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Hudson Valley Junk Removal In 2014

For anyone who works in a coal mine, being buried alive is a legitimate fear. What about being buried alive in a mess you created? TLC’s popular reality show, “Hoarding: Buried Alive” will be back with new episodes featured even more troubled homeowners who can’t seem to throw anything away. Before they get comfortable with tossing out trash, these folks need serious counseling. That is because severe hoarding is considered a psychological disorder. If you tune into the show, you’ll see therapists at work. You’ll also catch a glimpse of Junk King at work as they help clean up the piles of trash in the hoarders’ homes. Hopefully, your place isn’t as bad as the TV hoarders.

Hoarding newspapers.

Hoarding newspapers.

The big difference between those folks and the average person is the ability to throw something out. Just because you want to get rid of an old piece of furniture but have kept it doesn’t mean you’re a hoarder. It just means you don’t have a personal moving crew or truck big enough to haul that sofa way. With Junk King Hudson Valley, you can have both of those things at your disposal: A crew to do the work and a truck to do the hauling. The moment you set up your junk removal appointment with Junk King Hudson Valley is the moment when you stop becoming a hoarder.

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Scarsdale Junk Removal

When it comes to the removal of certain household items, the Village of Scarsdale offers some very helpful tips. In fact, there are several categories of things you can’t throw out in the trash. These include batteries, automotive waste, fluorescent light bulbs, BBQ tanks, and paints. For each of these categories, there are numerous resources for where you can drop off these items to insure they are properly disposed of. What’s missing from these categories is junk. That would be all the stuff that is too big for the city to pickup. Given these guidelines, it would appear that you are on your own if you want to get rid of mattresses, furniture, stoves, refrigerators, washers, or other oversize pieces. At least, you’re on your own as far as Scarsdale is concerned but not if Junk King has a say.

The power of recycling.

The power of recycling.

Junk King Hudson Valley is the professional junk removal service that covers all of Scarsdale. One call to Junk King can set a plan into motion that will have your home clear of clutter in no time. When you enlist Junk King, you’ll be getting to strong workers who will be doing all the removal. You don’t have to take anything to the curb or driveway. If you’ve got a table down in the basement or a bedroom set up in the attic then that is just where the Junk King crew will go.

Junk King Hudson Valley is also dedicated to keeping Scarsdale’s environment clean. That dedication to eco-friendly policies is carried out by franchise owner Jean Leon who lives and is raising a family in this community. He wants to make sure his kids have a clean world to inherit. That’s why Junk King diverts up to 60% of everything it collects away from area landfills. The less garbage that goes into a landfill, the better off we’ll all be. Any piece of junk that can be recycled, repurposed, and reused will be. That is the Junk King pledge.

Although this branch of Junk King has only been in operation since 2012, they’ve already amassed a loyal following of customers who post reviews like this:

“What I like about your service is the speediness, I called your service Sunday at 5pm and your truck was in front of my house 9am Monday.”

“Fast, courteous and very accommodating. Our 2 movers were WONDERFUL!”

“The professionalism and level of service was excellent. My job site was left spotless. I will definitely recommend and use Junk King again.”

We’d love it if you would post your positive reaction to working with Junk King. We know you’ll have one! Call today to talk about getting rid of your junk with Junk King.

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