouse doesn’t have enough room for seasonal items? What if your main vendor runs out of product while you still have orders to fulfill? All of those kinds of things happen on a regular basis to nearly every business. Having a backup plan for these contingencies will help you keep on top of those potential setbacks.

Regular Auditing

Data reports should be able to tell you at any given time what is in stock and what needs to be reordered. There is nothing wrong with relying on that data but you should also factor in regular auditing that includes actual counts of the physical inventory. This will help uncover discrepancies and fill in any potential gaps.

Spot Checking

Sometimes a regular physical count of the inventory isn’t practical because of the volume involved. However, you could perform spot checks on those fast sellers to make sure the numbers match up. You don’t want to promise a shipment only to discover the warehouse is empty!

Clean Out Unwanted Inventory

Every warehouse or stock room will have some amount of “dead” inventory. This could be items that were returned and can’t resold or sent back to the manufacturer. There could also be items going back several years that aren’t even being sold by your company any longer. All of that inventory is taking up valuable space and should be hauled away for good. That can be accomplished with one call to Junk King Houston.

Junk King will send over just what you need to clear your warehouse: A moving crew and huge truck. All you have to do is tell the crew what you want hauled away and they’re do the rest. You don’t even have to involved your workers. Your company’s inventory management can be improved with some rubbish clearing from Junk King Houston. Put that plan into action today.

Houston Rubbish Removal

Houston is definitely an energy town. As such, we like to keep an eye on all types of energy news. Recently, the Houston Chronicle featured a story about a Wyoming-based trucking company that is facing some serious fines for illegal dumping. What does this have to do with energy? As it happens, this trucking company has been working in the boomtowns of North Dakota and is accused of illegally dumping saltwater. That is something that is used in oil extraction and needs to be disposed of in a responsible matter. Otherwise, it can contaminant the water supply. This is such a serious problem for this company that they could be slapped with $2 million in fines. Here in Houston, illegal dumping is taken very seriously. You might only see news stories when a dumpsite has gotten out of control. However, if someone were to leave a single chair or table out on the curb that would be considered illegal dumping. It’s the also the kind of dumping that can have you slapped with a fine.


A tour of the back alleys in downtown Houston will reveal plenty of examples of illegal dumping. Careless individuals are using these areas to unload furniture, bags of trash and auto parts. What’s really sad is that there is a responsible company standing by to help anyone with rubbish removal. Junk King Houston can provide anyone with a team of strong movers capable of hauling all kinds of junk from homes, apartments or businesses.

A rubbish removal appointment with Junk King starts with a call to the dispatch center. You might be fortunate enough to land a same day appointment. That will mean the Junk King crew can be at your property within hours. You won’t have your junk long!

You’re in control of what you want tossed out. What you don’t have to do is lift any heavy object. The Junk King crew will bring anything up from the basement or down from the attic. Just tell them what you want taken away and watch it go. The other valuable part of a Junk King rubbish removal appointment is that they’ll be recycling anything that is deemed worthy. That can include objects made from metal, leftover construction waste and even lawn clippings. It’s all fair game for Junk King.

Are you ready to join the growing list of satisfied Junk King customers? We’d love it you share your experiences on our website or Facebook page. To take care of your rubbish removal, put Junk King on the job. It will be the best call you make all week!